Are American government schools beyond repair?

Simmering Frog 2012/02/07 06:39:11
It's beyond hope. Take your children out of the disaster zones NOW!
No, I support government schools.
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Southern California -- this just in

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Schools chief announces entire Miramonte staff to be replaced

February 6, 2012 | 6:56


Los Angeles schools Supt. John Deasy told parents Monday evening
that the district is replacing the entire staff of Miramonte Elementary
School in the wake of the arrests last week of two teachers on lewd
conduct charges.

The unprecedented move is intended to build
confidence among the many families who have lost faith in their
neighborhood elementary school. More than a quarter of students did not
show up for classes Monday.

Officials stressed that no one else
on the Miramonte staff is under suspicion of wrongdoing but that the
chain of events has placed a cloud over the campus that can be lifted
only with a drastic response.

PHOTOS: Parent uproar over sex-abuse claims

One of the largest elementary schools in the nation, Miramonte has
about 1,500 students and a teaching and administrative staff of about

The displacement could be temporary: Many, maybe all, of
the current staff will be returned to the school eventually, officials
said. In the interim, their places will be filled by qualified teachers
and other workers already on a placement or rehiring list. There are
plenty of available candidates: Over the last several years, thousands
of instructors and other non-teaching staff were laid off because of
budget cuts; the vast majority are considered fully qualified employees
who lost work simply because they lacked sufficient seniority.

displaced staff will continue to be paid and also will receive
counseling for a series of events that also traumatized the Miramonte
staff, officials said.


restaffing is the latest development at Miramonte, which is south of
downtown in unincorporated Florence-Firestone. A week ago, prosecutors
charged a longtime teacher with 23 counts of lewd acts with a child.
Mark Berndt, 61, allegedly spoon-fed his semen to blindfolded students
and also took pictures of the acts. He has resigned from the district.

last week, sheriff's deputies arrested his colleague, Martin Bernard
Springer, 49, on suspicion of fondling two 7-year-olds in his class
within the last three years.

Teachers union officials said in a statement that they have met with instructors at the school.

"We support a thorough, vigorous and fair investigation of all
allegations. It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that any and all
allegations are thoughtfully and carefully investigated," the statement

Parents packed the meeting Monday evening at a nearby high school.
The district had closed the meeting to the media even though parents
demanded that reporters and cameras be allowed in. The district refused.

Read More: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/02/enti...

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  • Tasine 2012/02/07 14:06:58
    It's beyond hope. Take your children out of the disaster zones NOW!
    What amazes me is that the school has any students left. When I was a youngster, schools were just that - schools to teach kids necessary things to make it in life. Today's population has such a large group of malfunctioning adults and kids that public schools are as dangerous as they are educational places. I would think that normal people could fix this problem, but I am not convinced we have any more normal people still in the field of education.
  • Centuri... Tasine 2012/02/07 17:07:02
    Trust me. There are some good ones.
  • Tasine Centuri... 2012/02/07 19:17:51
    I realize that, and I realize that what makes the news are the rotten apples, not the entire orchard. Unfortunately, writing in real time has a tendency to support generalizations. Sorry about that. Some of my best friends have been teachers.
  • The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA 2012/02/07 11:37:16
    It's beyond hope. Take your children out of the disaster zones NOW!
    The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA
    The parents that pulled their kids were the only smart ones in the area! That school is doomed, and no overhaul will help, especially if they plan to re- integrate the workers back after time goes by!

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