30% of Meat-Eaters Won’t Date a Vegetarian: Would You Date Someone With Different Eating Habits?

Living 2012/07/08 01:30:39
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According to a recent Love Bites survey by TODAY.com and Match.com, for many, shared dietary preferences are key when making a love connection.

30% of the meat-eaters surveyed said they would not date a vegetarian or vegan. On the other hand, only 4% of the vegetarians said that they wouldn't date a meat-eater. (But keep in mind—only 2% of Americans identify as vegetarian and 3% as vegan. That’s a pretty small dating pool!)

So why won’t these meat-eaters date vegans or vegetarians? 1) Many consider sharing food a very important part of romance and don’t want to be with someone who won’t share those moments. 2) Others dislike feeling judged or pressured to give up meat. 3) Many just don’t like picky eaters; 66% of respondents described that trait as a turn-off. 4) And some view meat-eaters as more "manly."

Yet, many cross-dietary couples are able to accommodate each other’s choices and make the relationship work.

“The ability to accommodate to needs of a new partner is really important – both people have to work at it,” said Dr Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and Match.com’s chief scientific adviser. “The vegetarian has to send the message that they can work around it, they can find or bring alternatives to barbecues or family gatherings, and the meat eater has to be willing to bend once in a while as well.”

What about you SodaHeads? Would you date someone with different eating habits?

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  • whispering hands 2012/07/08 06:38:15
    whispering hands
    I've been vegetarian most of my life and every guy i've dated was a meat eater. It's not a big deal at all, i don't get how some people can make such a huge issue out of something so minuscule.

    Also, the fact that I refuse to eat a "big juicy steak" shouldn't reflect on my or any other vegetarian's personality.

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  • Marlow ~ Let There Be Light 2012/07/08 02:48:00
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    No big deal.
  • den 2012/07/08 02:47:26
    my wife is from the Phillipines where they eat dog meat,drink blood and eat very smelly fish-0ok with me..
  • Griegg 2012/07/08 02:46:47
    What someone chooses to eat is their business.
  • amazinggrace 2012/07/08 02:43:56
    I am very flexible as far as food goes.
  • sally 2012/07/08 02:37:54
    The last guy I dated loved olives and I absolutely hate them, I loved to snack a lot he only ate when it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner time, he loved this one soup called menudo (when my mom made it for him he was hooked on it) and I can't stand to have it more than once every few months.

    I don't think eating habits matter much, as you can see there are a lot of people who wouldn't mind their partner having totally different eating habits than they're used to.
    I'm pretty sure as long as the other person isn't bulimic or anorexic everything's all good.
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2012/07/08 02:36:49
  • CrazyTexan 2012/07/08 02:34:37
    I want to be able to enjoy a meal without worrying that it will offend my date.
  • cali 2012/07/08 02:24:19
  • retrograve 2012/07/08 02:20:57
    Long as they didn't try to get me to eat like them I wouldn't care.
  • Rocky 2012/07/08 02:12:28
    I am a vegetarian and my husband is a meat eater. I don't dwell on it . On a brighter note when we go out to eat - he eats the prime rib and I love the veggies. I married him knowing me was a meat eater - I just don't go along with it.
  • PonToki 2012/07/08 02:10:55
    I wouldn't mind dating a vegetarian as long as they weren't constantly nagging me about eating the animals.
  • aiko chibu 2012/07/08 02:10:16
    aiko chibu
    I think it would be cool to date someone that is vegetarian or vegan.
  • jayshawksnotboth 2012/07/08 02:06:21
    As long as she doesn't try and force her eating habits onto me.
  • bags the Indigenous Guru 2012/07/08 02:04:32
    bags the Indigenous Guru
    I married one. It's no a problem. He eats what he likes....and so do I.
  • MyDaydream90 2012/07/08 02:03:15
    Sure, why not? That is, as long as they don't mock gag or rant every time I eat a piece of chicken. That would get tiresome.
  • The Riv... MyDaydr... 2012/07/08 04:05:30
    The River Rat
  • SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPengu... 2012/07/08 02:01:05
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    why not? thats a stupid thing to do
  • JERSEYDUDE 2012/07/08 02:00:27
    fk no....im almost on my 3rd year of not eating meat and the longer i go the more sickened i am by meat and disgusting meat eaters
  • Jiorgia JERSEYDUDE 2012/07/08 03:42:27
    Humans are supposed to eat a combination of meat an veggies, everything from our teeth to our intestines is designed to eat/digest both...

