Anti-Gun Protester Says She’d Rather Be Murdered Than Use A Gun In Self-Defense

WF - Rumpelstiltskin -PWCM~JLA 2013/02/28 14:48:50
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  • I NEED A HORSE 2013/03/08 01:05:25
  • deidara.trueart 2013/03/05 15:17:01
  • Whitese7en 2013/03/02 02:33:57
    This woman's stupidity and completely blind allegiance doesn't surprise me at all. With the reelection of the President, nothing surprises me anymore.
  • \V/ 2013/03/01 17:24:20
  • Prime Time Lime 2013/03/01 17:17:22 (edited)
    Prime Time Lime
    The point she is making is missed.If one views the whole story and not the one line,one can see that she is against the "Stand Your Ground" laws. Gun violence is a major issue and she and very other millions are also expressing their concerns.Good for her,and is expressing her freedom of speech,the first amendment right.
  • \V/ Prime T... 2013/03/01 17:29:30
  • Prime T... \V/ 2013/03/01 17:31:59
    Prime Time Lime
    True,seeing only a part of a story and issue blinds one to the whole story.Focusing too much on 12 seconds of the news story brings the whole story out of perspective.
  • eyeballz 2013/03/01 06:47:41
    All I can say is , some people don't have as much common sense, as God gave to a box of rocks !!
  • Sidonia 2013/03/01 04:55:24
    I can remeber taking a CPR certification class and an older gentleman was in there and when he found out that the Chest press Will break the sternum and ribs to restart the heart, he said "I would rather let some one die then break their ribs and sternum" and got up and left........
  • santa6642 2013/03/01 02:52:57
    Hope she gets her wish, me i prefer the perk being dead.
  • Bearish~PWCM~ 2013/03/01 02:31:31
    So she will sit while her family get brutalized while she watches patiently for her turn..
    See this is what happens when you mess with Natural Selection..
    bottom of the gene pool
  • Lawnmowerman~PWCM~JLA 2013/03/01 02:08:33
    The same mindless zombie like the ones who re-elected the country's nemesis.
  • Meljahun 2013/03/01 01:24:18
    This the mind set of a woman more afraid of living than dying.
  • Space Invader 2013/03/01 00:31:03
    Space Invader
    they are getting more stupid by the minute
  • john brenni 2013/03/01 00:14:38
  • E3 2013/02/28 23:41:18
  • blissful 2013/02/28 20:44:09
    And the force be with her!..
  • Biki~pwcm/potl~ 2013/02/28 20:42:54
    ummm....okay. Have fun with that. But I will keep MY guns.
  • Jace 2013/02/28 20:23:05
    With that attitude, I'm sure she will be.
  • Kurt 2013/02/28 19:39:19
    At least she isn't a hypocrite.
  • CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2013/02/28 19:34:09
    CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    Don't believe everything you here. They will say anything to achieve their agenda. I'd bet 999 out of a 1000 people who say they won't defend themselves actually will try.
  • ElynnKy 2013/02/28 19:31:23
    Fine, as long as she doesn't get to make that choice for the rest of us.
  • Montman 2013/02/28 19:25:52
    she's a better person than most people......
  • ElynnKy Montman 2013/02/28 19:31:58
    How does that make her a better person than most people?
  • Montman ElynnKy 2013/03/18 10:54:52
    because she wont stoop to that low level of using violence against violence.
  • Lawnmow... Montman 2013/03/01 02:05:28
    No, that attitude makes her an idiot.
  • Mountainman 2013/02/28 19:16:41
    What a bunch of idiots...you don't have to buy a gun if you don't want one...but if someone wants to harm me or my family...I'll use mine!
  • TKramar 2013/02/28 18:55:10
    Some people take that "Thou shalt not kill" thing pretty seriously.

    I'd prefer not to kill my opponent as well, they don't have an opportunity to learn anything when you kill them.
  • Car1u5~PWCM~JLA 2013/02/28 18:50:02
  • Larry 2013/02/28 18:43:56
    Self defense is not an option ?? she's an Idiot maybe not her book but her book is called Sheeple
  • ☆RogueofDoom☆ 2013/02/28 18:19:08
    @ 1:07 "Self defense is not an option. It is not an option." WTF?! Did I hear that wrong?
  • ALofRI 2013/02/28 18:13:40
    In 76 years and through most of the worst areas in the U.S. (and much of the world), I have never needed a gun for self defense unless I was in the military. Common sense is the best defense.
  • Old Nellie Bones 2013/02/28 18:10:22
    Old Nellie Bones
    So let her She is free to do so.
    Just don't trample on the rights of others in the process.
  • Luke 2013/02/28 18:08:52
    She'll change that tune when looking down the barrel of a midnight special.
  • BK 2013/02/28 18:06:40
    Um...Okay. Have fun with that. Let me know how it works out.
  • rusty 2013/02/28 18:03:58
    We screwed up when we let non land owners vote
  • WF - Ru... rusty 2013/02/28 18:04:33
    WF - Rumpelstiltskin -PWCM~JLA
  • rusty WF - Ru... 2013/02/28 18:25:55
    A joke
  • Freeranger 2013/02/28 17:57:49
    Not only is this the height of idiocy, I'm sure that given a lack of preventative measure, someone will oblige her.
  • beachbum 2013/02/28 17:46:07
    She must not have family she'd want to defend..........

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