An Arcade in Suburban Chicago Pulls Plug on Violent Video Games: Should More Arcades Follow?

AdriHead 2013/01/08 01:00:00
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An arcade owner in suburban Chicago decided to remove 12 games from his arcade that he considered violent as a response to the horrific Sandy Hook massacre back in December. Kevin Slota, co-owner of No Limit Arcade, said he removed games that involved a gun used to kill people or zombies.

The games that will be removed include Revolution X, Virtua Cop 2, Maximum Force, Warzaid, Gunblade, The House of the Dead, CarnEvil and Zombie Raid. Slota says he plans to replace the removed games with 1980s classics instead. Do you think more arcade owners should follow in Slota's footsteps?

An arcade owner has decided to remove 12 games that he deems violent from his place in Algonquin in response to the shooting in Newtown saying, "I just don't want to think I had anything to do with being part of the problem."

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  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2013/04/28 21:12:38
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    i like the idea that that no limit arcade wants to bring back the 80's classics. those were much better in my opinion anyway. i could give a rat's ass about the newer arcade games.
  • Roy Mun... Roy Mun... 2013/04/28 21:16:38
  • Roy Mun... Roy Mun... 2013/04/28 21:16:55
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    now,that's an arcade!
  • Timmy! 2013/02/14 20:26:47
    Thats like asking if Arcades should willingly put themselves out of business
  • Roy Mun... Timmy! 2013/04/28 21:13:03
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    i think they would get MORE business
  • Tiger!! 2013/02/13 15:59:41
    love them!!!
  • Heather Drake 2013/02/13 00:57:43
    Heather Drake
    hell to the no!
  • glj 2013/02/11 19:47:53
    Absolutely, while we are at it all parents should ban all violence on TV and in movies. Everyone should watch Disney films all day long. Before that is enacted, let me know so I can execute on buying more stock in Disney.
  • Sterling 2013/02/11 18:42:12
    Do people still go to arcades? I think the arcade runners can do whatever the hell they want. There are plenty of good games that aren't violent that would be fit for arcades.
  • Superman Sudhakaran 2013/02/09 05:35:37
    Superman Sudhakaran
    Games may evolve a person
  • yunfan.... Superma... 2013/02/11 21:41:55
    yeah but why take away rights of a majority just because of a minority since only a few people might resort to violence through video games ?
  • ilikefood 2013/02/09 05:25:18
    trust me a bet in about 2 years whatever arcade does that will end up out of business
  • ShaySceneDeletion 2013/02/09 02:33:50
    They would go out of business. that's just a little useful marketing for you all.
  • windwolf14 2013/02/09 01:12:31
    youd have an empty building
  • SW 2013/02/08 20:10:57
    People don't kill people with arcade games, or rap music, or movies. They kill people with guns.
  • Christopher 2013/02/08 10:29:18
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  • Kokoro 2013/02/07 01:35:18
    No kind of game is going to have a negative affect on anyone. It all ready has to be in you if you ask me. I've been playing violent games and watching violent movies since I was 5 and I haven't killed anyone yet nor do I plan too. In fact I'm quite the opposite I try and stop it and help others in anyway that I can. Now I'm no saint either I have violent thoughts at times and sometimes feel like punching people in the face however I never have acted out on it (unless your messing with my friends and I've all ready asked you once nicely to stop but in my opinion that's different), but hey you find me one person that has never had a violent thought and then maybe I'll admit that my thoughts are caused by all the video games I play and movies I watch.
  • Christo... Kokoro 2013/02/08 10:30:50
  • rk 2013/02/06 23:50:17
  • robert.goldsmith.14 2013/02/04 18:30:52
  • sneekyfoot 2013/02/04 03:02:10
    people want violence its addictive
  • SUPREME COSMIC POWER, (SCOPO) 2013/02/04 01:37:51
    Yes! But they have to do it voluntarily!
  • LouOlson 2013/02/03 18:59:10
    1.) who goes to arcades anymore (not toddlers and small children. mostly nostalgic older men)
    2.) get violent games off the internet first if you're really worried about violence.
  • brandi lynn 2013/02/02 21:26:01
    brandi lynn
  • Scud 2013/02/02 05:25:31
    It's ultimately up to the arcade owner. They may decide it's a good idea because they don't wan't controversy to affect their patronage. Given time the games will make their way back. It's a knee jerk reaction, not a reaction based on evidence.
  • Srztanjur 2013/02/02 03:54:34
    That's absurd.
  • Hakking 2013/02/01 18:19:41
  • Liberty Blade 2013/02/01 05:30:52
    Liberty Blade
    What's the dividing line? Is jumping on a goomba violence?
  • Big Mike 2013/01/31 21:46:17
    Big Mike
    Should movie theaters remove violent movies?
    Should libraries remove violent books?

    Should we remove our freedom of speech so that no one can see/hear/read anything that is violent?

    Why is it that everyone seems to jump on video games?
  • Hakking Big Mike 2013/02/01 18:21:38
  • Sagan 2013/01/31 08:20:21
  • Wm Kabrich 2013/01/30 16:32:16
    Wm Kabrich
    The owners of the arcade have the right to do what they want in their own store. But should the be MADE to take them out? NO FREAKING WAY. Violent games are a great way to get rid of violent tendency's and they are a great way to relax after a hard day of dealing with public relations.
  • jackie 2013/01/27 18:36:19
    That will result in a lot of money loss, and failure for arcades. Parents just need to communicate more with their children about what games they are playing, and talk to them about how they feel when they are playing violent games. It can be a great release for them and not negative at all. I think limiting the time spent playing games, and being aware always of the content in their games is important!
  • JustMe 2013/01/26 13:57:47
    its their choice, but i see no reason to
  • Buttbeard 2013/01/26 12:47:34
    and put the ones back you can play with a quarter
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2013/01/26 01:06:58
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    They aren't the problem, the government not prosecuting criminals and dealing with mentally ill people is.
  • Sarah 2013/01/26 01:03:33
    They'd go bankrupt.
  • kelsieilesha 2013/01/24 20:08:12
    Pansies. Pansies I tell ya. Pansies.
    Games are just that. GAMES.
    They have no relation to any shootings that occur, despite what they try to say.
    If anything they help people who haven anger issues. It allows them to let their anger out peacefully.

    Pretty soon, Pac-Man will be considered 'violent' because it 'kills' the ghosts, and because they can 'kill' you.... or Centipede because it chases you down to 'kill' you. People are just becoming way too overly sensitive.
  • MadAlaskan 2013/01/21 20:57:35
    I love a good Arcade as much as the next guy (my hometown doesn't have one anymore, so I get to one every time I can), and don't believe violent video games are to blame violence. However, the arcades I've been to have a very difficult time of enforcing ESRB ratings and which kids use them. The ESRB ratings are there for a reason, and should be enforced. Arcades (the ones I've been to) are set up in a way that it's difficult to do that. Maybe not pull the plug entirely, but do something to enforce ESRB ratings.
  • LouOlson MadAlaskan 2013/02/03 19:00:33
    and this is where we should set a standard. maybe have a room in the back that's T+ or something like that.
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