    I know alot of people who turned veggie because of the 'cruelty that the animal goes through' and I too am disgusted by growth hormones (which are also put in ALOT of veg) and battery caging, but rather then choosing to make myself sick via vegetarianism (both my doctor and my nutritionist advised AGAINST vegetarianism), I choose to eat seasonal organic/free range (as we are supposed to) and only buy from farmers markets where I can ask the farmer themselves how the animal was treated or how the veg was grown, I have never been healthier.
  • Bibliop... Jiorgia 2012/07/08 04:40:43
    Not everyone cares what we were 'designed for'- it's still a dead animal. I am repulsed by the idea of meat.
  • JERSEYDUDE Jiorgia 2012/07/08 05:32:37 (edited)
    i can get you a thousand scientists that say humans werent meant to eat meat and you can get another thousand "mainstream" scientists to say otherwise.....

    growth hormones are far from my worries although i dont want to ingest them....

    buying organically raised animals from farmers who raise their animals correctly and whose animals actually get to live a normal nice life without torture is so expensive only the rich can afford it plus you never really know unless you see the farm with your own two eyes
  • Jiorgia JERSEYDUDE 2012/07/08 11:37:59 (edited)
    My doctors advised it for ME, we even tried out vegetarianism for a few months and then ran tests (I have a condition that makes my thyroid work on overtime) what I ate and when was monitored closely and vegetarianism was not for me unless I wanted to eat 10x the amount that a normal person would eat in order to get all of the vitamins and minerals MY body needs.

    Well then I guess I am rich but the more that people buy organic the cheaper it becomes to produce the cheaper it becomes to buy.
  • Lucy Jiorgia 2012/07/09 07:57:56
    You didn't have a thyroid operation to correct it?
  • Jiorgia Lucy 2012/07/09 16:16:53
    It was unnecessary seeing as my condition was manageable, my sister was not so lucky and had half of her left thyroid cut out, I just have to stay stress free and eat wisely.
  • socokid Jiorgia 2012/07/08 06:20:56

    However... imagine 2-3 servings of read meat a week (as our bodies were evolved to ingest, at MOST), compared to your average American... and we just start to see a small part of the problem.

    My wife has been a vegan since she was 14 (is now 33), and thankfully lives in the US where non-animal protein needs are readily available.
  • Vieuphoria Jiorgia 2012/07/08 10:52:56
    Although our bodies may be "designed" to do something. Humans have developed the ability of cognitive thought. We have invented things that can replace meat in a diet. I'm perfectly healthy and I've not touched the stuff in years. It's a lie that humans HAVE to eat meat, we don't. We CAN eat meat, and if some chose not to then good for them. Also, red meat isn't good for you. Not in terms of the amount people eat nowadays. People are poisoning themselves with masses of red meat a week. But that's ok I assume.
  • Jiorgia Vieuphoria 2012/07/08 11:39:57
    The replacements are never a real substitute for the real thing.
  • Vieuphoria Jiorgia 2012/07/08 11:59:38
    They are if you know what you're talking about.
  • Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC 2012/07/08 02:00:26
    Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/07/08 01:59:56
    Christopher Kirchen
    As long as she respected my habits, I would respect hers.
  • bob h. 2012/07/08 01:54:12
    bob h.
    Sure, but most vegans think that carnivores are all going to hell on hi-speed rail.
  • JERSEYDUDE bob h. 2012/07/08 01:58:50
    and you probably are...
  • AM 2012/07/08 01:53:15
  • Kyle 2012/07/08 01:52:47
    of course why not
  • Gohmert Pyle 2012/07/08 01:49:43
    Gohmert Pyle
    I doubt any true meat eater was polled unless this survey was conducted on tigers. Now, how many vegetarians date omnivores counterparts?
  • ScottyG - Faqueue 2012/07/08 01:45:57
    ScottyG - Faqueue
    I dated a real pig! She was tragic.
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ ScottyG... 2012/07/09 02:18:01
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    Ever get the feeling some of these vegetarians/ vegans would rather kill a human than a cow?
  • ScottyG... Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/07/09 15:16:19
    ScottyG - Faqueue
    Most, I expect!
  • Kyle 2012/07/08 01:44:11
    Yeah sure.
  • brunyon 2012/07/08 01:39:06
    no way in hell

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