$5-a-Month Cable Network for Dogs: Fun for Fido or Doggone Ridiculous?

Living 2012/02/17 20:56:01
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Yes, you read that right. Dogs are getting their own cable TV network, and you have to pay $5 a month for it, TODAY.com reports. Don't get us wrong: we love ourselves some pups, but even we think this whole doggie TV network is a bit ridiculous.

"A lot of people laugh and think it’s funny or a gimmick," DogTV co-founder and chief content officer Ron Levi told the "Today" show. "But then we explain the research and the science behind it. This is a great opportunity to makes [sic] dogs happier and their lives more pleasant while they are home alone during the day."

Wait a second ... that last part is the problem. With pretty much everyone male and female working at least one job these days, Fido is usually home alone, forced to entertain himself. In fact, we have at least one friend who swears her dog loves TV, so maybe it's not such a ridiculous idea after all.

DogTV has created nearly 800 programs for dogs intended to “relax, stimulate and expose” them to situations they encounter in daily life, TODAY.com reports. The network is only available in San Diego right now, but it's hoping to expand in the coming months. And back to that monthly fee, the channel is free for now, but will eventually cost devoted owners $5 a month. Think it sounds like fun for Fido? Or doggone ridiculous?
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  • John Galt jr or Ron/jon 2012/02/23 22:46:33
    Doggone ridiculous
    John Galt jr or Ron/jon
    Don't tell Pee wee
    pee wee
  • Jenn 2012/02/23 01:33:38
    Doggone ridiculous
    Might be fun, and I might love animals, but I am not paying for a special cable tv network for an animal! lol
  • Charlene 2012/02/20 20:44:37
  • Sheila 2012/02/20 18:48:42
    Fun for Fido
    If you choose to waste 5.00 per month then hey that is what makes us great!! The fact that we can waste our money as we wish AND that you can get rich with the idea of cable for dogs....lol....

    Apropos of nothing did you know that a cat who watches TV is retarded? I thought that was interesting......
  • Jackie 2012/02/20 18:29:57
    Fun for Fido
    my dog would love it. only one channel whats one more? If there would be dogs barking on that show my dogs would go crazy hahha. but i mean thats just my opinion
  • [Katsu]™ 2012/02/20 17:33:39
    Doggone ridiculous
    Dogs should be outside doing whatever with their owners. Owners should be outside doing whatever with their dogs.

    Being lazy is a horrible trait. Just Doggone horrible.
  • Clare 2012/02/20 16:44:42
    Doggone ridiculous
    It's about time!!!
  • ehrhornp 2012/02/20 16:05:39
    Doggone ridiculous
    So these people leave the TV running all day on a dog channel? This is nuts.
  • Sheila ehrhornp 2012/02/20 18:58:30
    LOL, I always leave a tv on for one of mine. She suffers from separation anxiety and the electricity is cheaper then replacing my furniture...she eats it if she is scared and alone.....
  • Ron 2012/02/20 14:19:08
    Doggone ridiculous
    My dogs watch what I watch if they don't like it they can go chew a bone!
  • Gloria 2012/02/20 14:10:54
    Fun for Fido
    Maybe they won't be so lonely when everyone goes out!
  • Treedy 2012/02/20 14:03:00 (edited)
    Doggone ridiculous
    That's silly, but I'm sure someone would buy it. dog watching the dog show
  • JayJawJoe 2012/02/20 12:13:05
    Fun for Fido
    It's just $5 and keeps the dog entertained. Why not? Sounds like an awesome deal!
  • babyloumawho 2012/02/20 09:18:46
    Doggone ridiculous
    lol what people will do for money these days...
  • Wendy 2012/02/20 07:32:25
    Doggone ridiculous
    dogs need to run in the yard than stay in the house. do not make your dogs to become coach potatos.
  • beckylee 2012/02/20 07:20:22
    Doggone ridiculous
    My old dog Becky liked to watch the fireplace, didn't matter if it wasn't going :)
  • Balky 2012/02/20 04:02:40
    Doggone ridiculous
    I dont like dogs so much
  • findthelight2000 2012/02/20 02:56:47
    Fun for Fido
    That $5.00/month would be quite worth it if it keeps your dog from having the regular daily separation anxiety attacks which can cause hundreds of dollars in damage a month. Yes..., if it works for your dog, it's worth it!
  • musicman95 2012/02/20 02:23:04
    Doggone ridiculous
    that $60 a year you could buy like 15 packs of smokes, or some pot, or achohol, or sumn more inportant than that. I have personally never seen a dog that likes TV and my grandmother has 12 of them four-legged bastards.
  • Libertarian Right 2012/02/20 01:54:12
    Doggone ridiculous
    Libertarian Right
    Just when I thought I heard it all...

