$48 Lipstick: Worth It or Waste of Money?

Living 2011/11/11 19:00:00
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Even in lean economic times, it's hard to find a woman who won't splurge a little on a tube of lipstick. But what if the lipstick costs $48? Former Gucci designer Tom Ford has introduced a new cosmetics line, which is rolling out at various high-end department stores -- and that's exactly how much you'll spend for a tube of his designer lipstick.

But there are plenty of other expensive lipsticks on the market. Chanel, Dior, Guerlain and Dolce & Gabbana all cost more than $30. La Prairie Cellular Lip Color, which includes a caviar extract, goes for $55, and Clé de Peau Beauté sells their Extra Rich Lipstick for $60. "It counteracts vertical lines," Gisela Ballard, executive director of marketing for Clé de Peau Beauté in the United States, told the Times.

While it might sound like these lipsticks are for rich old ladies, Poonam Billing, 24, a fashion student, spent $300 on Tom Ford cosmetics. "The price is obviously exorbitant," she told the Times. "I’m very into cosmetics. But it’s because I’m a huge fan. It’s really buying into who he is as a person."

Um, fortunately or unfortunately, the person doesn't come with the lipstick. We'll stick with our $8 drug store tube, thank you very much. How about you?
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  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2011/11/11 22:20:33
    Waste of money
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    I think some of these cosmetics companies put a high price on stuff just to see how many women are stupid enough to pay that much. They laugh all the way to the bank!

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  • faiza 2014/09/24 14:59:22
    Waste of money
    yes i think that cosmetics are the waste of money becoz ALLAH had given us the beautiful skin :) and you know i love sexy things
  • theeccentricbeautii 2011/12/15 00:02:15
    Waste of money
    However, I have spend 30+ for Christian Dior .......*blushing* I was young and dumb don't judge me!!!! Lol
  • faiza theecce... 2014/09/24 15:02:43
    hey sexy lady i love you be my wife for life and every day i will see your sexy body
  • Safury 2011/12/14 00:15:23
    Waste of money
    Total waste of money. I know some people will pay this much for 'higher quality' lipstick, but come on, it's just lipstick!

