1000 dollars per year to own a pit bull

lACE..<3 ChEVY GiRl 2010/04/10 04:02:36
today i was talking to my uncle and said i wanted a pitbull and that i liked them, he popped up and said you know they want to make people pay a 1000 dollar fee per year who own a pitbull. at least in kentucky i think. and i think its rediculous to be 100% honest. THOUGHTS PLEASE?
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  • Angelique ~ Pfffft! ;)~ 2010/04/10 09:34:58
    Angelique ~ Pfffft!  ;)~
    It is a shame. The best dogs we ever owned were pit bulls. 2 of them were strays and they were the most loving dogs when it came to the little kids, especially the babies. It is because of the myths and bad press associated with the breed that people fear them. It is not the breed. It is the owner of the dog.

  • Bulletproof Vendetta 2010/04/10 05:08:01
    Bulletproof Vendetta
    That is totally ridiculous. Pit Bulls aren't bad! We have a pit bull & he's big, but he's a complete wuss. He wouldn't hurt a fly.....on purpose.
  • SamTheSlayer [Codename: Duc... 2010/04/10 04:38:19
    SamTheSlayer [Codename: Duchess]
    That is ridiculous.
    They're just like any other dog... only some people use them for their entertainment.
    That's probably why though.
    I think anyone who puts their dogs in fights should just be thrown in jail and fined out the ass.
  • lACE..<3 ChEVY GiRl 2010/04/10 04:03:51
    lACE..<3 ChEVY GiRl
    honestly i think i would pay it if they made it a law here, they are beautiful animals and have the greatest personalities. i love animals, and the govt burdens that

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