Anti-Cheating Rings: Would It Actually Work?

Living 2012/06/28 21:11:48
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If you ever worry that your significant other might remove their wedding ring in a tempting situation, TheCheeky might have just the thing to keep you calm. Their patented "anti-cheating rings" will leave an imprint of the words "I'm Married" on the wearer's finger when the ring is removed, making it literally impossible to cheat. Did we say literally impossible? We meant to say slightly more difficult.

The product page reads, "The negative engraving on the inside means that when you are in the 'Club' and an attractive woman... or man comes along to chat, slipping your wedding ring off is not an option ... Made of strengthened Titanium. Life time guarantee, ‘til death and all that." And it'll only cost you $550! But would it actually work?

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  • Just Jenn for Now 2012/06/28 21:55:04
    Just Jenn for Now
    .... All they have to do is not wear it.

    Also, people, seriously, this IS YOUR SPOUSE. NOT your DOG.

    You do not OWN your spouse.

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  • rcardon 2012/08/06 20:07:38
    If people are going to cheat, they're going to cheat, and, most of the time, unless the person doesn't wear their ring much anyway, the person their cheating with will, most likely, know their married anyway, just wearing a ring leaves a mark on the finger. So this won't stop it at all.
  • Tallulah 2012/07/22 03:49:51
  • PerpetualBeet 2012/07/20 09:41:16
    rofl, no.
  • T 2012/07/16 23:41:20
    If one is necessary, it's already too late.
  • Dr.Doofarthead 2012/07/13 23:15:43
    i meant to put no because rings wont change anything it has to be up to the person to be willing to stay commited
  • ryu 2012/07/12 03:05:26
    isnt it like some chastity belts kings used to make their wives wear...........?
  • JAKACE 2012/07/11 03:43:32
    could you wear it so the imprint is on the inside of your finger?
  • JAKACE JAKACE 2012/07/11 03:44:02
  • laydeelapis 2012/07/09 20:09:49
    That doesn't seem like a very deep imprint anyway and who seriously analyzes a person's finger when trying to get with them?? Also, if your trust for your spouse is such that you have to do this, you should seriously rethink the relationship.
  • Ted 2012/07/09 17:21:02
    How is this better than a prenup? Neither will actually stop a person from cheating. If you don't trust your partner to begin with, you need to look deeper at your relationship than invest in some silly ring.

    At least a prenuptial agreement will save you some money if your partner cheats (if done correctly). If you bought this ring, and then your partner cheats... you are out another $550 on someone you didn't trust to begin with.

