Ann Romney's $990 Bird T-Shirt: Stylish or Stupid?

Living 2012/05/03 23:00:00
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The blog-o-sphere is still chirping about the bird shirt Ann Romney wore on CBS' "This Morning" on Wednesday, and the fact that it was hideously ugly wasn't even the news. Ann Romney's silk shirt costs $990, Styleite reports.

Critics say wearing the shirt -- part of Reed Krakoff’s spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection -- was a particularly foolish move for the first lady hopeful, as she and her multi-millionaire husband struggle to relate to average Americans. Meghan McCain, an MSNBC contributor, slammed the shirt on Lawrence O’Donnell’s "The Last Word."

"She needs to be a little more cognizant of the message she’s trying to put out, just given the economic recession that we're in and everything that's going on," McCain said. And this is just when we'd forgotten that Ann drives a "couple" of Cadillacs. Do you think her pricey bird shirt is stylish -- or stupid?
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  • littleb... my2cents 2012/08/15 09:09:40
    You do realize it's not just Air Force One? There is also an accompanying Air Force C-5A as well. A Boeing 747 burns 25,000lbs. of fuel an hour. That's $9000.00 an hour and it's 7 hours to 8+ hours to Spain from Washington DC. So just the fuel is over $144,000.00 roundtrip!

    Comparing a 747 to a C-5A as far as fuel goes it's like comparing a Honda Civic to a Ford F-250 truck!

    Now you are saying she could not fly in one of the Air Forces other less fuel burning aircraft like say the one that flies the Speaker of the House for a Vacation to Spain?
  • FRED 2012/05/04 19:09:43 (edited)
    $990.00 Bird shirt


    $$5,000.00pearl necklace


    $16,000.00 Rolex watch

    $2,000.00 Misc.

    Total outfit of the day $25,600.00, annual income of a low-income US family

    $ 24,000.00.

    It only shows how out of touch the Romney's are with the majority of Americans

    Ann Romney the queen
  • Mike FRED 2012/05/04 19:28:54
  • FRED Mike 2012/05/04 20:00:24 (edited)
    She work, Ann never did work ann
  • David L... FRED 2012/05/04 20:50:17
  • FRED David L... 2012/05/04 21:30:03 (edited)
  • Mike FRED 2012/05/05 02:58:12
    So the libs are against stay at home moms - thank you for confirming this for everyone
  • FRED Mike 2012/05/06 01:35:56
    Absolutely not! Ann Romney is not the average stay at home mom;first of all she have 4 mansions, 3 automobiles, 2 limousines, 2 chofers, a personal maid, few nannies, a butler, in-home secretary, staff of 10 people in a daily basis for household shores, gardeners, handyman etc. Ann Romney is a millionaire
  • my2cents Mike 2012/05/06 07:58:43
    I'm a lib and I'm a stay at home mom.

    I'm not against myself.
  • wicked ... Mike 2012/05/04 21:20:20
  • my2cents Mike 2012/05/06 07:57:03
    I love her toned arms.
  • Lanikai FRED 2012/05/04 19:34:21
    And Michelle oboe wore a $10,000 dress to one dinner. Shoes were over 1200, WHAT does that way about HER???????
  • FRED Lanikai 2012/05/04 19:57:13
    She work for it, Ann doesn't. work ann
  • Lanikai FRED 2012/05/04 20:01:19
    She does not work for it. She held one job, at a hospital for a few years until obie got elected pres. She LOST her license to practice law in a major scandal and has not worked since.

    So, NO, she does not work OR earn her own money.
  • HappyGuy Lanikai 2012/05/05 03:28:23
    Michelle is a control freak and completely out of control now !!!
  • my2cents HappyGuy 2012/05/06 08:00:39
    Hey, Happy Guy, how do you like the new law in South Carolina making gay relationships a legal non-entity?

    How's that respect working out for ya?
  • my2cents Lanikai 2012/05/06 08:02:29 (edited)
    You are so full of crap, Lanikai.

    Michelle never lost her law license, and there never was any major scandal.

    Michelle held many jobs, including the one at the Chicago law firm where she and Barack met.

    Michelle has gone through Harvard, worked her entire life and made her own money.

