Admit It: Do You Hate It When Your Single Friend Finds Love?

Living 2012/04/09 18:00:00
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We have to admire a writer for How About We coming clean about something almost everybody feels but hardly anyone admits: It stinks when your single pal finds new love. "Deep, terrible confession time: sometimes I really think it sucks when one of my girl friends gets a boyfriend. So selfish, I know!" the writer confesses.

We've been there, and we know she's right. Suddenly, your Saturday night playmate is unavailable. Your wingman or wingwoman is paired off -- you're on your own in the dating world. And often, you're on your own, period.

"When I’m single, my fellow single ladies can feel like my lifeboat. They’re the ones who are always up for spontaneous nights out, the ones who will engage self-deprecating banter about spinsterhood, the ones I can freely text on a random night because I’m fairly sure that they, like me, are sitting around their apartment watching TV, too," the writer confesses.

But once your pal gets into a serious relationship, he or she tends to be M.I.A. As the writer for the article puts it, "...suddenly she only ever wants to hang out during the day: brunch, or lunch, or coffee. Because weekend nights are usually exclusively for him. And if you do manage to drag her out at night, she won’t have the same abandon she did when she was single. She’ll seem slightly distracted, she’ll check her phone a lot, she’ll yawn and want to head home way earlier than she ever used to."

So sad, but so true. Do you feel abandoned when your single friends pair off? Or are you genuinely happy for them?

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  • Melizmatic 2012/04/09 21:49:57
    >>>"We've been there, and we know she's right."<<<

    Sounds like you're just a bunch of self-absorbed haters, to me.


    I'm genuinely happy for my friends when they find love, regardless of my own romantic status.

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  • Vision of Verve 2012/05/05 19:35:50
  • Anca 2012/04/14 18:07:13
    but i hate being the only single among my friends
  • •Sora•Knightwalker• 2012/04/12 20:40:57 (edited)
    I just hate the fact that they soil my shirt with tears after they break up and look to me (the single one) for advice. I mean seriously?
  • Tiffany 2012/04/11 21:48:46
    So long as it is a healthy relationship and your friend still makes an effort to stay in touch
  • missie 2012/04/11 18:06:11
    I'm happy for them :) <3
  • Leo 2012/04/11 14:03:46
    Not if they balance things well. There are people who will shut off 95% of their previous life and I think that is unfortunate. Sometimes it is because their new love is jealous and doesn't want them to associate with old friends. If that is the case, it is a red flag and can be a warning of big problems ahead.
  • Black_Rose 2012/04/11 12:43:40
    I'm happy for them. I do get sad, because I don't see them as often as before, but I never hate it.
  • Anna E 2012/04/10 23:30:47
    Anna E
    I'm happy for them. :)
  • in vino veritas 2012/04/10 23:26:02
  • robbt1 2012/04/10 21:19:39
    Normally, no. Sometimes, said friend can be rather obnoxious about it (their significant other becomes all they talk about, for example), which understandably annoys me. Then, on some occasions, I've had a friend stop spending any time with me to be with their lover. Which is funny, 'cause I'm always the one everyone calls when they get dumped.
  • melliemark. 2012/04/10 20:58:16
    If they're really happy i might be a little jealous, but i want them to be happy :)
  • ♥ Jess Or Jessie ♥ 2012/04/10 20:42:50
    ♥ Jess Or Jessie ♥
    I Honestly Feel Happy For Them :)
  • I Wish I Were A Skywalker..... 2012/04/10 19:52:44
    I Wish I Were A Skywalker... ~ In Television I Trust
    Honestly, most people I know aren't that needy. I've been single for a year, but when my best friend got together with my ex-boyfriend I was just happy for her. It's not like she stopped speaking to me...
  • Liz Del Rey 2012/04/10 19:41:53
    Liz Del Rey
    and it's even worse when you like your friend
  • cookie monster 2012/04/10 19:36:10
    cookie monster
    If they're happy, I'm happy. Unless it's a toxic relationship.
  • 3158145 2012/04/10 19:31:32
  • Be Original 2012/04/10 19:27:27
    Be Original
    i cant for anything :'(
  • Brian 2012/04/10 19:06:19 (edited)
    And I'm acutely aware of the reverse when I'm the one in love. I don't blame them a bit. Love is double-edged.
  • Sarah Gaines 2012/04/10 19:00:31
    Sarah Gaines
    I would because if I was the ONLY one out of my WHOLE group of friends who didn't have a boyfriend, I would feel left out.
  • dobby123 2012/04/10 18:56:56
    Dobby is happy for them when they find love. It's great for them!
  • jayshawksnotboth 2012/04/10 18:42:37
    Oh, not just my single friend... whenever you're in a group of friends, they've ALL found people, and you're the only single one left...
  • Lonna121593 2012/04/10 18:22:38
    and no... I am happy for them but i get shuved to third wheel. and that sux...
  • Luver 2012/04/10 17:57:13
    I get upset when they constantly rub it under my nose and make out with their new love when I'm in he room, but I never get upset because I'm single and they're not. Its petty.
  • Gio 2012/04/10 17:44:32
    I do. They all have dates on a Friday night and I'm just sitting at home. I don't want to go cause then I'll be that invisible friend that's not noticed the entire night.
  • t.eliot, topbard 2012/04/10 17:39:50
    t.eliot, topbard
    Why on earth would you NOT be glad for a friend's happiness? If you're not, you are not much of a friend.
  • Katharine 2012/04/10 17:27:39
  • Moonage 2012/04/10 17:25:04
    I have never liked babysitting a lonely friend.
  • pottercrazy1436 2012/04/10 17:23:45
    I would be happy for them and I would expect the same from them. Now if they started ditching me and making me a third wheel like in that picture, that iis a whole other story.
  • stef 2012/04/10 16:57:37
    i was happy for my friend untill all she talked about was her boyfriend and slowly i fell out of the picture =(
  • meltrab9194 2012/04/10 16:44:21
    i have no problem with it. i sorta feel indifferent. they found someone they like,that's good for them but i tend to not wanna be close to his/her boyfriend/girlfriend (if i already don't know them) just in case something wrong happens in the relationship i can be completely bias and be on my friends side (and i wont have to feel the awkwardness of both of them complaining or crying about the other)...is that wrong?
  • Scooter 2012/04/10 16:30:20
    I'm glad for them.
  • Lucy Sparkles :3 2012/04/10 16:11:49
    Lucy Sparkles :3
    it makes me feel like i'll never find the person i'm supposed to marry.
  • zuk 2012/04/10 16:01:49
    i don't care about love its worthless
  • DDogbreath 2012/04/10 15:56:37 (edited)
    Only if "your single friend" finds love with your wife.

    friend finds love wife
  • YouWannaKnowMe!! :) 2012/04/10 15:54:20
    YouWannaKnowMe!! :)
    It pisses the hell out of meh!!
  • mikeyavelli 2012/04/10 15:48:21
    as long as it's not with me.
  • Miss_Metalgirl 2012/04/10 15:39:14
    I'm happy for them- Sure I'm a bit sad that I don't have one but hey, I can wait!
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2012/04/10 15:16:18
  • stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/04/10 14:55:14 (edited)
  • TheExphinitee42 2012/04/10 14:51:54

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