Animal Claws

Animal Claws

Hey, me and my cousin made this club up about a few years ago, called 'Animal Claws'. We love animals and we wish their safety and health. What we've done is help and rescue animals in need. And we want to make this club world wide and popular!

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What we've done here in the Animal Claws club is helped out all the animals in need out there!
We've brought in homeless animals form the cold outdoors and gave them a nice home, we've made sure we fed starving animals, we've helped searched and found other's lost pets, saved them from danger(for example my stepbrother and I were walking home from school and noticed a kitten up in a tree and we had to climb up and get it down...lol), we've even beat the crap out of the abusive assholes.
It would be so awesome if we could get some new member's. It started out with only two and now we have only four member's on the crew, and that's kinda sad...lol.
So join and help us make our club worldwide, and hopefully we can make a home/shelter company and save many other animals too!


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The Animal Claws crew has saved and rescued many animals, and we all have amazing stories behind them. (That example on the front page was a small short example.) We would love to share our stories! Now, here's the question, have you saved an animal? And if you have this disscussion is about sharing your stories of you being the hero of an animal in need! I'd love to here a good story, because helping out our furry friends is what makes you apart of Animal Claws!

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  • carol and bandit 2009/10/08 05:15:29
    carol and bandit
    Bandit and I are on a mission to spread the word about The Big Black Dog Syndrome. Visit Bandit's website at http://www.banditbigblackdog.com and learn more about the phenomenon and fall in love with our wonderdog, Bandit. Maybe you'll find your own Big Black Dog at your local shelter to fall in love with, rescue and adopt, and save a life! Check out the ABC7News Segment on the subject: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/s...
  • carol and bandit 2009/08/30 21:45:15
    carol and bandit
    A great new book is available - check it out! It's titled "Bandit, Big Black Dog Who Stole My Heart" and is available through authorhouse.com and amazon.com. Learn more about The Big Black Dog Syndrome through any search engine. Help spread the word to dispel misconceptions about our Big Black Dogs in shelters.
  • t.t Keeper Of Secrets 2009/08/20 14:28:49
    t.t   Keeper Of Secrets
    I got a new kitten! yaay
  • Frodo 2009/04/24 20:00:47
    I'm not much of a cat person anymore, because I got one and it scratched my favorite dog's eyeball. It got O K, but there were a few red-eye days. Looked like she was spaced out. But I digress:
    The slaughter of baby seals makes me remember what the alien probe was doing to the Earth when it found out that humans had killed off all of the Humpback Whales. (Star Trek IV, the Journey Home)
    So unless we want to be massacred by an alien probe in the future, we need to put an end to killing baby seals for their fur.