A Mammogram found Asymmetrical Breast Tissue on a Good Friend.

Dave**Gay for Girls** 2013/01/31 15:37:41

I wanted to research it a bit to gain a better knowledge of what she may be facing.

A woman is often alarmed upon hearing she has asymmetric breast tissue. The term is the result of medical equipment becoming more sophisticated and distinguishing differences among breasts that may be harmless. It always warrants further investigation, however.

  1. Appearance

    • Breasts tend to be fairly symmetrical in fibroglandular (or nonfat) tissue, but occasionally they differ slightly.


      • One breast may feel different or thicker than the other breast, but a person performing a self-exam may not notice any difference.

        • Mammogram

          • Other than the person themselves, the mammogram is the first device to pick up whether moderate to suspicious asymmetry requires more testing.


            • Women who have had a mammogram may be referred for an ultrasound, which enables doctorsasymmetry requires testing ultrasound women mammogram referred ultrasound enablesnbsp doctors to detect whether any solid masses are causing the asymmetry.


              • If an ultrasound detects solid masses, your doctor will refer you to a specialist who will obtain tissue samples via a core needle biopsy to determine if the mass is benign or malignant.

                Increased risk

                • Calcifications, underlying masses, or architectural distortion, which is a change in a breast's shape and structure, indicate a greater probability of malignancy when associated with asymmetric breast tissue.

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    • Morgan 2013/03/24 04:11:04
      I pray that your friend turns out ok.
    • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2013/02/03 14:34:33
    • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2013/02/03 08:40:37
      Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
      About 5 years ago, it took the life of my best friend from High School. She was the most athletic and healthiest one of all of us. Breast cancer also runs in families.
    • texasred 2013/02/02 20:09:47
    • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2013/02/01 13:56:13 (edited)
    • Randi Dave**G... 2013/02/01 14:03:03
      Biopsy will take about a week or so, thanks for the update. All of you are still in my prayers and I got my friends to pray too.

      stamp out breast cancer
    • BoredCo... Dave**G... 2013/02/01 17:20:37
      Ouch! Ouch! And Ouch!
      Go take her some codeine! Or vodka! Stat!
      And thinking good thoughts on her results....
    • Just me ♥ Dave**G... 2013/02/02 16:22:41
      Just me ♥
      Sorry to hear about your friend. I am a nurse and wanted to pass along to you a website that we use quite frequently at our office. It is a membership website for medical professionals, but anyone can use it for free for general information. Here's the link...you just type whatever health malady you want to read up on in the search box. It is written at an 8th grade level. Take care.

    • Dave**G... Just me ♥ 2013/02/05 20:05:07
    • Treasur... Dave**G... 2013/02/02 17:21:53
      Treasure ♥ijm♥
      They did the same to me....they took 7 biopsies on me and put a clip in too. As I told you...mine all turned out benign. I am hoping and praying the same for her... ;)
    • Dave**G... Treasur... 2013/02/05 20:04:57
    • gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F 2013/02/01 06:14:15
      gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F
      God bless your friend.
      Sending Love and Prayers
    • Dave**G... gldynmd... 2013/02/01 12:09:16
    • gldynmd... Dave**G... 2013/02/01 16:59:27
      gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F
      You are welcome Dave Please let us know how she is doing.
    • Dave**G... gldynmd... 2013/02/05 20:05:23
    • Paige 2013/02/01 02:32:53
      As much as I hate to admit it, I don't know a whole lot about breast cancer and what sort of tissue may lead to it. This is a great poll and very informative.
      I hope your good friend will be alright, Dave. This certainly sounds frightening.

      angel prayers gif
    • Dave**G... Paige 2013/02/01 12:08:49
    • Dave**G... Paige 2013/02/05 20:05:39
    • Beccy 2013/02/01 01:35:56
      Thank you for sharing.
    • Gooky 2013/01/31 23:20:32
      Thanks for the info,Dave...sending a prayer to you & your friend that it is benign.
    • Dave**G... Gooky 2013/02/01 12:08:35
    • Gooky Dave**G... 2013/02/01 16:18:08
    • Dickens 2013/01/31 22:42:24 (edited)
      ..check on this, because I just sort of heard about this...I heard that there's a procedure (ask your doctor) called a THERMOGRAM, that can detect the miniscule temperature difference between cancerous tissue and normal tissue, and make it show VERY clearly...mammograms are great tools, but require a very skilled radiologist; thermograms are much easier to read and show cancerous areas much more distinctly, sort of like a mammogram with brightly colored areas where the problems are...hope this helps..
    • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2013/01/31 20:22:13
    • Adi Dave**G... 2013/02/01 02:20:52
      I tried to post but for some odd reason I will have to directly post mine to you!
      I will keep your friend in my prayers sweetie ad hope for the best. She is lucky to have a wonderful friend like you. But I but she already knows that!!!
    • Dave**G... Adi 2013/02/01 12:08:21
    • BoredCo... Dave**G... 2013/02/01 05:12:33
      Ditto. There was no place to post. Did you close the comment section?
      Anyhow, I do wish her the best. If she got a core biopsy, you may want to check in on her, see if you can walk the dog or whatever she needs help with. They are a bitch! And I am among those you can pm if you have questions. If it turns out she is positive, you may want to steer her to the Cancer Sucks group here on SH. It is a fabulous group and it was just what I needed. I didn't want a traditional support group and the Cancer Sucks group has seen me through the worst of times.
    • Dave**G... BoredCo... 2013/02/01 12:08:00
    • Always Right 2013/01/31 19:13:26
      Always Right
      God Bless You and Your Friend.
    • Dave**G... Always ... 2013/01/31 19:14:03
    • Randi 2013/01/31 19:10:47
      Also, ladies they have done research linking under wire bras to breast cancer, so be wary.

      Sodahead should have a health/wellness section specifically for posts like this!

      stamp on breast cancer
    • Dave**G... Randi 2013/01/31 19:13:24
    • SIMPATTYCO Randi 2013/01/31 20:09:39
      I am also a survivor of breast cancer went through my care at MDAnderson #1 cancer center in the United States. I can also help with info
    • keeper 2013/01/31 18:36:38
      If prayers are needed, they are on their way~
    • Dave**G... keeper 2013/01/31 18:47:41
    • Debra Smith 2013/01/31 17:32:12
    • Old Salt 2013/01/31 17:26:58
    • Dave**G... Old Salt 2013/01/31 17:36:40
    • Dave**G... Old Salt 2013/02/05 20:06:08
    • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2013/01/31 17:16:39
      Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
      Dave, I am one of the fortunate folks that a mammogram may have saved my life. Had them as required but the last one something different happened. The equipment has so much improved that it found something that looked remarkably like a large glassy marble laying against my ribs, something that would never have been found through examination until it grew and grew. Now years later, I am happy and health with 'permanent" bosoms that will never fall no matter how old I get --perky at 95. :-)
      If I can help at all, just send me an e-mail and I will give you my phone number -- I am always glad to discuss surgery, expectations, and feelings with any woman who faces hard decisions.

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