10-Year-Old Model's Photos Spark Debate: Are They Too 'Sexy'?

Living 2011/08/04 18:56:52
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Thylane Loubry Blondeau has modeling in her blood. She's cute as a button, extremely photogenic and she knows how to work the camera.

Problem is, she's only 10 years old.

It's not that the fashion industry doesn't need young models to show off their children's clothing lines. They do. But the way Blondeau's parents are having her pose, at her age, is more than a little disturbing for some.

Koa Beck, editor of Mommyish, told ABC's "Good Morning America": "I think that I’m seeing a very young girl being sexualized, being gazed at in a very adult way."

We're not sure how other people are gazing at the little girl, but it does look like someone is trying to evoke a very adult sexuality out of the 10-year-old, and that's definitely not OK.

Her parents, Veroknika Loubry and Patrick Blondeau, even posted a topless picture to their daughter's website. Her chest is carefully guarded, but it's still scandalous enough to keep off the site.


You thought wrong.

Similar issues have been raised regarding child beauty pageants, and even Kim Kardashian's 15-year-old sister got some bad press recently for modeling a bikini this week.

Should the public be concerned about the media's portrayal of preteen sexuality, or are we just overreacting?

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  • bobbye.z 2011/08/04 19:11:32
    These photos are actually quite demure
    compared to others found on her site.
    Vogue is pandering to pedophiles.

    They did the same thing with Miley Cyrus cover shoot.

    This isn't art.
    This isn't even fashion.
    This is grotesque.

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  • K.S. 2011/08/07 01:02:25
    It just seems wrong that she would be having such a "sexy" expression too. And in the 2nd on her shirt has been pulled up to show skin and off the shoulder and shes stetching her pants downward not to mention her bed-messed looking hair...it's pretty disturbing o.o
  • Roy 2011/08/06 23:08:44
    If you think this is "Too Sexy", then what are you THINKING? The crime is in your head.
  • TJ Roy 2011/08/07 02:32:24
    maybe having photos like these will keep some sick pervert from acting out their fantasy on a real child who would be hurt for life.... what a person thinks about a picture and does with that thought, in their own home is none of my business
  • Eizzy TJ 2011/08/07 22:47:24
    Sadly, you are a bit mistaken. When individuals have an abnormal obsession for something or someone they will aim to get a hold of it whether it be the real thing or an imitation. Some disturbed individuals would be satisfied with these photos of this young girl but a lot would try to make their fantasies come true by either kidnapping the model of these mature photos or kidnapping a girl who resembles this model. In the end this girl's parents are putting herself in danger along with many normal or Thylane Loubry Blondeau look-alike girls as well.

    These photos don't make pedophile attacking numbers go down, it makes them go up.
  • Roy TJ 2011/08/09 00:54:11 (edited)
    Then maybe you should be in charge of a new pre-cog thought crime team? Let's start putting people in prison for looking at things, yes, that's the kind of society you support. Self control is SUPPOSED to be a human right. So by being an idiotic American who demonizes what they think others "THINK", you are just adding to the perverse and violent part of society. This communistic way of thinking is why civilizations like ours turn into prisons. And if you think THAT'S bunk, then just look up the rise of prisons in "This Great Country" of ours. This is also why people love the mass media, politics and religion. It's there way of screwing with others without taking any of the responsibility. You are a model citizen of society, comrades(yes, that's to all you status quo sheep), I salute you with a stomp and a hand held high, mein fuhrer.
  • Jessakash TJ 2011/08/09 04:33:58
    its pictures like this that make sick perverts start with the picture then go out and look for the children so we all need to make it our business and keep this kind of stuff from happening.
  • Jean Roy 2011/08/07 16:04:13
  • Roy Jean 2011/08/09 01:14:40 (edited)
  • Jean Roy 2011/08/13 14:03:11
  • Roy Jean 2011/09/26 16:44:37
  • Jean Roy 2011/10/06 03:24:14
  • Roy Jean 2011/10/10 16:29:43
  • Jean Roy 2011/10/19 04:01:07
  • Roy Jean 2011/10/25 17:10:39
  • Eizzy Roy 2011/08/07 22:25:51
    I can see how this question is confusing to you because I've been seeing a lot of people answer the question the same as you did; which is alright but a little misguided. The question isn't: Are these pictures Sexy? The question is: Are they too sexy for a ten year old model? Probably Sodahead Living hoped everyone would understand the question when they added their own comment in saying:

    Problem is, she's only 10 years old.

    It's not that the fashion industry doesn't need young models to show off their children's clothing lines. They do. But the way Blondeau's parents are having her pose, at her age, is more than a little disturbing for some.

