A Christmas Letter to my Mom and Dad.

Brian 2011/12/16 15:36:56
Dear Mom and Dad: I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being my parents. I still remember the story you told when I was a child, that you went to the hospital and picked me out of all the other babies. You cannot know how special it was for me as a child to hear that story. It made me feel so special. I feel that same feeling as a adult today. I still have a mental piture of Dad and I sitting on my trundle bed (it was the third grade) and Dad was teaching me the 23rd Psalm for a class project. That was a special moment that can never be taken away from me. I remember the first treefort you built me and how you let me help you hammer the nails into the wood. ~Mom, I always remember you being there when I got home from school. You would always come into my room at night to tuck me in and say my prayers. Remember when you would change up our dinner menu to those oriental dishes and the expression on dad's face when you asked him how it was. I won't forget the look on Dad's face as he smiled and said I love it honey! I remember the time you took me to the Baber shop (crooked cutting Cappys) and how you bribed me with that bow and arrow set. A 30 pound recurve that was bigger than me! I loved that bow and Dad taught me to hit the bullseye! I remember you taking me to the movies to watch "Chariots of fire" and how we cried. you embedded so much into me Mom. That started a love for people that will be with me forever! I remember many things that are very special, but the one thing that means the most to me is the
seeds you planted from the day I was born for me to know Jesus Christ in a special way. This is the one gift I can have for eternity. Thank you! My goal is to plant those same seeds in the hearts and souls of my family. Even more than that, I want to take these seeds out into the world and let His light shine through me. If I succed at my goal, you would have been a special part of it. Again, thank you for all you have both done for me. God Bless You! Your son (The one you picked), Brian~
Merry Chistmas Mom and Dad, I Love you both!

Enjoy the song, Blessings!

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