10% Drop for Apple: Is Apple Still Cool?

Fef 2013/01/24 18:00:00
Yes, Apple's still cool
No, Apple's not so cool anymore
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Apple's shares dropped from $514 per share to $454 since yesterday. Apple, the worlds' highest valued company, reported huge profits and beat net income expectations. However, Apple often offers low expectations so it can beat that number. The stock dropped, according to Jeff Sica president and chief investment officer of SICA Wealth Management, because "the revenue number is dismal as far as what the expectations were."

Apple Reports Flat Profit as Revenue, iPhone Sales Disappoint

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  • Gilead 2013/01/24 18:24:29
    Yes, Apple's still cool
    Unlike a President, I don't care if my computer is cool or not; I want it to be able to do the damned job.

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  • Kezzi Morris 2013/02/02 11:17:46
    No, Apple's not so cool anymore
    Kezzi Morris
    Apple was never cool
  • Margaret 2013/01/30 23:35:34
    Yes, Apple's still cool
    There is something fishy here. Amazon reports a loss and someone is buying stocks enough to up the worth and Apple reports profit and stock goes down.
    Who is behind this?
    Surely a wise investor would not put their money in Amazon.
  • Donnie 2013/01/30 04:50:50
    No, Apple's not so cool anymore
    it's overpriced and they hardly ever innovate but they are attributed with the innovations.
  • Jerry Donnie 2013/01/30 15:02:51
    You must be blind. Most innovations were first on Apple and then PC started to use them, usually with bad results. You have to look back to the early times.
    Now both systems don't innovate much anymore.
  • Donnie Jerry 2013/01/30 21:09:15
    like what?
  • Bureauc... Donnie 2013/01/31 03:24:39
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    From a user's point of view, Windows 7 looks and acts more like a Mac from a few years ago than any Windows PC of the same vintage.
    Immatation is the sinserest form of flattery.
    Tablet computers were invented some time ago and faded away. It took Apple to get it right. Now the entire computer industry is chasing the IPads success.
    Everything you like about your touchscreen smart phone was pioneered by Apple. All those hand gestures, a screen that flips , Apps, on and on. You can thank Jobs for all that innovation. Before the IPhone, the 'smartest' smart phone you could but was a Black Berry, definitely not cool.
  • Donnie Bureauc... 2013/01/31 03:34:54
  • Bureauc... Donnie 2013/01/31 04:52:39
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    There were touchscreen phones available prior to the IPhone but like the tablet, it took Apple to get it right.
    BlackBerry was the 'smartphone' of choice, until Apple showed the world what a smart phone should be. All that innovation you are now accustomed to and all other manufacturers have included in their designs can be attributed to Apple. Many companies found guilty of infringing on apple iphone patents.
    As a former exclusive user of PCs starting with widows 3.0 who still has an XP pro and win7 in addition to Macs starting with Tiger, I can say every refinement showing up in Win 7 was common place on a Mac years earlier. Windows still needs more refinement. Too many unnecessary clicks.
  • Jerry Bureauc... 2013/01/31 16:16:04
    I think you are wasting time on Donnie.
  • Donnie Bureauc... 2013/01/31 22:00:29
    oh you mean pattens like the rounded edge of a rectangle; face it apple is a patten troll. and by the time the iPhone was out everyone else had worked out what a smartphone was apple just out marketed them. and touchscreen technology had refined itself in other fields before apple popularized it with their touchscreen tablet. don't mix up popularizing an with actual innovation.
  • karen.wells.3388 2013/01/30 00:36:06
    Yes, Apple's still cool
    Apple is still cool, but they are ridiculous at times. Now I have a iPad, iPhone, iPod and every year they are coming out with a new expensive devise to make your old one obsolete. I just upgraded my phone to 4s and six months later there is iPhone 5?!?! They are trying to force their consumers to upgrade their products when there is nothing wrong with them. Still using my iPad 1 & I refuse to give Apple any more money right now. I'll go android first.
  • lucky 2013/01/29 22:56:47
    No, Apple's not so cool anymore
    Any cool Apple had left the second Steve Jobs passed on.
  • viola 2013/01/29 22:06:14
    No, Apple's not so cool anymore
    don't think it ever has been cool :P

    no apple
  • Renar 2013/01/29 19:27:06
    Yes, Apple's still cool
    I still like Apple products but with Samsung on the come up, they have to be more flexible with product choices and PRICES.
  • Opal Marie 2013/01/29 16:13:04
    No, Apple's not so cool anymore
    Opal Marie
    ive always been an android fan when it comes to phones
  • Nika 2013/01/29 14:10:47
    No, Apple's not so cool anymore
    I wan never a fan of it to start with.
  • stranger 2013/01/29 14:01:01
    Yes, Apple's still cool
    well for there baseline mbp with cd drive and ipod classic, everything else is overpriced for what you get,
  • mitsuturbo 2013/01/29 08:17:09
    No, Apple's not so cool anymore
    Apple is awesome... if you're technologically impaired!
  • stranger mitsuturbo 2013/01/29 14:02:14
    why do you people think we should jump through hoops just to use microsoft office or surf the web??? why should everyone who needs to use a computer be a computer wiz to use it????

