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Born in Pittsburgh raised in Wilkinsburg, PA with my family. I’m the only child and the baby of the family on both sides. I’mma hardcore Taurus and loves the color blue. I love jewelry purses and shoes—in that order. Of course I’m stubborn and rebellious at times but in the end I keep it real and do what I gotta do. And if people don’t like it I say turn ya head the other way coz I aint changing me! 3 kizz, 2 hugz, 1 luv

I'd like to meet

anyone that wants to be my friend??


I like to blog, color and drawing. I also like to write poetry, short stories and novels. I love the knit and crochet. I'm also an anime geek too lol.


only fun things

Favorite Music

some of everything just about

Favorite TV Shows

a bunch

Favorite Movies

way too many to name lol

Favorite Books

whichever holds my attention through the first paragraph.....make that sentence :)

Favorite Quotes

"Its a Dog eat Dog world & Im wearing Bacon Pants....BUT ILL FIGHT FOR MY DELICIOUS PANTIES! ^.^"

"Take time to recreate yourself so that you can later marvel at the positive ways in which you've changed"

"Already met him, got involved wit him, married him, and now I can't get rid of him...."----My Mom said that about my dad lol

Favorite Heroes

don't really have any, I do love Batman tho if that counts???


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