42% of Black Women Never Married: Why?

Pamela 2009/05/19 21:03:05
Because the majority of Black women will only marry a Black man.
Because the majority of Black women are promiscuous.
Because the majority of men are not interested in Black women.
The main reason why Black women never marry is...
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According to national statistics, 42% of black women have never been married. This is no surprise to the majority of black women, because most can testify that they have toughest time in finding Mr. Perfect. Why do you think 42% of women live life and die without experiencing marriage?
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  • kedra 2009/11/20 22:49:58
    Because the majority of Black women are promiscuous.
    wow some white women think black women are promiscuous....thats odd coming from that race when most white women will open up for any black man....now who is the slut
  • Rah 2009/10/08 13:51:55 (edited)
    The main reason why Black women never marry is...
    They're smart and independent.
  • Macy 2009/07/15 02:26:11
    The main reason why Black women never marry is...
    because they are smart.... marriage isnt all that it is cracked up to be!
  • Jeff Murray 2009/07/10 01:13:48
    The main reason why Black women never marry is...
    Jeff Murray
    i have no clue. I just had to laugh at the thought that a moderated message got the top comment on a question. Thats a first for me. Big lol and high fives all around! Hard question, I guess you need to find so single black women to answer.
    I could care less of skin colour. I'd take a black woman as my wife if she shared the same interests as quickly as I would a white, yellow, red, brown, or shit even green woman. I already got chinese/irish/scottish/french... I wouldnt mind something new added to that lol.
  • Poison Ivy 2009/06/16 01:12:39
    The main reason why Black women never marry is...
    Poison Ivy
    there very indepent. I like that. It means you are a very strong supportive independent black woman.
  • Snaps mom 2009/06/15 20:16:14
    The main reason why Black women never marry is...
    Snaps mom
    I am a married black woman, so I don't fall into the 42% Statistics. I have cousins that do, they are career minded women who make their own money and are happy enough with their lives they don't at this time in their lives need a man, and who can blame them, The media frequently reports that 50% of American marriages will end in divorce.
  • cjj ~ FTGOP 2009/05/28 21:37:54
    The main reason why Black women never marry is...
    cjj ~ FTGOP
    the men are have often moved on by the time the baby is born. I know this is not true of all men of African descent but it is a big problem...ever watch The Maury Show? Before I get slammed–I am a single mother, Anglo and my son's father is half Apache. I am aware it goes on in all races but seems to be almost rampant in the African American culture. The government just won't make tougher laws of making absent parents (yes...women too) held responsible for the children they make. Meanwhile these families end up on assistance programs during a time of economic stress.
  • san 2009/05/27 15:07:41
    The main reason why Black women never marry is...
    Potential Black men are dating other races and Black women are not just going to marry to marry.
  • Blindman 2009/05/26 23:38:20
    The main reason why Black women never marry is...
    A breakdown of the American culture and it is not only black women. Remember Rome once ruled the world until they became so obsessed with their own pleasures they forgot how to defend their nation. We are headed rapidly in the same direction. Hell don't get me wrong I am enjoying the decadence but we will pay dearly for owr indulgences.
  • flo 2009/05/26 03:13:29
    The main reason why Black women never marry is...
    How many white or asian women never marry?
  • Death Faerie 2009/05/23 00:33:27
    The main reason why Black women never marry is...
    Death Faerie
    Because they are smart! They don't fall for the bullshit men hand them.
  • JuJu Death F... 2009/05/23 01:42:54
    So true
  • AnnaLynne! JuJu 2009/06/03 07:47:27 (edited)
    WHAT THE HELL lady your a fricking hypocrite!!!

    Clearly right there! up ahead at the top of your fucking weak ass hypocritical reply. "THEY" so he speaks for all black woman because you simply agree with him. WTF! you're so sorry and i dont feel sorry for you. you "spend" your time. "streesing the issue" because it is not what you want. You cant have your cake and eat it too. Figuarative language Ms. College graduate. i commend you for wasting my time. and you have just lolz proven me right and i fricking won?? your too much. you are a very unuseful person and the excuse of intelligence you thought you had and tuition money was wasted. You are a fucking tool. i hope you have fun with this one granny. d o g cant help you now. he never has....

    the treadmill dating NINJA!!!! bxtch!

    p.s. add another link to your 3 friended page.

  • JuJu AnnaLynne! 2009/06/03 20:53:29
    Not a hypocrite at all but, you are. I bet that you bubble in black or african american on you scan tron but, you dont feel that way really. Dumb a$$ little girl that was for his second sentence.
    They don't fall for the bullshit men hand them.
    My reply: So true
    And it could have went for the first sentence as well. Was I suppost to disagree and say we are not smart and we do put up with men's bs?
    lol you tried but, you didnt succeed.lmao.Why wouldnt i agree with that. He said we are smart and dont put up wit men's shh. Girl come on do better. You are sorry and i bet you will feel even smaller after you read this lol. I'm not streesing the issue. It's stressing and that i'm not doing. damnnnnnnn. You lost lol and it was even about winning or losing because you didnt give me any competition. LOL now you want to use what the oreo self hateful boy stated. lol and your a follower. You really got it bad little girl. Try and become a leader. I'm way more intelligent then you can ever dream of being. You are the tool. A broken tool. From the head on down. Ha granny what a cute joke from an infant. lol.
    His name is God and he always has my back that's why i'm on top right now and your not.
    You are the b!!@h: jump in many relationships to we out your husband lmao.
    So sad you have failed the test.
  • AnnaLynne! JuJu 2009/06/03 21:49:56 (edited)
    end of story your a fucking hypocrite.

