Am I really lame for being a virgin at 18?

TeardropsOfBlood4The1iiLove♥ 2011/02/18 21:17:13

ARGH...unlike so many people I know, Im a virgin and Im 18 years oldd. Loads of people say Im lame and need to get laid
What do you all think??
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  • QueenShebaVIII 2011/02/18 22:17:37
    Anybody who tells you you're lame for being a virgin at 18 are just tring to make themselves not feel like sluts. They have no right to tell someone when they should be having sex. You should stay a virgin for as long as you want until you feel the time's right (and not when someone else says).

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  • Kaitlyn Knotts 2014/07/27 03:55:42
    Kaitlyn Knotts
    I'm 18 and a virgin. I'm really glad I'm not alone
  • Olishen 2012/03/16 15:42:08
    These people that are telling you that you need to get laid are really only trying to get you to make the same mistake they made it seems. I can guess that 90% of them rushed it and did it with the wrong person. Usually, a lot of people feel better forcing their mistakes on others. Believe me, losing your virginity isn't anything special (don't get me wrong though, it CAN be special if you find the right person who makes you feel comfortable.) Whatever you do, don't do it because somebody else tells you that you should, whenever you feel ready and comfortable, you let yourself decide. You'll feel a lot better knowing you didn't fall for this silly peer pressure.
  • jane 2011/04/16 13:34:32
    its not lame ..i think its pretty cool..you're clean and pure ...think unblemished or free from "living in sin" ...its really gross to know that people sleep here and there .
  • Teardro... jane 2012/08/19 20:55:43
    It is gross
  • ThePurpleHaze 2011/04/10 03:19:42
    It means you're socially awkward.
    If you are unable to form relationships with the opposite sex then there is something wrong with you.
    Or you may just be a nerd who studies all the time.
  • jane ThePurp... 2011/04/16 13:36:53
    relationships does not equal getting laid. a relationship is not defined by sex or lust
  • ThePurp... jane 2011/04/16 13:56:54
    I didn't mean friendships, I was referring to a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.
  • rachel ThePurp... 2014/04/26 20:08:12
    Even if you're in a relationship with someone, doesn't mean you have to have sex. Relationships aren't based on sex, they're based on memories and love for that person and eventually you can or wait to have sex with them
  • Teardro... ThePurp... 2012/08/19 20:56:27
    I deffinately dont study. I work full time though
  • Judester 2011/04/05 00:35:48
    I can only comment on my own experience and I thought to myself is this what's everyones so ga ga about? It does get better but I hope you have good teachers because it can be one of the most wonderful things you ever experienced and on the other side of the coin it can be very ugly and if it is seek some one who is a teacher who will show the way to the beauty that has been hidden from you.
  • Broken 2011/03/14 07:39:48
    No. Wait until you know the time and person and situation is right. I am in my mid 50's and first had sex when I was 16. In retrospect, I wish I had waited a LOT longer.
  • ChooseLIFE 2011/03/06 11:04:26
    Umm...sorry but YES you are. I lost my virginity when I was 14 and I don't regret it. The only reason you're a virgin is because you haven't got someone to lose it to. Find a guy, make him pop your cherry and bam :)
  • Teardro... ChooseLIFE 2011/03/06 11:12:10
    Is this a serious answer
  • ChooseLIFE Teardro... 2011/03/29 19:54:18
    Yeah. Sorry Jen. You're my best friend and I always tell you the truth.
  • Teardro... ChooseLIFE 2011/03/30 13:52:57
    Lol ok then. That makes me feel loads beter ^o)
  • emma white ChooseLIFE 2012/01/30 23:46:23
    emma white
    No they are not weird, you're wrong there isn't a deadline for when you should loose it too much pressure is on people to loose it yet if your easy and sleep around you get labelled a 'slut' what do you people want exactly?
  • jane ChooseLIFE 2011/04/16 13:38:10
    14..thats..a kid..wow..innocence lost
  • Joseph ... ChooseLIFE 2011/07/17 09:17:02
    Joseph oldbear
    you're not lame at all for being a virgin at 18. and kid losing your virginity at 14 means you are a loser
  • rachel ChooseLIFE 2014/04/26 20:08:53
    You're a dick
  • CCHHii<3 2011/02/28 21:50:09
    its not lame..gosh its ok :D
  • Misdemeanor 2011/02/27 23:30:43
  • youutterwasteofperfection 2011/02/24 16:17:57
    no waaaay~♥
  • aniken 2011/02/23 23:52:44
    ha i though i was the only one!! same here dont plan on doing it for awhile!
  • Teardro... aniken 2011/03/23 11:34:05 (edited)
    Nahh you're not the only one :)
  • aniken Teardro... 2011/03/27 20:15:19
    haha ok... mayb not there might b other gurls too
  • Just Jenn for Now 2011/02/22 00:57:06
    Just Jenn for Now
    Honey, I'm almost 21 and still a virgin. There's nothing wrong with that. I personally am just waiting for someone I won't regret giving it to, someone I actually have feelings for. I DON'T intend to wait til marriage, because I don't believe in abstinence; not that there's anything wrong with being abstinent, it just doesn't really suit me.

