A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. “The Forgotten Man”, a painting by Jon McNaughton

zbacku 2012/02/04 16:12:14
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 u201CThe Forgotten Man u201D  a painting by Jon McNaughton

In case you Liberals don't see whats happening. Obama is stepping on the Constitution of The United States.
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  • Bozette 2012/02/04 21:19:55
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    I think this is an awesome painting, beautifully done and a true representation of what is and has been happening in this country. I have a print of this painting.
  • Reality-Check 2012/02/04 18:35:34
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    Here's my favourite, painted using children's hand prints...

    It maybe very offensive untill you see the philosophical side to it's deep seated meaning...

    The Imfamous Moors Murderess 'Myra Hindley'

    Myra Hindley hand painting
  • Tom 2012/02/04 18:03:38
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    Well painted.
  • ALofRI 2012/02/04 16:34:57
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    I think, when you can't find anything legitimate to say against someone, you make things up. This is about as silly and whacko as a RWNJ can get! GROW UP! YOU certainly do not know the Constitution as well as a Constitutional Law student Barack ("Hussein") Obama, which I say PROUDLY), that graduated with honors on the subject!
  • zbacku ALofRI 2012/02/04 17:21:40
    Prove it. No one has seen ANY of his school records. I dare you to prove it.
    Heck, there is even a bill in Congress to keep his records SECRET EVEN AFTER HE IS OUT OF OFFICE. Can you explain that??????
  • James B... ALofRI 2012/02/10 00:49:15
    James Baccum
    OK, lets point out a few facts. OBAMA reauthorized the "PATRIOT ACT". A violation of Americans civil rights. TRIED to impose political will upon MILITARY CHAPLAINS. AND he's done more .
    2. HE Was NOT a CONSTITUTIONAL law student. HE studied LAW, NOT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. IF he did, he'd realize he's ineligible to be president.
    AND he didn't graduate with Honors. HE HAS NEVER RELEASED HIS COLLEGE RECORDS. NOR long form birth certificate.
  • shultzhound 2012/02/04 16:27:35
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    Excellent painting, it tells the truth as it is happening.
  • DS in Oak Ridge NC 2012/02/04 16:26:05
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    DS in Oak Ridge NC
    Outstanding visual representation of what elected representatives are doing to the fruits of the Founding Father's efforts - The Constitution of the United States.

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