    Hypocrite - a person who "pretends" to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess.

    Your reply. GRANNY.. was so fucking "pathetic".
    what did you copy and paste that? get real college graduate
  • T Champ AnnaLynne! 2009/06/04 07:48:37
    T Champ
    lol Im starting to believe it was a "special college"" for the mentally disabled.......that or a psychiatric center ;). Theres no point arguing with ignorance like hers hun. To her im an oreo for calling her out on her racist statements. racism is racism no matter what color the person is it comes from, and its not cute....in fact its just plain stupidity. Dont waist your time trying to help her understand,
  • AnnaLynne! T Champ 2009/06/04 15:10:21
    i really appreciated your words. i mean you are not the only one who has had her umbrella of stupidity waved your way. She hilarious and she entertains me. im not trying to make her see herself wrong. im giving her what she wants. A fair fight. so far its going well. she has bumps and scratches. and she humilaliated herself with her continous outburst on america's youth. i plan to show her the way..

    and have some laughs on the way.
  • T Champ AnnaLynne! 2009/06/04 15:18:41 (edited)
    T Champ
    lol have fun! :)
  • JuJu AnnaLynne! 2009/06/06 00:09:21
    B!!ch you stupid. Get a better understanding of a response and a comment. Go study because you are very dumb. Lol two self hating/gay idiots becoming friends. Perfect match lmao. Don't hate me try and get like me or better than me. Hating will only pull you back.Try again because hypocrite will not fit me. Try again.
  • AnnaLynne! JuJu 2009/06/06 00:16:09
    so you're so far back we can barely see the bullshit of a comment you wrote.
    hypocrite fits every hypocrite. unless your ass if too fat. and saggy and your case granny
  • T Champ AnnaLynne! 2009/06/08 06:10:45
    T Champ
    Why does this moron think that if you call her out on something you are "self-hating""? Shes not bright enough to realize its not about race its about her ignorance. She could be green and she'd still be an idiot.
  • AnnaLynne! T Champ 2009/06/08 22:09:47 (edited)
    yes. another way to pick point her stupidity. She does think this is about "race". That's why I continue to Nag and annoy her. lol
  • T Champ AnnaLynne! 2009/06/09 14:50:07
    T Champ
    lol The sad part is that she has no awareness of this
  • AnnaLynne! T Champ 2009/06/12 05:34:59
    hha true true
  • JuJu AnnaLynne! 2009/06/11 23:42:43
    Yeah like you and your brainwashed friend lmao. Hypocrite to yourself. Wow what a dumb lame joke. You bore me and give me no challenge. Once again be out like your robot bff. Best F@g friend lmao.
  • AnnaLynne! JuJu 2009/06/12 05:35:11
    bitch! lolz
  • T Champ AnnaLynne! 2009/06/12 13:51:51 (edited)
    T Champ
    What an idiot! lol In her mind no one is a challenge because no ones as dumb as she is. Not to mention her 3rd grade intelligence level displayed once again in her juvenile come back :""be out like your robot bff. Best F@g friend lmao"" What is she 12? What a joke she is!!!!
  • AnnaLynne! T Champ 2009/06/14 17:27:42
    lMFAO!! yu had me at "no one is a challenge because no one is as dumb as she is" made my day. no i think your making her too mature. How about 5y/o no. 3. lolz
  • T Champ AnnaLynne! 2009/06/14 17:30:41
    T Champ
    hahahahaha....its so funny because its true:)
  • JuJu AnnaLynne! 2009/07/09 16:50:50
    lmao you made friends with an oreo who commits adultery lmao. Check out it's secret life and all the chicks he tell he love and misses on sodahead lmao.
    Haha two dumb a@@ self hating friends what a lol
    hold up lol
    lmao what a f@@ked up combination.
    lol. Oh and I notice you changed the pic lmao.
    Pig mixed with a bull frog looking bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Lmao. You aint and don't want none.
  • AnnaLynne! JuJu 2009/07/09 17:38:36
    OMG! lolz = D
  • JuJu AnnaLynne! 2009/07/09 16:53:18
    A self hating none believer of God and a self hating nude poser. What real women carry's herself the way you do?
    What real man prances around in his panties with a koolaid smile? So gay.
    No offense to the gay people just the in the closet one on this post.
  • AnnaLynne! JuJu 2009/07/09 17:38:48
    OMG! lolz = D
  • JuJu AnnaLynne! 2009/07/09 16:19:11
    Didn't know hoes like you online spoke to yourself.
    You must be it's wife/trash lol.
  • AnnaLynne! JuJu 2009/07/09 17:38:54
    OMG! lolz = D
  • God-Cil... JuJu 2009/07/10 01:03:20
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    Shouldn't you be off screwing your cousin?
  • JuJu God-Cil... 2009/07/13 16:50:04
    Wow what a freak with a freaky question.
  • JuJu God-Cil... 2009/07/13 16:58:20
    Bitch you are defiled. Nasty a$$ thinking about sex with a family member.
    Check the bible. That's wrong and you are a defiled chick or whatever you are.
    Oh and you looking a lot (not little) pale. Lotion up before you respond.
  • Mrs. V 2009/05/23 00:00:59
    The main reason why Black women never marry is...
    Mrs. V
    Maybe Black men are afraid of commitment or few have had positive role models to be husbands. This has not always been so. Something happened in the 60's, not the CRM, but things changed then.
  • tartakis 2009/05/22 20:03:20
    The main reason why Black women never marry is...
    main reason black women marry r-a-c-i-s-m
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