A cure for the super-bug?

steven 2010/12/19 03:00:56
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Each year it seems there are more and new diseases that crop up, resistant to every type of antibiotic available. And each year the drug companies turn their backs on an old, tired and true remedy that hospitals used widely--until the advent of pharmaceutical companies giving grants to use their products and bribing doctors with paid training. That remedy is colloidal silver. While silver sulfate creams still exist, they are used infrequently, at best.

Colloidal silver was tested by two universities, under the management of Brigham Young University and was found to be a wide spectrum antibiotic and an impressive anti-viral. While most antibiotics will kill anywhere from five to twelve types of bacteria, colloidal silver was found to be effective against anywhere from 650 to 750 types of bacteria and also killed HIV on contact.

In my experience, colloidal silver has been an effective treatment for ear infections in my children and also for myself on the few occasions I have needed it. It has particle size small enough to enter through thr pores in the skin and to attack disease-causing germs and viruses wherever they might be. It is non-toxic and is the only way I know of that we could truly prevent pandemic diseases. And yet there are few who know about it, few who will utilize it and even those who will demonize it as dangerous. Unlike heavy metals, no one has been known to die from silver. or to be sickened by it. The only thing I have ever heard in a negative way is the account of one woman who abused it and took it internally every day for years. In her case, since the body will store any excess and use it when needed, it began to deposit in her skin, which eventually became grey to the sight. Of course, it became her lifelong mission to warn of the "dangers" of colloidal silver. "The Gray Lady" had brought this upon herself from years of abuse of a good product.

From: http://www.kickthemallout.com/article.php/Silver_Lungs

Is Silver Under the Gun Because It IS the "Magic Bullet?"

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from an eco system under severe man-made stress. Yet another “weaponized” pathogen and Nano Silver…

Health Freedom Thought Experiment.

The article following this essay looks at an emerging danger, the newly virulent Cryptococcus gatti fungus. Apparently weaponized, this may be “The Next Big Thing” for the genocidalists at WHO and elsewhere. If so, we need to have a defensive strategy and an offensive one as well.

I believe that the defensive one is to have as much high quality Nano Silver on hand as you estimate you will need both for immediate use and for what comes next, and next, and next again after that. Because it appears that the plagues manufactured in laboratories will keep coming. Nano Silver will keep you safe if you have it and if you use it.

The offensive strategy is two fold: protect our health options and expose the genocidal agenda at every turn, making it so widely understood that the secrecy which allows it to function is shattered. Make the myth of overpopulation a thing of the past, like the myth of necessary female circumcision or a flat earth.

Let’s think this through. What happens if we protect Nano Silver? What happens if its use in animals and humans is so widespread that it eliminates antibiotics altogether?

Physicists use “thought experiments” to guide them to new approaches when the experiment is too hard, too expensive or too novel to actually conduct. By working through the experiment in their minds, they can make [very] educated guesses about what happens next if they were to conduct the experiment in the real world.

Health Freedom can use the same techniques to conduct an important Thought Experiment. First, the propositions and assumptions:

Antibiotics and Vaccines

  1. Antibiotics, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals are astonishingly profitable
  2. Antibiotics are widely understood to be overused, leading to drug resistant and multiply drug resistant pathogens.
  3. Vaccines have never been tested in a placebo controlled, double blind study to show that they are effective in either preventing or treating any disease. Vaccine manufacturers and regulators hold the position that it would be “unethical” to deprive the test subjects of the benefits of vaccines even though such benefits have never been rigorously documented while vaccine dangers have been.
  4. 90% of all antibiotics used world wide are used in factory farming. Nano Silver

    Nano Silver is the Universal Antibiotic because laboratory tests show that it is effective against every disease-causing organism against which it has been tested: bacteria, mycoplasma, fungus (i.e., mold), virus. In all, It has been tested against more than 630 disease organisms and the result is the same: Low concentrations of Nano Silver kills disease-causing organisms. In addition, Nano Silver:

    1. Is non-toxic to the environment and to living organisms since it leaves coalesces into larger ionic units which have no biological impact once it leaves the body

