Are Brown-Eyed Guys More Dominant?

Living 2010/06/18 13:45:27
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Guys, do you have brown eyes? You might be more intimidating than you think you are.

The faces of brown-eyed white men appear more dominant when compared to their light-eyed counterparts -- but the source of their dominance isn't their eyes, Asylum reports.

Brown-eyed men tend to have broader chins and mouths -- which makes them appear more intimidating.

One theory behind this phenomenon is that having brown eyes is linked to more testosterone production; another is that males with "baby blues" are treated like children for a longer period of time (and this somehow affects the development of their facial features).

Do you think brown-eyed men appear more dominant?

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  • VintageLys 2012/07/01 02:23:57
    Yes, they are more manly looking.
    yes i love dark eyes =) my bf has gorgeous brown puppy dog eyes
  • JJ 2010/06/23 21:46:51
    No, it makes no difference.
    I don't think so.
  • kittymewmew 2010/06/23 09:50:46
    No, it makes no difference.
    I dont see the difference..
  • Nabael 2010/06/21 05:15:24
    No, it makes no difference.
    It could be the fact that Brown is the most common eye color in the world, and that the heritages that support blue eyes often have more rounded features (German and sweetish faces often have a more feminine look to them then other races). Then again, I might just be crazy.
    I have brown, and they work for me.
  • LifeIsComedyPHAET 2010/06/21 03:58:28
    No, it makes no difference.
    I doubt this. However, my ex had light blue eyes and he was a push-over...
  • Midnightblue 2010/06/21 03:44:57 (edited)
    No, it makes no difference.
    difference difference

    These men have blue eyes. Does they look dominate to you?
    More dominate than these boys?
    Who have brown eyes?
    difference blue eyes dominate dominate boys brown eyes
    difference blue eyes dominate dominate boys brown eyes

    Yeaaaaah. Thats what I thought.
  • cubby 2010/06/21 01:11:56
    Yes, they are more manly looking.
    brown eyed guys have been a big part in my life and yes if Ordered i would do what they asked of me come to think of it i was being taken by a Dominate Man
    hwere was i? oh yes i think brown eyed guys are more dominate
  • Nancy 2010/06/21 00:54:03
    No, it makes no difference.
    Eye color is simply inherited, perception may be another matter, but that is personal.
  • NYC Firedog 2010/06/21 00:49:22
    No, it makes no difference.
    NYC Firedog
    The Vikings and the Irish might have a disagreement with that.