    If they wanted the question to be: Are these pictures sexy? Then the comment would of changed from it being a problem to: This 10 year old looks good!
  • Roy Eizzy 2011/08/09 01:03:22
  • Alphadean 2011/08/06 22:58:59
    The real questions is what the hell were parents thinking
  • EJ 2011/08/06 22:42:38
    This is not ok.
  • Shawn 2011/08/06 22:38:49
    I say yes because truly, what is the point of a 10 year old to be modeling in such poses in the first place? Modeling poses are generally not natural poses, and these are usually use with adult models to make them appear sexy. So why is she being posed this way in the first place? I would seriously start checking into the photographers past for possible past pedophilia. Since that would be her parents, I would seriously reconsider their ability to raise a child. There is no good reason to pose a child this way.
  • Barb 2011/08/06 21:39:46
    Sex sells and the United States is sex obsessed! She is a beautiful child and that's all I see, but those around has made her beauty grotesque by exploiting and posing her so seductively. How could parents allow this to go on? The US is going to hell in a hand-basket. No morals, no politeness. It is a give me society and its sad compared to what we used to have as a Nation.
  • Joshua Hall 2011/08/06 21:26:25
    Joshua Hall
    Yes i think are too provocative and wrong
  • guitarplayer2571 2011/08/06 21:17:37
    No because if anyone finds a 10 year old sexy? They have serious mental issues!
  • Roy guitarp... 2011/08/06 23:14:02
    EXACTLY. People are doing there best to try to police everyone Else's mind most ignorantly without of course, actually THINKING about what they are doing/saying. Business as usual with the United Sheeps of America. Outlawing taking photos of children will be next. I really DO have to wonder what all these people so appalled at these boring photos actually THINK when they are looking at them(shudder). Sick minds indeed!
  • Jean guitarp... 2011/08/07 16:05:40
  • guitarp... Jean 2011/08/10 19:02:25
    i never said it was a good idea! but taking a photo of a child is not evil! but thinking it is sexy and lusting after them is very sick indeed! the problem stems from people with sick minds not from parents having their children's picture taken! that's all I'm saying!
  • Roy guitarp... 2011/09/26 17:02:43
    Dude, don't sweat these idiots, you are obviously too awake and aware toward the ignorance and rampant, uneducated stupidity around you for most of these people to understand the concept of looking at something and seeing it for what it is instead of what their obviously diseased minds THINK it is. They see a fully clothed child and think 'pedophile' and EPICALLY FAIL at seeing that as a PROBLEM within themselves and their culture. It's really quite sad...
  • Roy Jean 2011/09/26 16:57:43
    "no they are not sexy at all they are sick", That doesn't even make sense, Flea Brain! If you didn't think their was something sexually explicit about this photo, that's right, YOU, then HOW would it be "sick"? You are just an idiot-puppet, Jean, just like any religious idiot, you're trying to look all self righteous without actually knowing what you're talking about. Like MANY people and there herd-like mentality; you don't THINK before you speak.

    The problem here is not these innocent photos, the problem here is what whackos like you THINK about them! Wow, the ignorance is amazing!
  • Rebecca Louise 2011/08/06 20:45:07
    Rebecca Louise
    defenitly. this question sparked the intrest of a lot of pedophiles in guessing. she's just a child. switch to her modeling GAP. please.
  • dreamerloe223 2011/08/06 20:39:15
    i would say they are sexual but i would say they were good look for a girl only 10 yea old
  • RhaineZocaWinters 2011/08/06 19:59:00
    they gon get raped
  • Bomb a RhaineZ... 2011/08/07 23:45:16
    Bomb a
    By you?
  • Mike Miller 2011/08/06 19:21:13
    Mike Miller
    ...and we wonder why there are pedophiles. We turn out kids into young adults and wonder why some people, bordering on mental illness over their desires for young kids, are pushed over the top to act on those feelings. This kind of thing does nothing but help in that cause. In a way this is child pornography since it's selling sex.
  • Bob DiN 2011/08/06 19:15:30
    Bob DiN
    I think it's pretty obvious that this kid is being exploited. I consider it child abuse.
  • caitlinbaby 2011/08/06 19:15:02
    i dont think that their bad like the one pic wit the red dress she has a shirt under so its not like their showing 2 much their just cute pics and she a good modle so she gonna look like that
  • Jessakash caitlin... 2011/08/09 04:41:06
    she is a beautiful little girl , so why is all that make-up nail polish , hair uodo & high heels necessary
    what other children would dress like this, so what exactly is she modeling? the fact that she 's not showing too much doesnt explain why this little girl needs all this make up
  • caitlin... Jessakash 2011/12/29 23:59:14
    okay so i used to modle and we wors stuff like that all the time. because thats what is in style!! and its not that the makeup is a bad thing, thats how MOST girls at the age of 11-12 ware makeup so she is one year younger than that/ thats all im saying
  • Shuki 2011/08/06 18:57:22
    The pictures shown really aren't that bad. They may be a bit suggestive but over all I really see nothing wrong with these. With that being said, I haven't really seen all of her pictures. I think a 10 year old should never pose topless. That's just wrong. Either way it is up to the parents to decide what is or isn't apropriate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it really is up to the parents on how they want to raise their child. There is most definitely a line when it comes to any child modeling and being in any sort of spot light but from what I have seen here, that line hasn't been crossed.
  • Jean Shuki 2011/08/07 16:08:16
  • Shuki Jean 2011/08/16 14:57:52
    Nothing is wrong with my mind. I'm not a parent so I don't see it the way a mom would and I'm not a sick person so my mind doesn't go there. What I meant by it doesn't make my mind go there. If your mind does then doesn't that make you the sicko?
  • Jean Shuki 2011/08/22 20:12:50

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