    2. Leaves the body rather than accumulating in it due to its ultra-small size making overdose impossible

    3. Cannot lead to the generation of new super bugs even with wide spread use since its mechanism of action does not permit organisms to develop resistance

    4. Is inexpensive and has an indefinite shelf life, requires no refrigeration or other special care

    5. Is self sterilizing, automatically killing disease causing organisms if it is contaminated by them

    6. Is safe and effective for use in people of every age and condition and animals of all types

    7. Has no known side effects

    8. Does not kill beneficial bacteria leaving both gut and skin pro-biotic organisms intact while killing pathogens

    9. Boosts white blood cell function, providing enhanced immune response The Experiment:
      If Nano Silver were widely available, what would the results be?

      1. Drug resistant organisms would no longer emerge in human or animal reservoirs
      2. Resistant organisms in humans and animals would be killed off by the use of Nano Silver when they created disease. Over time, their numbers would decrease and the impact of disease from them would be either greatly reduced or eliminated
      3. No new drug resistant organisms would emerge through the use of Nano Silver since its mechanism of action makes the acquisition of resistance impossible except through horizontal gene transfer. Any such organisms would be killed if they caused disease in humans or animals since they would be treated by Nano Silver.
      4. Animals consumed for food would be significantly less toxic since Nano Silver, unlike the metabolites (by products) of antibiotic metabolism, does not remain in the body of either humans or animals
      5. The amount of antibiotic and vaccine residue in effluent water and soil would decrease dramatically with marked environmental and health benefits since metabolites of drugs from the urine and feces of antibiotic and vaccine treated animals and humans poses and increasing health and environmental danger
      6. Finely divided silver (without biological effect) would increase in effluent water and soil. This poses no known health or environmental danger.
      7. The cost associated with antibiotic and vaccine therapy in humans and animals would be eliminated, to be replaced by a significantly lower cost
      8. Pharmaceutical profits would drop dramatically since these two classes of drugs account for many billions of dollars of profit
      9. Government and Union pension plans, as well as mutual funds, would loose value since they are heavily invested in major pharmaceutical stocks
      10. Investing officers of pensions and mutual funds would seek other lucrative investments, including alternative energy and Advanced medicine options and companies, many of which have difficulty finding funding at this point because of the heavy investment in pharmaceutical and related, drug-based industries
      11. Morbidity and mortality from nosicomial (hospital-acquired) infections would drop precipitously, eliminating a major health and health cost problem:

        In the US in 1992, there were about 2 million nosicomial infections per year, =166,666 per month = 38,461 per week = 5,479 per day = 228 per hour =3 per minute. http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/n/nosocomial_infections/stats.htm

        Note: this equals approximately 10% of American hospital patients (CDC/NNIS 1992)

        In 2004, 13% of all patients who acquired nosicomial infections died.