    Blue eyes are for fighters who can be lovers.
  • NYC Fir... NYC Fir... 2010/06/21 00:51:33
    NYC Firedog
    Clint Eastwood might disagree. Punk
  • ©TransAmTam~Metal Queen \m/ 2010/06/20 23:38:43
  • Anthony~ Agent of PHÄ€T 2010/06/20 22:22:11
    No, it makes no difference.
    Anthony~ Agent of  PHÄ€T
    It's almost impossible to find a black guy who's eyes aren't some shade of brown. Is every black guy more dominant?
  • Buzz Li... Anthony... 2010/06/20 23:23:37
    Buzz Lightyear
    My mom would say yes.
  • Anthony... Buzz Li... 2010/06/20 23:28:06
    Anthony~ Agent of  PHÄ€T
    ...... there are a few things I can make out of that, please tell me what you mean befor I put my foot in my mouth.
  • Buzz Li... Anthony... 2010/06/20 23:35:22
    Buzz Lightyear
    My mom was married to a black man for years. My late step-dad Lawrence. He was a freelance architect, athletic, wealthy. And already owned multiple homes by age 30. He gave me $200 a month allowance when I was in Jr High and HS. He was pretty dominant. Wasn't my real father, but he taught me more about being a man than the jackass who was my biological father. Lawrence remains my mom's gold standard for male dominance.
  • Anthony... Buzz Li... 2010/06/20 23:40:35
    Anthony~ Agent of  PHÄ€T
    Ah I see.
    would it be appropriate to say, Once you go black....
    You never go back?
  • Buzz Li... Anthony... 2010/06/20 23:44:55
    Buzz Lightyear
    Um...idk lol. Need to ask my mom that.
  • Anthony... Buzz Li... 2010/06/20 23:45:33
    Anthony~ Agent of  PHÄ€T
    you don't have too, I was just dying to say that since your fist comment.
  • Texas Johnny 2010/06/20 22:11:59
    No, it makes no difference.
    Texas Johnny
    I read that 2/3rd's of the world's population has brown/dark eyes! It is the intelligence and soul of the person that shines through.
  • music_lover<3 2010/06/20 21:45:21
    Yes, they are more manly looking.
    i dont know if theyre more dominant but they sure as hell are more sexy:)
  • Ash-the-empress 2010/06/20 20:33:33
    No, it makes no difference.
    Genetically speaking brown hair and eyes are more dominant. As to personal preferences, I like black hair and blue eyes.
    Thats just me.
    I think it all depends on what type of person you are.
  • traveler818 2010/06/20 19:31:07
    No, it makes no difference.
    I prefer blue-eyed men. But if he's nice, his eye color doesn't matter. It's all about genetics anyway. But blue-eyes seem to sparkle more. Brown are deeper, which might be why some people see them as more manly. Just my opinion. I like the baby blue sparkle.
  • Kurbdog 2010/06/20 19:28:38
    Yes, they are more manly looking.
    I have brown eyes.................and a huge ,throbbing .......................BRAIN. (haha) manly brown eyes huge throbbing brain haha
  • Eeyore 2010/06/20 18:07:07
    No, it makes no difference.
    my dad has brown eyes and hes 1 of the most nicest people and hes not dominant cause i get WHATEVER i want from him n e time i want. my bf has brown eyes and hes definetly dominant so idk my dad might just be weird
  • NettiWuzHere♠ BTEF ♠ 2010/06/20 17:52:03
    Yes, they are more manly looking.
    NettiWuzHere♠ BTEF ♠
    Brown hair and eyes are the more dominant trait. Blue eyes and blonde hair is recessive.
  • travele... NettiWu... 2010/06/20 19:33:09
    Yeah. It's genetics. I don't think it makes any difference at all. A man is a man and a jerk is a jerk, no matter what the color of his eyes,
  • NettiWu... travele... 2010/06/20 22:59:38
    NettiWuzHere♠ BTEF ♠
    Not all men are jerks. Well, actually, most of them are... wait, wait, no. Okay, I have yet to meet a guy who isn't a jerk. But I hope there are some out there who aren't... eh.
  • kittyme... NettiWu... 2010/06/21 03:20:00
    There are guys who arent jerks..luckily i've met a few.. my bf is a great example ^^
  • travele... kittyme... 2010/06/21 04:37:53
    Consider yourself extremely lucky.
  • NettiWu... kittyme... 2010/06/21 21:30:55
    NettiWuzHere♠ BTEF ♠
    Good for you! :D
  • travele... NettiWu... 2010/06/21 04:37:15
    I know how you feel. But it has nothing to do with the color of his eyes.
  • NettiWu... travele... 2010/06/21 21:30:35
    NettiWuzHere♠ BTEF ♠
    ... or does it...
  • travele... NettiWu... 2010/06/21 22:36:48
    I've been mistreated by men with both blue and brown eyes. So I say no.
  • NettiWu... travele... 2010/06/21 22:39:53
    NettiWuzHere♠ BTEF ♠
    So have I. But it could be related to their eye color in some way. >.> Need an example?
  • travele... NettiWu... 2010/06/21 22:43:12
    You have my curiosity aroused. OK, bring it on.
  • NettiWu... travele... 2010/06/21 22:51:19
    NettiWuzHere♠ BTEF ♠


    So, what if there was this child. And he had blue eyes, and everyone else he knew had brown. And people always told him that he has such lovely blue eyes, and that they were so unique and special. So he grew up with an air of arrogance, believing that he was better than most. >.>
  • travele... NettiWu... 2010/06/22 02:18:16
    Actually people who have either really bright blue eyes or deep brown eyes do get a lot of compliments. And it probably goes to some of their heads. But the question was do brown eyes make men appear more dominant? I think it's the whole package that matters, how they look in general, including the way they carry themselves (actually that counts for a lot), and the way they treat others, which should be more important than looks, for starters.

    You proposed an extremely hypothetical situation, especially in today's world where people travel the world, well, a lot.

    Believe it or not, I was told that small feet were feminine. It didn't make me arrogant: it just makes it a bit harder to find shoes.
  • NettiWu... travele... 2010/06/22 20:43:56
    NettiWuzHere♠ BTEF ♠

    Okay, okay, before I forget, I have to correct you. Brown eyes don't make men appear more dominant. They are scientifically the more dominant trait.

    You're right, though. About my situation being hypothetical. You'd be surprised at how little tolerance people these days have. I've seen a couple of people being insulted for having blue eyes.

    As was I told I'm "extremely lucky" to have so much hair. I beg to differ.
  • travele... NettiWu... 2010/06/22 21:33:54
    Where were people insulted for having blue eyes? That's downright weird. As for the hair, I lost a lot of mine, and I miss it. I do envy thick hair, but I know it's more of a pain to take care of.
  • NettiWu... travele... 2010/06/22 21:49:48
    NettiWuzHere♠ BTEF ♠
    All the time, actually. I've seen it happen a few times.

    Ex: I was in school a few days ago, and there was these two girls in an argument. One said something along the lines of "Oh, oh, you think you're better than us because you have blue eyes and blonde hair?" and then they called her someone like, 'white b*tch".

    And there was another time when one of my friends got blue contact lens, and someone started to ridicule them over it.

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