  • Combat Trucker USAF 2012/02/20 01:17:38
    Doggone ridiculous
    Combat Trucker USAF
    I love my dogs but I will be keeping my five dollars for their dog food bill. My pup put 20lbs in 1 month. 3 months old and 40lbs can you say monster.
  • Kathy Infectious 2012/02/20 00:01:36
    Doggone ridiculous
    Kathy  Infectious
    Why can't. They just watch with me??
  • patti.burroughs 2012/02/19 22:26:31
    Fun for Fido
    Cool, my dachshund watches TV with me all the time!!!
  • wtxwoman 2012/02/19 21:59:00
    Fun for Fido
    If people want to pay for it, why not. My cats watch National Geographic when they have animals on or any show with birds. I think they think the TV is a window.
  • Chris- Demon of the PHAET 2012/02/19 21:36:55
    Doggone ridiculous
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    Give the $5.00 to someone who needs and let Fido run in the yard.
  • Omni Chris- ... 2012/02/19 22:49:27
    Too bad people, like, have jobs, and can't let their dog(s) roam around aimlessly "-_-
  • Sister Jean 2012/02/19 21:25:42
    Doggone ridiculous
    Sister Jean
  • C. C. Rider 2012/02/19 20:50:01
    Fun for Fido
    C. C. Rider
    Eeeh why not, let's face it cable has already gone to the dogs. LOL

    cartoons on cable cartoons on cable
  • luvingDallasWinston!! 2012/02/19 18:22:57
    Fun for Fido
    Haha my cat frekin go crazy 4 things on tv nd my dog loves to watch abything dat has dog lol
  • Raymond 2012/02/19 18:13:12
    Doggone ridiculous
    Are you kidding Me? Some of the Programs that I'm watching now on My Cable isn't even good for Human Beings, let alone Dogs? And someone wants me to pay an extra $5.00/month for My Dog? Someone needs to get a better Job at "DogTV!"
  • Freedom 2012/02/19 17:52:21
    Doggone ridiculous
    Yeah, this is a bit silly. With dog obesity at an all time high do we really need this? Tell the dogs to get off the computer, away from the tv, and to go outside and play!
  • misha 2012/02/19 17:34:26
    Fun for Fido
    Sounds cute. I bought a dvd for my cats and they go crazy for it. Now they think the TV has birds and mice living in it.
  • Greenbay 2012/02/19 16:33:02
    Fun for Fido
    Lol Is it all bones and chasing cats
  • mellisa 2012/02/19 15:45:11
    Fun for Fido
    Dogs know what there doing nd watching so why not let them watch it
  • Michaela★ 2012/02/19 15:23:50
    Doggone ridiculous
    That'd be pretty hilarious if ya didn't have to freaking pay for it.
  • Chi~Cat 2012/02/19 15:05:00
    Doggone ridiculous
  • Zephenia Dean 2012/02/19 15:02:35
  • TasselLady 2012/02/19 14:06:50
    Doggone ridiculous
    Just another way to suck money out of the public. Don't they already rip people off enough????
  • zcberry 2012/02/19 13:13:19
    Doggone ridiculous
  • the fuze 2012/02/19 12:46:36
    Doggone ridiculous
    the fuze
    Why don't you just get them a phone too, that way they can call you at work or call their other dog friends. Maybe they can set up lunch or meet at the park while "mommy & daddy" are at work.

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