Age 12 girls==> already wearing makeup Right or Wrong?

star 2009/01/17 23:48:25
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  • Angel 2009/10/10 21:16:48
    I think...
    I think you should wait til you're at least 15, I mean even when I was 14 I didnt know how to do my makeup right so it looked too dark. I think it's important that kids learn how to do their makeup and look age appropriate.
  • Jordan 2009/10/09 00:35:18
    I think...
    im twelve and i know alot of people who put on make up and occasionally i will put on some if my family is taking pictures but then again im more of a tomboy than a full girl.
  • Ellesar Jordan 2009/10/13 14:55:08
    Being a tomboy does not mean you are not a full girl!
  • Jordan Ellesar 2009/10/14 00:44:31 (edited)
    thats not what i meant.i mean the way a person acts rather than what they r.like for me i love hanging put with my cousin while she puts on make up.but i also love wrestling with my bro.
  • ladypuppylove 2009/08/23 18:25:29
    I think...
    I think childrens now a days don't have time to be kids anymore they are growing up to fast and living their lives like adults when i was 12 all i wanted to do was try to be pretty and play with my bay dolls but now most of the girls play with real babies my daughter did not wear makeup until she was 16
  • Ellesar ladypup... 2009/10/13 14:56:48
    There is nothing new about it - it was only the 20th century that put a specific difference between adult and childrens lives - and kids all over the world are working full days etc right now.
  • ladypup... Ellesar 2009/10/26 14:31:22
    you are right but still make-up is new to the youth of today the first makle up became for women use was maybelline in the 60's and i did not wear them until i was 16 and when you wear make-up at a younger age it makes you look older as you age also children are working all over the world but the law says a child cannot work unless they are of 16 years of age and still in school this in the state of tennessee now in japan and other world countries things are different but having my business and letting school kids work i could loose my business or be fined if i let a child under the age of 16 work in my business only in america are things done under the table
  • Candy 2009/08/05 07:03:38
    I think...
    i think they shouldnt worry about that stufff,
    but yes i started wearing make up at 12, and a lot tooo,
    why tooo dark black eyeliner/eyeshadow,
    and its just makes you look old.
    but ya know they should be able to do whatever makes them happy and look however they want,
    but not like a slut,
    im sounding very contradictal, and hypocritical,
    oh well, hope ya get what im sayin,
    but you prolly wont,
  • Liana 2009/07/17 04:20:48
    I think...
    It really depends on the girl. I am 13 and I wear eyeliner and that it. (well you could say ALOT of eyeliner.) and I do it because it is an expression of myself and it is totally fun to put on. Where as my cousin, who is 1 DAY younger than me wears it to impress others! In this situation I would let me wear but I wouldn't let her even though we are the same age... Because; I don't think she is doing it for the right reason.