    I've got better things to spend fifty bucks on.
  • katt 2011/11/29 02:03:52
    Waste of money
    even if i wore lipstick i would not spend that amount of money on it.
  • cher2 2011/11/28 21:28:37
    Waste of money
    Gee...Who buys this stuff besides the top 1%? After all, what do they care?
  • Syngirl 2011/11/23 22:43:07
    Waste of money
    Most cosmetics are made by a few manufacturers...
  • ~Incurable~Fetishes~:P 2011/11/22 01:07:40
    Worth it
    I would rather pay extra for quality than just keep buying rubbish. Quality is better than Quantity. Fact.
  • Sabrena Heimes 2011/11/21 00:08:16
    Waste of money
    Sabrena Heimes
    honestly I wouldn't pay more than $5 for lipstick I get all mine at the dollar store and it's just fine.
  • Lawnmowerman~PWCM~JLA 2011/11/20 19:37:39
    Waste of money
    $8 or $48, most of it ends up the same place...<====3
  • Storm Dewleaf 2011/11/20 08:28:55
  • Andrew 2011/11/20 02:23:03
    Waste of money
    Just go to wal mart.
  • Meh 2011/11/17 01:21:48
    Waste of money
    Thats all there is to say
  • Anne 2011/11/16 19:46:01
    Waste of money
    $48.00 a tube speaks for itself in this economy. $40.00 for Tom Ford because his name is on it. A fool and her money is soon separated.
  • RubiLuna 2011/11/16 14:43:21
    Waste of money
    all lipsticks carry the same ingredients unless they are 'organic' or 'natural'. I would not pay $48 for a lipstick that has a bunch of the same junk as a $6 one.
  • S 2011/11/16 10:39:40
    Waste of money
    Even if it is made of gold, it's too much.
  • Samiam 2011/11/16 06:43:00
    Waste of money
    all part of the overindulged American populace.....I can just hear the debt rising from here.......
  • MattTylerD 2011/11/15 23:10:48
    Waste of money
    Ladys plz, all lipstick looks the same. Buy the $5 kind at Walmart cuz no one really cares
  • stevie.luplow 2011/11/15 22:35:00
    Waste of money
    ALL make up is a waste of money! Yes, I own some lipstick, blush, eye shadow, etc, but if any "normal" woman looked at my collection they would throw it all out and buy all new...yes...it is THAT old! It's a waste of time to put on and a waste of money to buy...just think of all the people you could feed or put money into a savings account for HOMES for people with that wasted money! Oh and you could be teaching your kids important life lessons and skills with that wasted time!
  • IsraelysTorres 2011/11/15 19:24:40
    Waste of money
  • PapaMike 2011/11/15 18:14:38
    Waste of money
    So many people with money problems. A little less vanity would result in a lot more cash. Imagine how much money could be saved if it were put into the bank rather than on un-necessary and overpriced cosmetics
  • tornado 2011/11/15 17:05:35
    Waste of money
    Might as well flush your money away.
    flushing money away
  • EmoAngel12 2011/11/15 16:41:56
    Waste of money
    The purple and the red are really pretty though. I've seen very similar colors at walgreens for under 8 bucks.
  • SamehhAnnMarie 2011/11/15 15:14:39
    Waste of money
    It's called Walmart, people.
  • Andy 2011/11/15 14:31:48
    Waste of money
    As a guy... WAY OVER THE TOP!!
  • Savannah Kaster 2011/11/15 14:22:45
    Waste of money
    Savannah Kaster
    Who would honestly pay $48 for a tube of lipstick. Seriously I can buy the same lipstick at wal-mart and it still looks the same and just as nice.
  • Cathy 2011/11/15 12:54:49
    Waste of money
    It would be a waste of money for me because all I do is lick it off!
  • somedaysoon 2011/11/15 11:58:42
    Worth it
    I used to buy only dollar store/drug store makeup, but after trying some department store brands and researching the ingredients in the drug store makeup, I've switched to buying *some* more expensive brands for certain products. It's not a matter of vanity for me--it's a matter of health, because the crap in some dollar store brands were absolutely terrible for me. Not to say that every department store brand agrees with me....tried the "bareMinerals" brand and had such a severe reaction to it that my doctor looked at my face and (at first glance) thought I had herpes! 48$ lipstick would be worth it if it could moisturize the hell out of my lips without rubbing off within an hour. Or if they had my "perfect shade." But I certainly wouldn't be buying a new one every month!
  • Tammi J... someday... 2011/11/15 23:44:15
    Tammi Jensen
    So because it's expensive it's more worthwhile? You need to turn off the tv- it's rotting your poor brain, sweetie.
  • someday... Tammi J... 2011/11/15 23:52:23
  • RubiLuna someday... 2011/11/16 14:50:35
    I have an issue w/ BareMinerals too, they claim to be "natural" & hypoallergenic. They really do not take into consideration sensitive skin. I broke out into large cysts on my face. Why? Because of an ingredient called Bismuth Oxychloride. That right there should tell you that just because its "expensive" or "high-end", doesn't necessarily mean its better for you or your skin.
  • RubiLuna RubiLuna 2011/11/16 14:52:05
    Also, many of the ingredients are given different names by different companies. It only takes a couple of bucks to make your own lip gloss & lip stick, then to mark it up that extreme, is really ridiculous.
  • someday... RubiLuna 2011/11/17 01:04:17
    YES. That is EXACTLY what I had a reaction to. I sent in a negative review on Sephora with a picture of the damage it did to my face--Sephora rejected my review and refused to explain why. I contacted Sephora and asked them why they didn't list the BareMinerals ingredients. They also refused to explain why. I wanted to like that brand so badly.... but Sephora made it apparent that BM and themselves are aware of the problem and simply didn't care. BM still markets themselves to people with sensitive skin (the exact demographic that SHOULDN'T be using their product!). It's shameless :/
  • Aksana 2011/11/15 09:45:55
    Waste of money
    It's ridiculous
  • Sionann 2011/11/15 07:57:42
    Waste of money
    I do believe that the quality of some products are better than others but no way I would pay over $5 for lipstick. As with designer clothes ...you are paying for a name, not necessarily better quality. A nail polish that has become one of my favorites costs $1. I've tried more expensive polishes (not too expensive) but I have found this one to be the best. Why pay more if the cheaper stuff works for you?
  • Mel 2011/11/15 06:44:01
    Waste of money
    I get a package of 12 tubes of lipstick for $4.99 they used to be $3.99 and they are really great lipstick and last a long time. I would never pay a lot for lipstick.
  • Popanator 2011/11/15 06:07:18
  • Anna J 2011/11/15 06:03:31
    Waste of money
    Anna J
    What world do you live in? lol I will never pay that much for cosmetics. That and I prefer lip gloss anyway (as my guy will usually prefer that to bright or dark lipstick or lipstick of any kind anyway-- heard it's a guy thing) My preference of lip product? those snap-on glow baby glow lip glosses by .mark. And they're maybe $5 or 6. They don't cost much and they still don't smell like boobooboo (instead they smell nice and minty).

    People talk about spending money to find the "perfect shade of red!!" and saying that it's worth it to dole out extra money. But honestly, you just need to know your skintone shade (i.e. are you warm-toned or cool-toned, or neutral), & see what kind of reds there are. http://www.easymakeupguide.co...

    ^^that might help, although I do think they kind of confused people with the skin-tone section (i.e. the red-head section is actually warm, not cool, and so on, but they make good shade recommendations).
  • Ahtisham Raja 2011/11/15 05:15:38
    Waste of money
    Ahtisham Raja
    nothing about
  • angel face 2011/11/15 04:34:50
    Worth it
    angel face
    depends on who made it
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