58 Percent of High School Seniors Text and Drive: Do You?

Living 2012/06/08 09:00:00
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Did you catch the "Glee" episode earlier this year, when Quinn nearly paralyzed herself by texting and driving? As usual, the show was touching on an important issue.

An anonymous national survey conducted last year found that 58 percent of high school seniors said they had texted or emailed while driving during the previous month, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 43 percent of high school juniors admitted to the same dangerous behavior.

"A lot of teens say 'Well, if the car's not moving and I'm at a stoplight or I'm stuck in traffic, that's OK,'" Amanda Lenhart, a senior researcher at the Pew Research Center in Washington who has done focus groups with teens on the topic, told The Associated Press.

Other teens say they know it's not safe, but think it's safer if they hold the phone up so they can see the road and text at the same time, Lenhart told the AP. Pretty scary to think of all those distracted teens behind the wheel ... do you text and drive?
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  • lia 2012/06/09 17:43:15
    No way! I've seen too many accidents and near misses caused by idiots texting. It's not just teens either.

    no texting while driving

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  • wilsonmja 2012/06/10 16:30:00
    All the time. Not proud, just being honest. In fact I'm driving right now as I
  • MW121 2012/06/10 16:09:20
    I try not to, but I have.. I usually will just talk on the phone vs text or emails, but I will answer some during red lights..
  • Woody 2012/06/10 15:38:01
    Thinning of the herd...
  • wilsonmja Woody 2012/06/10 16:30:47
    Except the part where they kill other people who didn't deserve it.
  • Woody wilsonmja 2012/06/10 16:40:12
    Collateral damage...
  • wilsonmja Woody 2012/06/10 16:44:29
    Ok, just wait until that "collateral damage" is one of your grandchildren and we'll see how tough you talk then.
  • Woody wilsonmja 2012/06/10 16:50:01
    I don't text and drive, you do...
  • wilsonmja Woody 2012/06/10 20:03:26
    Yeah, so how does that change anything I said. I'm just saying that you seem to be ok with it BECAUSE it "thins out the herd." I than pointed out that many are killed tragically by those who text and drive that were innocent. You than said "collateral damage" implying that those innocent lives are a fair price to pay to thin the herd of the texters. SO I ask you, what if this "collateral damage" ends up being one of your grandchildren? Do you think maybe then you would still shrug your shoulders at it?
  • wilsonmja Woody 2012/06/10 20:04:36
    Or maybe you're just a redneck moron who just talks tough, but is really just a big pussy.
  • Woody wilsonmja 2012/06/16 01:52:12
    This redneck spent 26 months in Afghanistan as a DOD contractor with no rules of engagement,I saw innocent men,women and children die on a regular basis. You are the moron that texts while driving.If you killed my grandchildren and lived through it, you would not survive long, no bragg just fact...
  • wilsonmja Woody 2012/06/16 15:18:08
  • Woody wilsonmja 2012/06/17 13:30:31
  • wilsonmja Woody 2012/06/17 19:23:26
    Still missing the point. You can insult me all you want about my texting and driving, but it all I'm attempting to do is get you to admit that "thinning the herd" at the cost if innocent people is not acceptable. And you won't.
  • Woody wilsonmja 2012/06/18 01:30:46
    ..."but it all"... is bad grammer. Your texting and driving is unacceptable but if you kill innocent people one day all I can do is accept it. If innocent people die because of you and those like you, I can do nothing but hope you died too. If you and those like you die along with the "innocent people" you cannot kill again.The innocent is Collateral Damage and you have been thinned from the herd, that is acceptable.
  • wilsonmja Woody 2012/06/18 02:36:55
    So it's OK for innocent people to die so long as in the process a few guilty ones do? Wow, are you one of George W. Bush's advisors?
  • Woody wilsonmja 2012/06/18 17:40:27
    No, the current one, 56 children were killed by US drones in the first 20 months of the Obama administration.
    Go drive and text...
  • wilsonmja Woody 2012/06/18 17:55:17
    Uh oh, are you assuming that just because I'm no fan of Bush that I AM a fan of Obama? Be careful with that. They're both sociopaths.
  • Woody wilsonmja 2012/06/19 12:59:47
    Of course Truman holds the record with FDR running a close 2nd, but War is Hell.
    "America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." 101 Things To Do 'Til The Revolution by Claire Wolfe
  • Naked 2012/06/10 15:32:28
    I don't even text and walk!
  • 22rexy2... Naked 2012/06/10 22:32:14
    me either. i would walk into a post or something.
  • Naked 22rexy2... 2012/06/11 00:00:32
    Or a bear...
  • L1 2012/06/10 15:01:37
  • Dynasty Fighter 2012/06/10 14:58:34 (edited)
    Dynasty Fighter
    i won't lie I've been doing for so long that i can drive perfectly without swerfing and people don't know i am doing it
  • MW121 Dynasty... 2012/06/10 16:09:41
    Me too
  • Krissy Dynasty... 2012/06/11 16:07:51
    You are a liar. You may think you're driving perfectly, but it's almost a guarantee that you aren't.
  • Naked Krissy 2012/06/11 19:52:07
    almost guarantee is an oxymoron.
  • Acid Gonewild 2012/06/10 14:38:03
    Acid Gonewild
    Only in Emergencys where I can't stop right away but not all the time.
  • Sebastianchocolatebeargiles 2012/06/10 14:37:22 (edited)
  • Playerazzi 2012/06/10 13:45:06
    This is an extremely dangerous habit.
  • Damianos 2012/06/10 13:41:30
    Using mobile phones while driving has been illegal in the UK for many years now, although people still do. There's a reason it's illegal: you can't do the two things at the same time. The idiots who do this should be treated the same way as people who drink and drive.
  • Teresa 2012/06/10 13:40:40
    Nope! Almost had an accident many years ago, never again!
  • alex 2012/06/10 13:19:05 (edited)
  • Roxxi 2012/06/10 12:35:43
    What a bunch of idiots. Something like this happened at my school last year, a senior was texting and crashed and landed in a coma. Everyone was freaking out and his friends were crying and feeling bad. But instead of learning from this and putting the phone down for 10 mins to drive and concentrate on the road, for some reason these morons kept driving and texting?

    Now I'd normally tell these idiots to keep doing it to rid the world of this stupidity, but while driving there are other people involved, not just you. You can easily kill someone else in another car or a pedestrian.
  • Dyonus 2012/06/10 09:27:42
    Not unless I'm at a red light.
  • I.dont.know 2012/06/10 07:58:50
    All the time!
  • alex I.dont.... 2012/06/10 13:20:40
    Mind telling me where you live and what car you drive so I can avoid sharing the road with your dumb ass?
  • I.dont.... alex 2012/06/10 16:57:07
    Naaaa you friken creep..
  • wutwut I.dont.... 2012/06/10 19:52:33
    i don't think it's creepy. i think it's necessary precaution. you silly ignoramus.
  • alex I.dont.... 2012/06/11 04:26:07 (edited)
    Don't know why I thought I would get an actual resonse that showed any sign of real brain activity coming from 16 year old douche who claims to be a 'pimp'. Get real kid.
  • I.dont.... alex 2012/06/11 05:52:48
    Hmmm am not sure how much brain activity a 20 year old female on her period has? One who also apparently claims to smoke weed (*Cough Cough* Profile *Cough*!) :0
    (In case your to stupid to know pot smokers aren't usually the smart ones)

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