    Does that mean I'm eager to lose it? Nah. I'm fine waiting for just the right moment with just the right guy, whether that's in the next three months or next three years; whenever. So don't feel bad or pressured just because you're legally an adult and still a virgin. :)
  • Resp 2011/02/21 19:15:55
    If you listen to people you will start believing you are "gay at 18." Therefore don't listen to nonsensical war stories.
  • Nat Turner 2011/02/21 16:38:54
    Nat Turner
  • Resp 2011/02/21 03:06:35
    18? Is that all? How about being a virgin until your are 35-years-old?
  • Willie 2011/02/21 01:52:00
    When you're ready to have sex, when you meet the right person, and when you're comfortable with the idea, then you'll have sex. And then, you'll have a fulfilling experience. If you push yourself to have sex just so that you can say you lost your virginity, your experience won't be as rich or enjoyable.

    "To thine own self be true." Better advice was never given. Even if it means you wait until you're married, or until you're 25 or 30 or even older, wait. You'll be glad. I had meaningless sex as a young man, and it was just that - meaningless. I regret not waiting until I met the woman who was my true love.

    And by the way, it's none of anyone's business what you have or haven't done. Half the people (or more) who go around talking about their sex lives are lying. Don't listen, and don't tell. It's perfectly within the confines of courtesy to tell people that you keep your sex life private.
  • tecknotron BN-0 RP2012 2011/02/20 22:32:05 (edited)
  • ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    I think you are awesome! God has someone special for you if you wait! I was a virgin but my wife was not! That why we have problems today! Don't compromise! Guys just want you for one thing! They are selfish dogs! I want too tell you that I admire you having the courage ot post this! I wish I could give you a million raves!

    compromise guys selfish dogs admire courage ot post raves seek ye first
  • Sonia 2011/02/20 16:06:30
    no you're not! I'm 20 and still a virgin... having sex does not make you any cooler nor would it built up your personality, though it's important to have sex. But I can always wait till I get married. I'm not desperate.
  • jackolantyrn356 2011/02/20 15:43:25
    You are blessed. You have not been robbed of your gift to a husband. You are a virgin. There is nothing wrong withthis.
  • Chaya2010 2011/02/20 08:38:26
    Not at all. I'm pretty certain many of your friends that claim to have sex and talk a lot about it are probably virgins too.
  • The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck No... 2011/02/20 07:21:35
    The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck Norris]
    Not at all. Anyone who says otherwise is a pitiful excuse for a human being. Take it from an eighteen year old virgin.
  • Death The Kid 2011/02/20 05:15:27
    Death The Kid
    No. I think you should wait untill you're ready, and sure you want to take that step with someone before you do it.
  • santaisgod4ever 2011/02/20 04:07:54
    No. Sex is like fire, can provide comfort when used properly and pain when misused.

    Be choosy on who you sleep with and both of you get tested before doing it, you don't want a disease that ruins your LIFE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jim in SC 2011/02/20 03:32:04
    Jim in SC
    You are not lame. I applaud your self control. Sex isn't something tht should just be thrown about like some cheap pleasure.

    Just remember, you can become like the ones who say you are lame any day of the week. But they can never, EVER become like you.

    Save it for someone special.
  • i quit 2011/02/20 03:01:51
    i quit
    No you are not lame for being a virgin at 18. In fact, I applaud you. Kudos.
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