6-Year-Old Girl Forgives Shark That Attacked Her: Could You?

Living 2011/07/27 15:27:49
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Talk about a fighting spirit! The 6-year-old girl who was attacked by a shark in North Carolina last week says she still prefers dolphins but has forgiven the shark that bit her.

"He didn't really mean to do it," she told reporters on Tuesday, according to WRAL.com.

Little Lucy Mangum was playing on a boogie board off of Ocracoke Island, N.C, last Tuesday in about 18 inches of water when she saw a shark swim toward her.

She tried to swim away, but the shark grabbed her right leg and foot, leaving behind two deep bite marks. Lucy's mother grabbed her daughter and ran up to the beach where her husband, an emergency room physician, wrapped Lucy's leg in a T-shirt.

"She said, 'Dad, can we say a prayer?'" her mother said, according to WRAL. "We said a prayer for her on the beach. Her faith and stoicism was a marvel to us."

Lucy suffered severe injuries to her calf muscles, Achilles tendon and other tendons and underwent two surgeries, said Dr. Richard Zeri, who specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery, according to WRAL. She has a cast on her leg and needs a wheelchair to get around, but she's expected to make a full recovery.

"(She's an) incredible little girl," Zeri said.

We'd have to agree -- and one who could teach us all a thing or two about forgiveness!

Read More: http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/9907709/

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  • Julie 2011/07/27 15:33:12 (edited)
    A girl I went to high school with is working to become a marine biologist and she told me once about her point of view: the water is the shark's domain and when you enter the water, you enter their domain. You play by their rules, they don't play by yours.

    I am glad the girl didn't get hurt too badly like other cases, but I do think what my friend said are immortal words to live by.

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  • Nipuni Wijekoon 2011/09/03 11:38:10
    Nipuni Wijekoon
    he hee LOL !!!
  • We only live once so F*ck it 2011/08/28 03:26:54
    We only live once so F*ck it
    but it's good to hear that someone like her living in a uncertain world.....it's a wow! ....truly SO INSPIRING
  • Klynn 2011/08/26 23:52:28
    Everything happens for a reason!
  • TheWhiteWolf 2011/08/23 04:41:09 (edited)
    I honestly don't know what I would think if a shark bit me (if I lived, that is; probably wouldn't be thinking too deeply about forgiveness with its teeth still in my flesh) A better question: would you forgive a shark that attacked one of your loved ones? Though I'm crazy about all sorts of animals and consider myself an advocate for the ones with bad reps (this coming from the owner of both a wolf mix, and a tarantula), I'd find it very hard to resist killing the culprit. :( You just don't mess with my family. I commend and admire the child for both her touching forgiveness, and inspiring bravery throughout her traumatic ordeal, and I wish her a speedy recovery. God bless you, kid!
  • 001 2011/08/21 13:53:24
    That is só human. It's not at all surprising a child understands these things better than the average grown-up. She is not blinded by wrath, instead she concluded the shark "didn't really mean to do it". Wonderful. Eye for an eye and tooth for tooth leaves all men blind and all men speechless.
  • dearryka 2011/08/17 18:05:58
    hell no i'd want it to die.
  • Zozo 2011/08/14 01:05:46
  • Bored_Psycho 2011/08/13 01:23:27
    This is so sweet! I would probably be pissed off at the shark but I would try to be more optimistic and forgiving like her.
  • ALL_BAND_FAN 2011/08/12 01:04:35
    well i don't know and i don't want to find out.
  • Stephaniee 2011/08/08 05:27:12
    I hate Sharks!
  • 001 Stephaniee 2011/08/21 13:54:23
  • Stephaniee 001 2011/08/27 05:05:29
    Cause They Attack people
  • 001 Stephaniee 2011/08/27 13:46:52
    There aren't many animals who wouldn't. If you starve a dog it might try and eat you as well.
  • Stephaniee 001 2011/10/02 05:49:41
    why would a starve a dog?
  • 001 Stephaniee 2011/10/04 17:07:15
    Why would you starve a shark?
  • Stephaniee 001 2011/10/09 03:47:02
    i cant starve a shark.
  • MariaWade 2011/08/08 00:39:58
    Learned alot about Sharks on Animal Planet this week. Shark Week :). Scared of them that's for sure, but I understand them and how they live. Different Sharks eat different things. Some will take a bite thinking it's a seal or food but as soon as they realize it's not part of their normal diet they will let go. It may have thought she was a seal or a sea turtle on that boogie board.