  • Ben 2012/07/09 11:54:36
    If they're willing to cheat on you, then they're willing to put on a plaster or pair of gloves in order to pick someone up.
  • Hothooves 2012/07/08 12:39:21
    Where is the trust?
  • Bob the Builder 2012/07/06 18:40:57
    Bob the Builder
    I doubt someone will stare at your ring finger for two mins just to see if you have the words 'I'm married' lightly imprinted on your finger...
  • Mitsurugi Chiba 2012/07/06 16:50:45
    Mitsurugi Chiba
    They could always conceal something between that part of the ring and their finger to cushion and it from making the imprint.
  • Quazimoto 2012/07/05 19:32:13
    If you have to wear a anti-cheating ring your trust is gone and you shouldn't have married that person in the first place.
  • cnsharp 2012/07/05 01:18:47
    If they want to cheat they will cheat
  • Black-Indian Girl 2012/07/03 02:43:37
    Black-Indian Girl
    A long-term relationship, marriage or no marriage, isn't about a ring. It's about love, commitment, honesty, communication, trust, and respect. A fancy piece of jewelry does not define someone's character, nor does it control anyone's actions. Some people are sleazy; they'll cheat regardless of marital status. If there's reason to believe that you or your significant other will cheat, the relationship likely had other problems and was on thin ice anyway.
  • MrSexyPants 2012/07/02 23:14:33
  • MichelleluvsRonWeasley 2012/07/02 22:27:17
    Some people just don't care whether someone's married or not.... I don't see how this would even make it any more difficult.
  • The Reaper 2012/07/02 18:29:06
    The Reaper
    No because the other person already don't care because if they did then they would notice the mark of the wedding band after it is removed!
  • Eddie_DOMA_is_dead 2012/07/02 18:15:49
  • Smuwf, Twin 2012/07/02 17:48:12
    Smuwf, Twin
    What a load of bollocks. Simply take off the ring and leave the mark to fade after two or three hours.Its as practical as a teapot made of Ice.
  • Lolo_O 2012/07/02 17:43:55
    What if you just got divorced ?!
  • Lolo_O Lolo_O 2012/07/02 17:46:09
    And also doesn't it hurt even when you keep it on ... ?
  • Smuwf, ... Lolo_O 2012/07/02 17:49:18
    Smuwf, Twin
    A band of titanium that leaves an imprint? I'd say its painful within the first hour...such an impractical Idea
  • Lolo_O Smuwf, ... 2012/07/02 17:54:52
    Yeah right ?! People are just .... ugh.
  • Smuwf, ... Lolo_O 2012/07/02 18:31:59
    Smuwf, Twin
    hahaha exactly.
  • Eric 2012/07/02 16:56:16
    Marriages work when there is trust and nothing says "I trust you" more than a ring that basically says "you are a lying cheating bastard and I would like to put a tattoo on your forehead that says that you are married but I can't so this is the next best thing".
  • Angie 2012/07/02 16:45:30
    When you wear a ring, it makes an imprint, regardless. Some women go for married men, it's a challenge to them and makes them feel like they are special for bagging a married man. Why spend that much money on a ring that puts the words on your finger? Seems like a waste to me, just save that money to put towards the divorce, a cheater will cheat, whether they wear a 'special' ring or not.
  • Mary Ann 2012/07/02 16:20:09
    Mary Ann
    At a club..drinking I assume.....like the impression would mean anything.
  • Josh Robinson 2012/07/02 15:51:25
    Josh Robinson
    What Kardashian fan came up with this retarded idea...?
  • yaisy.zeer 2012/07/02 13:51:41
    A person will cheat regardless if theyre wearing a ring or not and if you need to buy this ring for your spouse in the first place, hello you have a problem!!
  • truthman 2012/07/02 05:28:54
    Wedding rings dont work, so why should anti-cheating rings work?
  • Steven Conroy 2012/07/02 05:02:55
    Steven Conroy
    If you're gonna cheat you're gonna cheat. You can tatoo MARRIED on the forehead and it ain't gonna stop a determined cheater.
  • Munster 2012/07/02 04:03:40
    Look, if someone's going to cheat you can't really do anything about it. I wouldn't make my boyfriend wear this as he wouldn't make me wear it. You don't build a relationship if you can't trust the person. Getting something like this clearly says "I don't trust you".
  • Ellie Turko 2012/07/02 03:06:58
    Ellie Turko
    it may work especially if the ring would have some kind of sensor that would give a loud blast if he tries anything with someone else, and then the finger would get zapped by a strong electric shock..
  • truthman Ellie T... 2012/07/02 05:30:57
    lol, now that might work. ouch !!!!!!!!!!!
  • vis_viva 2012/07/02 02:59:29
    If you need to "brand" someone to keep them from cheating...DON'T MARRY THEM!

    I have used my wedding ring as a deterrent to other women. While it doesn't matter to some women I think most it does and I have made sure to wave my left hand around in some environments to warn away women every once in a while.

    Once I was in a bar with a (single) buddy and he kept urging me to keep my left hand on the table so women could concentrate on the one of us who was available.
  • truthman vis_viva 2012/07/02 05:34:19
    I have had the opposite effect to happen. When i was married and wore my ring, women would flirt more with me. When the ring came off, the flirting was less. I have also noticed that women will flirt with you when youre with another woman. Crazy huh?
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