Anyone gonna celebrate the winter solstice and lunar eclipse tomorrow night?

Nuala a.k.a BlueRaven 2010/12/20 19:59:21
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Well tomorrow is the winter solstice and happens to be the total lunar eclipse. I don't think we get to see it for another 500 years, you will correct me if Im wrong. So don't miss it.

Anyone having a winter solstice celebration or anything. This will be my first celebrated on so Im just curious to see what others are up to. Be sure to make prayers, spells, or wishes and give thanks to your god/dess. Or what ever you worship or believe in. Trust me, christian, atheist, pagan, agnostic, jewish, buddhist, this will be a magical night no matter what you are. So don't neglect it. Have fun and give thanks.

Happy Holidays and blessed be )O(

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  • will 2010/12/20 20:59:50
    I don't do anything special for winter solstice or as it is labeled on the calendar, WINTER BEGINS, except keep warm, but I will observe the moon during this phase. I don't feel this moment in time to be magical, unless God said it was time for end time to begin, and the Second Coming of Christ happens.
  • Nuala a... will 2010/12/20 23:01:48
    Nuala a.k.a BlueRaven
    yeah guess its how everyone values this night. So should be one of nature's wonders to see it. Have fun. :p
  • Nuala a.k.a BlueRaven 2010/12/20 20:35:28
    Nuala a.k.a BlueRaven
  • Mel the Witch POTL PWCM~JLA 2010/12/20 20:25:36
    Mel the Witch POTL PWCM~JLA
    I was thinking about running around outside naked.....But figured is would scare the Neighbors...

    Seriously I will be watching the Moon..
  • Nuala a... Mel the... 2010/12/20 20:34:47
    Nuala a.k.a BlueRaven
    lol would be fun tho.
  • Mel the... Nuala a... 2010/12/20 20:38:54
    Mel the Witch POTL PWCM~JLA
    It's 26 degrees here...
  • Kuchi_Main 2010/12/20 20:23:52
    lets all dance wooo!!!!!
  • A7XfoREVerXX 2010/12/20 20:16:22
    not celbrate but watch the lunar ecluipse. 12:30 tonight woop woop lol :P
  • Nuala a... A7XfoRE... 2010/12/20 20:18:40
    Nuala a.k.a BlueRaven
    awesome..should be exciting to see. lol :D
  • A7XfoRE... Nuala a... 2010/12/20 20:19:01
    yup :)

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