Apple Sells a Record Two Million iPhone 5s in 24 Hours: Is Apple the Greatest Company Ever?

Daryl 2012/09/17 18:00:00
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CNBC.COM reports:
Apple sold two million iPhone 5s in the first 24 hours the new smartphone was available for pre-order, the company said on Monday.
iphone 5

Read More: http://www.cnbc.com/id/49059665

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  • Professor Wizard 2012/09/17 18:34:11 (edited)
    Professor Wizard
    They have the greatest marketing ever... along with the stupidest consumers ever.

    Oh yes.. and CHINA Thanks you... they made the phones.

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  • Tuna thє вlu... 2012/09/20 20:43:45
    There are people in the USA that make less than $10K per year for the whole family but are rich; those making $1 million that are poor. Who is gonna decide who gets what? We know that many we can give them the $1million today and they will be right back where they are within a year.You have,I have, everybody has what they are capable of.
  • thє вlu... Tuna 2012/09/20 22:24:24 (edited)
  • Tuna thє вlu... 2012/09/21 19:15:26
    Why don't you get a part-time job and invest that money or is it the more you have the more you spend?
  • thє вlu... Tuna 2012/09/21 20:41:51 (edited)
  • Tuna thє вlu... 2012/09/22 11:25:54 (edited)
    What makes you think it is the government's JOB to get you some more money to invest?? You think you would actually SEE any of that "tax the rich" crap? That's more money for them to spend, not you. They spent all of the Social Security money, the Medicare and Medicaid money, all of the Federal retirement money, Post Office retirement, now they willspend all of the Obama care money. Do you not care that your children and grandchildren will have to pay for this; if there is an America left? You think it is hard NOW, wait until that new World Order hits; the one world government, one world currency. The redistribution marxism HAS BEEN tried and it failed everywhere it was tried.
  • beyondtheparadoxical 2012/09/18 20:31:20
    No, the sheeple just love apple because its so easy to use. I would love to hear from some of those two million people exactly how different they think their iPhone 5 is from their old iPhone, and how they can justify dropping a couple hundred dollars on those nonexistent differences.
  • krayzrick beyondt... 2012/09/18 21:02:20
    exactly....just a big scam
  • Hope 2012/09/18 20:27:54
    YES!<3 they are continuing to make life easier and more convenient day after day! its just sad that steve jobs couldn't be here to see the release of iPhone 5
  • MiinaNiemi03 2012/09/18 20:15:33
  • Naked 2012/09/18 19:54:06
    They steal most of their technology, are developing a program that would give the government the ability to halt all transmissions of information (pictur/ video taking, phone calls, etc), and the release things with limited features so they will get your money by releasing the newer version in the future (like flash). They have done it over and over and the america public don't even think about it. It's sad really. Sheep.
  • thє вlu... Naked 2012/09/19 13:56:10
  • Naked thє вlu... 2012/09/19 18:32:50
    I don't know why you posted this to me.
  • gaylehelen 2012/09/18 19:34:55
    Not everyone is a fan of Apple.
  • MichaelTaylor 2012/09/18 19:22:01
    Unless your idea of "great" is having more Chinese slave labor than any other company.
  • thє вlu... Michael... 2012/09/19 13:57:06
  • michael 2012/09/18 19:19:21
  • Squiddie michael 2012/09/19 00:33:32
    windows mobile is also better than the ios
    my winphone runs so much better than my itouch 4
    and they both came out at the same time
  • michael Squiddie 2012/09/21 23:43:31
    Windows phones interface I'm pretty into. I like them throwing in on cell phone software. The more the merrier...and the more to bring to court hahah
  • Dan 2012/09/18 18:37:35
    Any company that can have a bunch of people flock to by a $40 phone for $200...Then have them do it again and again...Genius. They have totally figured out how to sell to people's desires, and not needs.
  • Oli 2012/09/18 18:32:18
    I know i'm probably gonna get some nasty replies, as that's what seems to happen on Sodahead, but i will always stick with Samsung. Every year they seem to improve their products and you get more for your money.