      12. Nearly 100,000 people in the US alone would not die because nosocomial infections would be wiped out. “In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that roughly 1.7 million hospital-associated infections, from all types of bacteria combined, cause or contribute to 99,000 deaths each year.” Pollack, Andrew. “Rising Threat of Infections Unfazed by Antibiotics” New York Times, Feb. 27, 2010
      13. National, local and private health care costs would drop dramatically since the costs associated with antibiotics, vaccines and health care costs for infections would drop dramatically as well. In 2007, the direct costs of nosicomial infections Applying two different Consumer Price Index (CPI) adjustments to account for the rate of inflation in hospital resource prices, the overall annual direct medical costs of nosicomial infections to U.S. hospitals ranges from $28.4 to $33.8 billion (after adjusting to 2007 dollars using the CPI for all urban consumers) and $35.7 billion to $45 billion (after adjusting to 2007 dollars using the CPI for inpatient hospital services). (Costs of Hospital Acquired Infections in U.S. Hospitals Report,The Direct Medical Costs of Healthcare-Associated Infections in U.S. Hospitals and the Benefits of Prevention PDF 835 KB/16 pages, http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dhqp/)
      14. Any pandemic, plague, or epidemic, whether intentional or unintentional, would be successfully halted by the universal application of Nano Silver orally.
      15. Globalist plans for depopulation would be adversely impacted since communicable disease, including weaponized viruses, bacteria, etc., would be ineffective against a population supplied with Nano Silver.
      16. Vaccine deniers would increase in number since epidemic diseases would be a thing of the past.
      17. Globalists and their supporters would have to resort to means other than infectious agents, deadly drugs and dangerous, immune compromising vaccines to reduce the population. The 10-15% of the population which Bill Gates stated in a recent TED lecture could be eliminated through properly used vaccines would not die.
      18. The myth of over population would suffer serious damage as the world population did not devour the available resources and the false mathematical and social engineering premises upon which it is based would be visibly flawed. See “Overpopulation, the Making of A Myth”, http://simranjeet.com/).
      19. Local, clean and unadulterated food production could be instituted around the globe to enhance the health of people no longer dying from communicable diseases and parasites.
      20. Chronic and deadly diseases like malaria, dengue fever, elephantiasis, tuberculosis, HIV and a host of others will become easily curable diseases.
      21. Economic productivity and prosperity of poor and ill countries will rise as personal productivity increases due to decreased health care giver requirements and decreased time away from job and school.
      22. Decreased overall health costs locally, nationally and internationally reversing some of the crushing burden of modern health costs through decreased hospital stays, increased infectious disease self care (fewer doctor and hospital visits and services), decreased drug and drug complication costs, less time away from job and school).
      23. Increased Happiness Index, which is directly related to subjective (and, to a lesser degree, objective) measures of health.
      24. Antibiotic and vaccine manufacturers will counter the loss of their market by political, propaganda and economic thrusts designed to eliminate Nano Silver. These will include
- Criminalizing and banning Nano Silver (already accomplished as of January 1, 2010 in the European Union and underway in the US)
- Deceptive science to “show” that the product is dangerous or ineffective
- Media campaigns to deride and/or demonize Nano Silver.
        I think that covers most of the major impact of making Nano Silver widely and easily available. You have the good (health, autonomy, cost), the bad (pension and stock market impact) and the ugly (intentional, weaponized pandemics would be totally ineffective if they were based, as they have been to date, on infectious disease agents).

        The net result? Stock up on Nano Silver, which we believe to have an indefinite shelf life.

        But whatever Nano Silver you choose to purchase, make sure that you have a good supply on hand. The apparently bioengineered Cryptococcus gatti fungi may be upon us as the next plague. MRSA may be the next plague. The next plague may be one that we have not heard of yet, but which has been in the works for years. Who know? Well, actually, it is very likely that WHO does know. But Nano Silver simply eliminates the threat of an infectious danger, IF you have it on hand and take it when the time is ripe.

        I do. I hope that you do, too.

        Yours in heath and freedom,

        Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD

        Medical Director

        Natural Solutions Foundation
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Top Opinion

  • La 2010/12/19 12:55:18
    'Each year it seems there are more and new diseases that crop up, resistant to every type of antibiotic available.'

    The premise of this isn't true. There are no bacteria for which /no/ antibiotic work. There are two bacteria for which only /one/ antibiotic works: a strain of golden staph (MRSA) which can only be cured with vancomycin, and NDM-1 which can only be cured with carbapenems. The danger is that if these two bacteria ever meet and exchange enzymes, they'll get each others' resistance and there really will be an incurable bacteria.

    "While we can't stop the bacteria from trying to outwit antibiotics, health officials say a dramatic cut in their use could help reverse the tide. That means doctors will have to stop writing, and patients will have to stop demanding, the 130 million prescriptions for antibiotics that are given out each year. Half of them are given to treat illnesses like the common cold that the drugs have no effect on."

    This is the problem. People need to stop taking antibiotics unless they /absolutely/ need them.