    Ann Romney has never earned a paycheck in her life.
  • my2cents Lanikai 2012/05/05 02:44:49
    It's her money to spend the way she wants, just like Ann.
  • my2cents Lanikai 2012/05/06 07:59:22
    Where's your proof of that?
  • my2cents Lanikai 2012/05/06 21:49:19
    Can you show me where you got that story?

    I googled Michelle Obama's $10,000 dress and came up with nothing.
  • rightside FRED 2012/05/04 19:50:10
    So far, I haven't seen Ann Romney use tax payer money to galavant around the world.
    ann romney
  • FRED rightside 2012/05/04 20:11:55
    I'm sure you never will.
  • rightside FRED 2012/05/04 20:24:18
    bama's out in November.
  • FRED rightside 2012/05/04 20:28:32 (edited)
  • my2cents FRED 2012/05/06 08:05:21
    OF COURSE you will.. ALL First Lady's do, Laura Bush especially liked Africa and Alaska, those were her two personal favorites.

    Mitt has already said he and Ann plan to return to France for more vacations. There ya go.
  • my2cents rightside 2012/05/05 02:46:39
    You will if she becomes First Lady.

    And her tastes are much more expensive than Michelles.
  • rightside my2cents 2012/05/05 02:56:47
    Her tastes are much more than m bama???? Good golly, you don't look at what she wears do you? Or where she vacations and how many friends go? Look at her over the top shoes she wore to a homeless fund raiser. Over 400 dollars!
  • my2cents rightside 2012/05/06 08:11:41 (edited)
    Like you say, it's Michelle's money to spend any way she likes, just like Ann.

    Here's a teachable moment for you: The Congress approves an expense account for the First Family, which includes clothing and other incidentals. Once that expense account is tapped out for the year, anything else must be paid for out of the president's $400,000/year salary or their own personal wealth.

    Ann Romney will get the same clothing allowance Michelle gets, and even though she is worth $250 MM and doesn't need it, she will get it and spend it all the same on those God-awful fish or bird t-shirts.

    Michelle is worth over $10MM, and she gets the clothing allowance as well.

    So the cost to the taxpayer is the same, whether it's $990 t-shirts or $500 sneakers. You can enjoy watching both women wear your tax $$!!
  • rightside my2cents 2012/05/06 10:22:50
    m bama, already gone over.
  • my2cents rightside 2012/05/06 21:51:37
    It's Michelle's money, it's Michelle's choice. Just like Ann.
  • rightside my2cents 2012/05/06 22:49:07
    No, its not her money.
  • my2cents rightside 2012/05/07 19:18:37
    Of course it is, that's how it works. Congress approves it.
  • my2cents rightside 2012/05/06 08:04:33
    You will if she becomes First Lady. ALL First Lady's do, Laura Bush especially liked Africa and Alaska, those were her two personal favorites.

    Mitt has already said he and Ann plan to return to France for more vacations. There ya go.
  • Mark Mercer 2012/05/04 19:07:23
    Mark Mercer
    Stylish would be a $20.00 blouse, and a $970.00 donation to healthcare, feeding the hungry, educating young children, clean water.......
  • rightside Mark Me... 2012/05/04 20:14:41
    Do you hold yourself and others to the same standards, or just the Romneys?
  • Mark Me... rightside 2012/05/05 02:20:46
    Mark Mercer
    I maintain a higher standard myself..that is what I choose to do. To me 'style' has more to do with how you use what you have, than what you throw money at.
  • rightside Mark Me... 2012/05/05 02:58:17 (edited)
    I can certainly agree with that, but what I'm saying is more "relative". Do you know how much they give to charities?
    In 2010, they gave over 2.9 million to charities.
  • Mark Me... rightside 2012/05/05 03:12:10
    Mark Mercer
    I know what charities they 'give' to....can we say 'Agenda' ? (I knew you could)...
  • Gracie ... Mark Me... 2012/05/05 21:25:04
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    No, I think you've got them confused with the Clinton's when you say their charity comes with an agenda!
  • Mark Me... Gracie ... 2012/05/06 02:04:23
    Mark Mercer
    not confusing, or confused...not comparing them to any one else, just looking at the truth in the light of day...try it.

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