    gonna nasty replies sodahead stick samsung year improve products money
  • Michael... Oli 2012/09/18 19:25:09
    I agree, the Samsung Mesmerize Galaxy S III is far superior to the new iphone5. And who cares about negative comments, I get them all the time...it's nice to have people you can laugh at :o)
  • Oli Michael... 2012/09/18 20:53:07
    Totally agree!! Finally, someone nice replies! :)
  • Airhead Oli 2012/09/19 06:46:18
    You suck you liberal retard. You have no clue wtf you are talking about even though you show your pretty "facts", but your facts dont matter here because I am right. You are a horrible person and are responsible for harming the children, the children!!!! Do you feel good for yourself you sick slob. Get a job liberal hippie slimeball!!
    There, does that make you feel more like you're on sodahead?
  • Andy Devine 2012/09/18 18:25:52
    Andy Devine
    Apple is a cult with users defending it with righteous religious fervor. On August 20, 2012, Apple's rising stock rose the company's value to a world-record $624 billion dollars. Untold billions in the bank and a marketing effort that is almost subliminal in its effectiveness. Apple product users are convinced that the largest publically-traded corporation in the world by market capitalization still builds its products in Steve Job’s garage.
  • El Prez 2012/09/18 18:11:45
    El Prez
    They just play their customers the most!!! Like fish hitting a little new bait each month or each year to get over priced and imaterial toys.
  • LdyLeo 2012/09/18 17:53:17
    I still have my HTC EVO 3D, so I don't need any phone from Apple.
  • Tom Camfield 2012/09/18 17:52:31
    Tom Camfield
    They make damned fine stuff. I've had nothing but their computers for almost 20 years now.
  • Squiddie Tom Cam... 2012/09/19 00:35:22
    apples computes have been getting better recently
    but i absolutely do not like their mobile devices
  • Chief 2012/09/18 17:41:17
    Just because they know how to market a product doesn't make them even a great company.
  • uppity 2012/09/18 17:21:40
    I'm an apple product idiot. And yes, their product is too damn expensive. Oh well...
  • Bob 2012/09/18 17:19:59
  • Don Pink 2012/09/18 17:19:56
    Don Pink
    They make a great product.
  • jimf 2012/09/18 17:04:02
    I have an i-phone it sucks. All I want is a phone that goes ring ring when someone calls me and can send texts. Have you ever tried to use the keyboard on an i-phone?
  • blumunofky 2012/09/18 17:02:58
    They make a superior product but they own it lock, stock, and barrel. No place to get non-Apple sanctioned software, peripherals, and if you need a repair, God help you and your bank account, because the "Genius Bar" sure won't.
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2012/09/18 16:58:47
  • Runaway ✩ 2012/09/18 16:41:38
    Runaway ✩
    /sarcasm mode/
    OF COURSE Apple is the best ever company! With countless slaves locked into a factory, with almost no pay, and no place to spend what little pay they get - Apple MUST BE the best company ever!!

    And, two million Americans support the slave labor market, while millions more line up to add their support. Ahhh, but it's all worth it, if the one percent can complete their plan of globalization, and at the same time destroy the middle class.
  • us 2012/09/18 16:39:05
    Wall street loved the sell of these phones, and investors, and it create jobs for others,
  • Runaway ✩ us 2012/09/18 16:42:22
    Runaway ✩
    Creates jobs for whom, exactly? See my post above.
  • us Runaway ✩ 2012/09/18 22:39:47
    Yes, it helps other have jobs, there is nothing wrong with that, Maybe if we didn't except higher wages, through the years, that why it went to china, because the price are lower so everyone can buy them, but even those are going up.
  • kevinlim 2012/09/18 16:11:45
    Why not buy samsung? Afterall even apple said they were so similar that they deserved to be sued. So why not buy the same thing for a cheaper price. That aside the reason it makes money is simple. It utilizes a technique called market creaming in which that set the price rediculously high until people think its good. Google it if you dont believe me

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