Are anti-smoking ads (and commercials) affective?

Jenni 2010/11/16 06:31:12
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Are anti-smoking ads (and commercials) affective?

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  • Umbra 2011/02/23 18:56:18
    I think they are more effective on those who care for the smoker - family and close friends.. They see these messages and get worried, then trying to convince said person to knock the habit.
  • Eyebrowz² 2010/11/17 00:26:07
    I don't think so, I especially find most of the ones geared towards kids to be ineffective. I remember when I was about 9 or 10 when these ads started to come out, there was this one imparticular that has always stood out to me. There was this kid riding in the back of his mom's minivan, kinda nerdy looking, just looking out the window, then the van stops at a stop sign, and the kid looks out the window to see a girl standing on the corner with some friends, the girl had blue hair, this awesome tapestry coat with fur trim, and knee high boots, and she was smoking a cigarette. I remember watching this commercial thinking "wow, that girl on the corner is really cool" It's the same with a lot the anti smoking, anti drug commercials, when they aren't exaggerating facts or lying to you, they end up offering an adverse message. These days when I hear one on the radio or see one on TV it actually makes me want a smoke, it reminds me that I do, and that I could really use one right about now.

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  • J Montana 2010/11/16 22:04:26
    J Montana
    I don't think they are unless you are ready to quit.
  • XwheelerX 2010/11/16 17:31:29
    yes, we had pictures here of people with lung cancer, rotting teeth, holes in there throats on our
    packages. They say it was successful, but our current government is quittiing it. Go figure. They say the States is going to start the same campaign.
  • Doc Frank stein 2010/11/16 13:09:42
    Doc Frank stein
    Well I think that generally, they are certainly better than nothing!
    Anything that helps us do better or that helps us try to do the right thing is normally a good thing.
    Of course, some things can be far more 'effective' than others ... but it's all better than doing nothing at all about these things.
  • Panloker 2010/11/16 12:48:39
    Some ads just look like plain propaganda, Don't put me off from smoking in the least.

  • ͏~мұṩŧįčâŀ~͏, 2010/11/16 11:45:57 (edited)
    No my Dad is a smoker and when they come on the TV he either lights up a cigarette or looks nonplussed at them.
  • thisguy:) 2010/11/16 10:18:28
    no, they just remind me that I need to smoke
  • Panloker thisguy:) 2010/11/16 12:50:02
    Haha! me too, whenever I see a cigarette I immediately have the impulse to light one up, don't matter in the least about what context it is shown in.
  • thisguy:) Panloker 2010/11/16 13:00:25
    *high fives !
  • Panloker thisguy:) 2010/11/16 13:05:17
    Internet High Five Pictures, Images and Photos

    And now please excuse me as I go and have my smoke :D
  • Charmedtears♥ 2010/11/16 08:10:19
    I Don't Know , I don't Smoke.
  • tazzycat 2010/11/16 08:00:39
    I can honestly say NO.. all the TRUTH ads ever did when I smoked was make me want a cigarette.
  • Panloker tazzycat 2010/11/16 12:50:37
    Me too, This question has me ready to go light one up.
  • Hollywood:D 2010/11/16 07:43:18
    I still smoke, unfortunatley. =(
  • xXneikieXx 2010/11/16 07:03:53
    no. smokers don't care. you can throw so many things in front of us and we'll just smile and nod. quitting is a personal decision most of the time uninfluenced by adds etc.
  • future blk 2010/11/16 06:48:07
    future blk
    i don't think so. most the time, the people sponsoring the ads are only doing so because they have been ordered by the court, because they have placed something harmful in the public. they are the same who are making these horrible products. people sponsoring ads ordered court harmful public horrible products
  • LQ~phaet 2010/11/16 06:43:06
    No. In order to collect excessive sin taxes on cigarettes, the government is required to spend a certain amount of the money collected on anti-smoking campaigns for television, billboards and public schools. If the commercials worked, they wouldn't use them.
  • garyt212 2010/11/16 06:34:53
    If they were no one would be smoking.....

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