    you people are weird,
  • twhitin... mitsuturbo 2013/01/29 17:36:20
    This is complete nonsense
    I build my own pc's
    I develop websites
    I administrate Linux servers
    I am pretty fluent in php/mysql
    Are you saying that I'm technologically impaired? Go on, I DARE you to question my 30+ years of programming experience, my 15+ years of building and troubleshooting PC's

    I use Apple mobile devices. Why? They work. Out of the box, no fuss, no muss, the WORK. I don't HAVE to tweak them (though, honestly I do, just a bit).

    Now, part of this might be back in the day when I got my first iPhone (3g-s), Android wasn't available. OR , part of it might be that EVERY friend I've seen with droid devices (including my sister) has been nothing but frustrated with them 6 months after purchasing. Either way, I'm hardly technologically impaired, and yes, I DO use Apple products. I know plenty of OTHER people in the same boat. Stay away from labels, because you know nothing of what you speak.
  • James Adams 2013/01/29 06:48:54
    No, Apple's not so cool anymore
    James Adams
    For me Apple was always too big to be cool in the first place. I am proud to say that I have never ever had an apple product!
  • Bureauc... James A... 2013/01/31 03:27:51
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    It shows.
  • James A... Bureauc... 2013/02/01 06:47:11
    James Adams
  • Hannie 2013/01/29 04:16:50
    No, Apple's not so cool anymore
    I've never been a fan of Apple, really.
  • Brisername 2013/01/29 02:39:31
    Yes, Apple's still cool
    Well, I'm still seeing their products everywhere so I'm guessing they're still "cool".
  • Love Punk 2013/01/29 00:11:01
    Yes, Apple's still cool
    Love Punk
    yes it is apple
  • Jimbo 2013/01/28 23:53:09
    No, Apple's not so cool anymore
    Cool but not as cool.
  • OpenMindCon 2013/01/28 22:58:54
  • HydroSo... OpenMin... 2013/01/29 11:58:54
    HydroSonic Boom Blaster
    I own a Dell and can relate 100%. And Dell's customer service is unhelpful, they insist that a certain problem is because you're an idiot, and they don't know what to do when it's a very real problem. Mine ran like a dream for 2 months after getting it but it's been problems ever since, I have to use a wireless internet adapter because the internet doesn't work on it otherwise, it's been like that for 2 years (well, almost 2 years, since May 2011).
  • Jerry HydroSo... 2013/01/30 15:05:31
    Look up my story about Dell, somewhere here.
  • stranger OpenMin... 2013/01/29 14:06:22
    but "your just technologically impaired" lol. or so the pc weirdo's would like to tell you! to those people they think everyone should have a bachelor in computers and get pc's and be able to jump through millions of hoops just to get things to work.
    they are weird,

    i have a macbook and getting a macbook pro. easy to use, it works, you don;t need an education in computers to be able to use (not a bad thing, unlike in pc lovers minds).

    macs ftw
  • OpenMin... stranger 2013/01/29 14:36:49
  • Anjali Shah 2013/01/28 22:31:06
    Yes, Apple's still cool
    Anjali Shah
    'cept for the fact their shares are dropping. Not a good sign for my dad :-/
  • SaltAndBurn ★ 2013/01/28 20:11:05
    Yes, Apple's still cool
    SaltAndBurn ★
    Of course it is.

    apple tumblr
  • tgoose61 2013/01/28 18:52:50
    Yes, Apple's still cool
    It DEFINITELY is still cool. Check out this video I made on an Apple Product,http://www.youtube.co...
  • lolo 2013/01/28 17:49:08
    No, Apple's not so cool anymore
    I never thought it was cool in the first place. I'm a PC.
  • Stephan 2013/01/28 16:39:27
  • Robert 2013/01/28 11:40:13
    No, Apple's not so cool anymore
    isheep isheep isheep
  • Anna 2013/01/28 10:02:35
    Yes, Apple's still cool
  • Student 2013/01/28 09:43:29
    Yes, Apple's still cool
    I like Apple. I wish the MacBook was inexpensive.
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