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  • La thegaln... 2010/12/26 20:52:02
    Exactly, even simple painkillers are over-used. Treat the cause, don't just block it out :/ If someone has had a big glass of water, stop staring at the computer screen and had a nap, and they still have a headache, /then/ they may have painkillers.
  • Drew~PWCM~JLA~ 2010/12/19 10:01:29
    I make it and use it regularly. I abhor pharmaceuticals unless they are absolutely nessa. ;)
  • Nancy Drew~PW... 2010/12/19 12:32:04
    I'm w/u Drew, just say Ø to drug companies! I think they make us sicker! not wanting to support the enemy I abstain from them.
    There's silver in this new toothpaste and Boy do my gums feel better! the dentist's secretary said she heard silver is dangerous .. not as bad as Colgate's Total! that stuff messed up my mouth's chemistry!
  • thegaln... Nancy 2010/12/20 05:40:41
    thanks for the tip on Colgate Total. It's one that I have right now. Sure do wish I could find some Jason brand toothpaste.
  • Nancy thegaln... 2010/12/30 13:26:21
    I just got some Jason Brand at the natural grocer, it's not cheap :/
    I'd sooner use baking soda and salt than Colgate; it used to be good toothpaste.
    I can't buy stuff online, maybe it's the same for you? I had Mentholatum® send me their product list so I could get stuff the store didn't carry, maybe Jason's will do that too?
  • thegaln... Nancy 2011/01/01 19:49:45
    thanks for the info. i can't deal with the baking soda so will have to shop online.
  • postmamy 2010/12/19 09:53:22
    If these things are necessary ~~~~~~~

    star fish
  • trader 2010/12/19 04:58:33
    Good info. Another problem with recurring infections is the hospitals went to those damn alcohol based rubs all over. In my opinion they do not stay in contact long enough to destroy the bacteria. Need to go back to good old hand washing practices.
  • steven trader 2010/12/19 05:25:55
    True. It's also known that for every three days you spend in a hospital, youy are twice as likely to come out with something you didn't have before you went in. And don't expect them to fix it for free because it was their fault. You won't even get them to admit it IS their fault.
  • trader steven 2010/12/19 05:28:51
    Very true. My mother contracted pseudomonus while there. Didn't last the week after being discharged.
  • steven trader 2010/12/19 05:30:46
    A number of parents of healthy newborns go to jail for "shaken baby syndrome" from the Hep C shots they give the infants. Hospitals won't admit it for insurance reasons, of course.
  • Nancy steven 2010/12/30 13:30:40
    my Dad said, "Hospitals are where you go to die."
  • Don Leuty 2010/12/19 04:55:30
    Don Leuty
    Allergic reactions to silver, while not unheard of, are uncommon. Someone having an allergic reaction to silver would not be able to handle a metallic silver object such as silver jewelry without causing an allergic reaction. Those who are uncertain if they are allergic to silver should apply a few drops to the back of the hand to see if an allergic reaction results. If you do not see a reaction within 30 minutes you can be fairly certain that you are not allergic to silver.

    If you are on other medications, consult your physician to avoid possible undesirable interactions.
  • zbacku 2010/12/19 04:47:22 (edited)
    Take this at the first symptoms of the flu. It is all natural and is inexpensive.

    It will help. It does for me and my family.
    Sorry, I can't seem to get the picture to show.
    It's oscillococcinum
  • steven zbacku 2010/12/19 05:26:59
  • thegaln... zbacku 2010/12/20 05:37:23
    very good product and it works
  • Glfer65 2010/12/19 03:40:08
    What is the availability of this and who is most likely to have this readily available?
  • steven Glfer65 2010/12/19 05:28:15 (edited)
    Most any herbal store carries this as well. You can also try GNC or the like. Some buy kits online to make their own.
  • thegaln... Glfer65 2010/12/20 05:38:14
    GNC carries it. and it's available online through GNC or you can go to the store locator and get it at the store.
  • bags 2010/12/19 03:05:56
    blue man

    Colloidal silver can also have an interesting side effect........the above is NOT shopped in ANY way.
  • steven bags 2010/12/19 03:24:36 (edited)
    And I did mention above that with years of abuse (taking it when not needed), you can have such a side effect. Echinacea is another you should not use when you are not sick. Silver is safe when used as recommended and 99.999% of users will never abuse it to such an extreme as you point out.
  • thegaln... steven 2010/12/20 05:39:23
    people with auto-immune disorders such as fibro should not use echunacea either.
  • Sheila steven 2010/12/21 00:22:29
    The negative affect of echinacea is...?

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