All We Want for Christmas 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2011/11/16 17:00:00
For the last couple of weeks, we've been asking SodaHeads about their holiday habits and gift expectations for the 2011 holiday season, and now we've got enough data to fill a stocking. Thanksgiving will be here next week, which means open season for bargain-hunters and holiday shoppers.

But the holidays have changed over the years. Instead of Nerf guns and action figures, kids seem more interested in video games and technological gifts. Even adults are opting for cash and credit instead of physical gifts, which means the National Christmas Tree Association might need that commodity promotion after all. If all we're putting under the tree is a wad of cash and an iPhone, it's going to be a little lonely under the pine.

Let's dive.

holiday infographic
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  • Mike 2011/11/16 19:49:37
    Only a sign of the times.
  • Mary Schraufnagel 2011/11/16 19:48:43
    Mary Schraufnagel
    I want a new computer for my hubby.
  • Nikki Zoe Salamander 2011/11/16 19:46:04
    Nikki Zoe Salamander
    a want a freaking ipoddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just Jenn for Now 2011/11/16 19:12:21
    Just Jenn for Now
    A gift is nice, but I've always the best way to give someone a gift is to do it in the form of cash... that way they can't b!tch at you or give you that fake "This isn't what I asked for, but I'll pretend I'm thankful" smile when you give them something they could care less about.

    Kids, of course, love unwrapping gifts, so I'm all for giving them traditional presents and all, but if they're an adult or an older teen, you can't go wrong with money. Preferably cash or prepaid Visa card - it's a universal gift card :)
  • James M... Just Je... 2011/11/16 19:58:53
    James Marshall
    Idea.. pack the prepaid visa in a great big wrapped gift box; take crumpled red/green/gold tissue paper, fill the box with it, and hide the card in the middle..!
  • Cerine James M... 2011/11/16 20:13:02
    My grandma did that to me, except in this case, it was a big box filled with 32 different pairs of socks strung together. It took me a while to get them all out.
  • Boetica Cerine 2011/11/16 20:26:07
    Fantastic! I love box in a box in a box to get the Visa gift card. That way there are lots of presents to open and the recipient eventually will have something that makes them smile. I agree that little kids love ripping the paper.
  • Just Je... James M... 2011/11/17 01:33:02
    Just Jenn for Now
    LOL That I have done before, only it was a CD... this was years ago though, before those prepaid cards came to be. One time I filled an empty soap box with cash and wrapped it in wrapping paper and a bow. The receiver got all offended at first when she thought it was actually soap, til she looked inside. Oh man, good times.
  • Cathy 2011/11/16 18:43:57
    I am only giving gift cards and money to my family this year for Christmas. This way....I definitely won't overspend! Plus, since Jesus Christ is the reason for the season....His birthday..
    I'll be trying to win (encourage) more people to accept Him as their Lord and Savior......... for His Birthday!!!
  • Cerine Cathy 2011/11/16 20:15:19
    Good job Cathy. His birthday is the reason most of use celebrate Christmas. Afterall, you can't spell Christmas without Him.
  • Boetica Cathy 2011/11/16 20:29:00
    Yes. Growing closer to Christ and being his example on earth is a worthy goal not only for Christmas but the whole year. Thanks Cathy!
  • Larissa... Cathy 2011/11/16 23:32:03
    Larissa Haig
    i could not agree with you more
  • Lovita Cathy 2011/11/16 23:35:15
    Good thinking and right attitude! Bless youi Cathy!
  • DizziNY Cathy 2011/11/16 23:49:07 (edited)
    Jesus was not born on Dec 25th. He was born on Sept 11th. I knew this since 1984. Christmas is the pagan festival of lights. The 1st century church adopted a few pagan holidays to pursuede them to convert to Christianity. The evergreen tree has nothing to do with Jesus.
    The Egyptians were part of a long line of cultures that treasured and worshipped evergreens. When the winter solstice arrive, they brought green date palm leaves into their homes to symbolize life's triumph over death.

    The Romans celebrated the winter solstice with a fest called Saturnalia in honor of Saturnus, the god of agriculture. They decorated their houses with greens and lights and exchanged gifts. They gave coins for prosperity, pastries for happiness, and lamps to light one's journey through life.
    Centuries ago in Great Britain, woods priests called Druids used evergreens during mysterious winter solstice rituals. The Druids used holly and mistletoe as symbols of eternal life, and place evergreen branches over doors to keep away evil spirits.

    Yes, I am a Christian.

  • Milodic_Mellodi 2011/11/16 18:42:15
    all I want for Christmas ist to be with my girlfriend. but i know it's a family holiday, so that's not happening.
    i guess a new DS would be fine....
  • MarkWatson37 2011/11/16 18:23:43
    All I want for Christmas is a SodaHead Poll!
  • Gloria 2011/11/16 18:17:53
    We are only buying local so that rules out electronics but we really don't need anything.
  • Reichstolz 2011/11/16 18:15:13
    American materialism at it finest, I love this country.
  • Boetica Reichstolz 2011/11/16 20:30:25
    American materialism creates jobs for people all over the world. "Capitalism is the worst system, except for the rest."
  • Reichstolz Boetica 2011/11/16 22:57:28
  • Fef 2011/11/16 17:24:54
    This reminds me of the original South Park episode with Santa Claus vs. Jesus Christ. Santa and Jesus fought over the "Spirit of Christmas"
    south park santa jesus
    the boys come to realize the "true" meaning of Christmas: that is, presents. Kyle remarks that, if one is Jewish, one receives presents for eight days rather than on only one. The others decide as a result to become Jewish, too, and, while rats gnaw on Kenny's corpse, leave the scene singing the "Dreidel song".
  • Anna E 2011/11/16 17:17:34
    Anna E
    People don't seem to like reading anything that requires them to concentrate more than 2 minutes. That's pretty sad. I actually heard one person brag about not having ever read a book other than school texts. No wonder politicians are such culls and duds, corporations can get away with almost anything, etc.
    I expect one day there'll be two subspecies of humans on the planet again: one without much of a cerebrum and hippocampus, and the other with a good-sized cerebrum and active hippocampus.
  • Fef Anna E 2011/11/16 17:21:32
    one day? Hasn't it happened already :)
  • Anna E Fef 2011/11/16 17:31:32
    Anna E
    It may seem like it, but no. lol
  • Steverno~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/11/16 17:03:36
    Now I want a I-Phone 4G!
  • CC_NJ 2011/11/16 16:58:06
    WoW I want a iphone 4s one day.
  • Elaine 2011/11/16 16:54:52
    Sounds about right to me.
  • misterz 2011/11/14 16:27:19

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