    What a courageous little girl! Out of the mouth of Babes, we should all learn.
  • martalucialovesmj4ever 2011/08/03 02:59:51
    I am thankful that the little girl survived the attack.
    She is one brave little trooper.
    I don't think I could forgive a shark that fast .
    I would take me a long time to forgive it.
    I mean they have some sharp ass teeth.
    Did the shark get put to sleep ?
    If it had been a dog that bit her that dog
    would have been put to sleep.
  • S123 martalu... 2011/08/23 22:26:15
    I don't if it would be so easy to find the same shark and catch it.
  • Luna / Jinx 2011/08/01 20:55:14
    Luna / Jinx
    She has a goog heart I might not have.
  • ELSD 2011/08/01 20:32:38
    While she is a sweet girl to forgive, I would as a mom want that shark dead!
  • Brian P 2011/08/01 14:25:42
    Brian P
    Sure, as long as I make a full recovery. Then again, you never know who this shark's next victim will be.. And once it gets the taste for blood - well, you know the rest.
  • HeatherFoxV 2011/08/01 11:18:38
    Probably not, but then I dont really have the right to 'forgive' or not something that comes naturally to an animal, especially since I would be in it's home at the time.
  • ♥wrecklyss♥ 2011/08/01 04:32:12
  • ALL_BAN... ♥wreckl... 2011/08/12 01:06:15
    good job dude. give your finger to an actual shark and see what happens to it.
  • Dawn Jacquelyn 2011/08/01 00:06:04
    Dawn Jacquelyn
    Knock the shark's teeth out!
  • Sildy 2011/07/31 20:56:59
    lol is this really a question? I mean seriously...does anyone really think the shark gives a damn if you forgive them for invading their space and looking like dinner???
  • ORIONSBOW 2011/07/31 07:32:21
    Of course. Sharks just do what sharks do. We are invading their environment if we swim in the ocean. That's why I don't. Fish screw there. Not for me.
  • Ruler 2011/07/31 05:53:48
    It so much easier to just forgive and forget what people and, in this case, animals do to a person. If I were in her situation yeah I would totally forgive the shark. I mean sure I wouldn't know any better, but I think I would hold myself down if I kept a grudge against a shark. I have to say she is a pretty special girl to be able to forgive that quickly. And I think it's amazing that she did that after all of the trouble the shark gave her and her family, too.
  • Silver Claw 2011/07/31 03:48:32
    Silver Claw
    The water is the sharks territory, we shouldnt be in a place where sharks are in the first place. Place, sharks are predators and we could look like seals to them.
    She truly is an incredible lil girl...
    May the Angels, Nyx, God, Starclan, and anything else you believe in, bless her and grant her a long life...
  • hunter 44 Silver ... 2011/07/31 10:32:28
    hunter 44
    "and we could look like seals to them."

    Geesh, you people need to lay off the discovery channel nonsense. This is NC not alaska or Ca.. No seals.

    Add that this shark had to be very small or that girl would be missing a leg so it eating a seal would be impossible even if any seals existed in the area.
  • Silver ... hunter 44 2011/08/24 21:36:31
    Silver Claw
    It's just a thought...
    Obviously it was a small shark...
    Had it been a larger one she might have had much more damage...
  • TheWhit... Silver ... 2011/08/23 04:49:17
    "Silver Claw" ... "Starclan"

    You must be from the Warriors forums :D
  • Silver ... TheWhit... 2011/08/24 21:36:59
    Silver Claw
    Warrior Buddy!!! XD...
  • Nuzz 2011/07/30 22:43:43
    of course. Sharks are predatory animals, they're only trying to survive.
  • mimi 2011/07/30 20:51:02
    you don't have any other choice.
  • YO 2011/07/30 19:17:49
    She's going to be fine. SO, to carry the hatefull,and hurtfull feelings in your heart for the next 70-80 yrs. is just silly. I hope the attack won't make her afraid to be anywhere NEAR the ocean- even if it's on a dock, cruise ship, etc. That would be sad.
  • Cathy 2011/07/30 18:28:34
    The shark didn't see the little girl as a girl; it saw her as food to eat. But, I am very happy that the little girl is going to be alright and that she didn't get killed or eaten up by the shark. Thank God!
  • AstroZombie 2011/07/30 16:02:30
    It wasn't the shark's fault. Wasn't the girl's fault either, it was just one of those accidents.
  • McStrawby 2011/07/30 08:40:45
    i think sharks are really cute
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