    If you looked at Sarah (my cousin) and then you looked at me you would think we were years apart. But simply we just do things differently that make it seem that way
  • Katie 2009/06/18 22:11:33
    right. as long as they dont look trampy
  • DIANA 2009/04/18 19:48:44
    When i was that age i wasnt worrying about how i looked.Girls now a days dont have a childhood.not only girls but boys too.
  • Mecynogea 2009/04/11 00:42:36
    I think...
    It's okay if the girl wants to look like 20 years old when she's 15.
  • Bella&Edward 2009/03/15 05:24:41
    I dont care.
    if its to much i don't think its necessary for them, but if its just a little bit so youu could still see most of there natural side or at least some of there natural side then i think its fine.
  • †MetalHead† 2009/02/22 21:11:25
    I'm EMO and im 12. I fell better with make up, problably it's not right, but i don't care, it makes me fell good.
  • Mel [bite-me] 2009/02/22 02:52:06
    I think...
    Mel [bite-me]
    it depends on how the parent feels. i started wearing make up hmm i think 3 years ago [i was 12], but i only wore/wear eyeliner. i never wear anything more than eyeliner and a light coat of powdered foundation. makeup should be kept simple.
  • Hugs&KissesNicole 2009/02/16 21:26:29
    I think...
    By the time I was thirteen i was wearing eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss against my Mom's request not to... there are some great products out there that I think are Ok for kids age 12. Clear Mascara which gives the lashes a thick longer appearance or dab some vaseline on them. And a pale lipgloss, that is not too shiney would be OK or a dab of vaseline :-)
  • PARTYGURL831 2009/02/07 23:22:07
    when i was 12 i wore make up(mascara,eye liner,and lip gloss). but when i look at my yearbook some of the girls looked like racoons with all of the eye liner. upmascaraeye linerand lip gloss yearbook girls looked racoons eye liner
  • babyjazz "In my HEART I trust' 2009/02/05 01:47:56
    babyjazz "In my HEART I trust'
    I did since I started was in middle school, there's nothing wrong with me or my grades.
  • dany 2009/02/05 01:30:33
    I think...
    they CULD start wearing it in miidle skool only if they feel the need to.
  • SmexiSammie</3 2009/02/03 03:14:52
    I think...
    umm itz a free countrty rite??? dur it iz!!!! my mom doesnt really care if i wear makeup!!! i wear black eyeliner and maskera!!! dur iz mom care wear makeup wear black eyeliner maskera
  • Muzikk_Luvrr 2009/01/29 22:15:57
    I dont care.
    it depends. i started wearing make-up around 12. but i would only put on a little eyeshadow and maybe some mascara but not very much. now, however, i wear black eyeliner (not to heavy though) silver and dark grey eyeshadow and mascara on occasion, i barely use anything else. it is mainly up to the parents to decide, but if the girl looks ten or so then i say no.
  • savannah = ] 2009/01/29 18:50:46
    I think...
    savannah = ]
    it kinda depends on how mature they are
    and yess as long as they dont look like a total hoe
    and if there parents are the type who care and kno where they go and what they do
    so there not out running the streets
  • crowns-n-drums 2009/01/29 03:20:27 (edited)
    I think...
    it's a not right or wrong answer. Not EVERY 12 year old girl wants to wear make-up! Some girls are exposed early through dance and cheer performance and competitions. And pageants. My 12 year beauty queen applys age-appropriate make-up when she makes an appearance and of course heavier make-up for the stage. Provide good quality make-up and instruct them properly, and there shouldn't be any problems.
  • Ally 2009/01/29 02:28:02
    I think...
    As long as it's not overly done, or hideous, it should be okay.
    I started wearing make-up at the age of 5 years old thanks to school plays. Now all I wear is eyeliner. lol.
  • boredom-is-permanent 2009/01/29 02:16:15
    I dont care.
    hell i started wearing makeup wen i was 13 and i went straight large amounts of black eyeliner
  • savanna... boredom... 2009/01/29 18:49:07
    savannah = ]
    lol.i know right!
  • tina 2009/01/29 02:14:09
    I think...
    as long is not like "danm girl she most be a hooker"type of thing its ok
    im in 8th grade and when i started middle school i saw girls putting make up though it was not in need now i dont wear make up still and well sometimes but just eyeliner but only when i go to the mall..and i dont pluck my eyebrows not yet waiting til summer
  • hotrodnit(THE RAVE BANDIT) 2009/01/29 02:06:19
    I think...
    hotrodnit(THE RAVE BANDIT)
    as long as they dont look like a 2 doller gooker its okay
  • Anna:) 2009/01/25 17:54:50
    its wrong but i think lipgloss is okay and chapstick
  • protestheheroine 2009/01/20 21:33:46
    WHY ON EARTH to girls want to grow up so fast? i don't get it.
  • Lizzy 2009/01/20 00:49:23
    I think...
    It doesnt matter that much as long as they arent going to school with a ton of eyeshadow caked on their lids or something so it almost depends. Its ok if its a special occastion though like a dnace or something. I'm 15 and my parents every day make sure i dont wear makeup to school.
  • ♥Britty♥ 2009/01/19 18:14:55
    I dont care.
    i really don't care. i wore make-up when i was 8
  • Wrong
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    At 12 I was allowed lip gloss and a bit of blush. Didn't move into being allowed to wear the whole mess until I was in high school. Now a days I don't leave home without it.
  • sky blue pink - American 2009/01/18 20:56:50
    sky blue pink - American
    my girl never did and at 26 still doesn't.
  • Anna:) sky blu... 2009/01/25 17:56:16
  • sky blu... Anna:) 2009/01/25 18:13:24
    sky blue pink - American
    I have always told her she doesn't need it. Her natural beauty is all she needs.
  • dany sky blu... 2009/02/05 01:33:40
    that wat mi mom says but i still do. i get in truble weekly. but i cant help it.
  • sky blu... dany 2009/02/06 11:01:20
    sky blue pink - American
    When I was 12, centurys ago, make up was an enemy when it came to my face. Come to find out my girl girl wears just some lip gloss and a little masscara. Anything more, she'd look silly.
    Do your mom a favor, unless you have black bags under you eyes along with several wrinkles around your eyes, leave the make up alone and be 12 for awhile. Boys' that you go to school with with aren't impressed (5 brothers). And give mom a break.
  • dany sky blu... 2009/02/06 20:26:33
    im 14. in 8th grade.
  • sky blu... dany 2009/02/06 22:48:02
    sky blue pink - American
    I'm sorry. But what I said still applies. Enjoy being 14 for a while, you'll be grown up in no time.

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