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If Biden steps down, would you support Hillary as Barack Obama...
Latest rumors are that Biden is going to step down due to a health issue and Hillary to replace him. Would you suppo...
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For how long have you been a Democrat or voted Democratic? Ple...
For example, if you have been a Democrat for 6 years, round to 5. If you have been a Democrat for 8 years round up to...
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How do you plan to help Hillary out in 2008?
Join the Hillary Grassroots Campaign http://www.myspace.com/hillaryclinton2008 Donate to the Hillary Campaign http...
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Which Hillary segment was your favorite in the Online Yahoo De...
You can watch the 4 debate segments at http://debates.news.yahoo.com/
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  • keeper 2010/02/16 15:05:56
    Is this a scam or spam profile? HC should be too busy with affairs of state to be playing on SodaHead.
  • MQ-American Values Again (AVA) 2010/02/16 09:42:30
    MQ-American Values Again (AVA)
    She's yesterdays news as far as the presidency is concerned.
  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2010/02/16 07:47:47
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    Even the thought of Hilary in a position of power makes me sick. You would think the Democrats could actually find someone in the whole country that wasn't corrupt and wasn't a Progressive. I guess if you are a Progressive and want to manipulate someone then it's best to keep getting the unethical ones since they are the ones you can control.
  • ken 2009/12/14 23:59:52
    Sorry, it's too late for Hillary. When she traded her intuition for a cabinet appointment she lost all the credibility she worked so hard to attain. Her time has passed.
  • DADDYFATS61 2009/02/25 01:57:41
    Scottie I think it's because she's a very intelligent,and independent woman and also it's for some reason a Clinton thing.Which I don't understand,because we had prosperity and peace under President Clinton.on facebook there are several KILL HILLARY sites which I posted a complaint about.
    Other than that it's pure stupidity.
  • Scott 2009/02/25 01:19:49
    Other than opinions can someone tell me why Hillary Clinton is so hated?? What did she do that is so bad to be hated like she is, but try to help the poor and less fortunate since before she ever graduated from college? Please help me, I have researched and I don't find anything other than typical political agenda, which all other politicians carry. So why is she so different and hated more than all the others.
    At least in her I see some genuine care for our country. And in my opinion Hillary will be a wonderful statesman! Not only does our country need a person like Hillary to attempt to regain our standing in the world after our last Republican president totally screwed us to the wall as far as many countries around the world are concerned. But the world needs to come together, and Hillary could be the answer so just sit down and shut up the negative and lets move into a period and era of helping one another, not by turning all of us against each other which in my "opinion" is what Mr. Bush attempted to do. And he suceeded in many ways, but let's reverse and become one, it is damn time.
  • ken 2009/01/22 03:09:22
  • DADDYFATS61 2008/12/26 18:09:40
    sorry I couldn't have done more good luck in the new position.
  • kame 2008/11/27 01:32:55
    I think that Hillary is the very excellent woman as a
    statsman. I hope that she will change with Barack Obama not only America but also the other countries, especially developping countries like Africa.
    I am a Japanese , but I have been a suporter of Barack Obama. We Japanese hope that Obama
    and Hillary can change the world of 21th century.
    Thank you!
  • Mike 2008/11/25 22:52:51
  • Sandie 2008/11/24 19:16:41
    Why & how Obama was elected still mystifies me?
    NO black country will vote for a white President. On principle so why did this country vote in a black man? Good or not!
  • Sandie 2008/11/24 19:12:58
    Don't like to think of you as working under Mr Obama!!! Stay in the senate..is my opinion!
  • SPARROW 2008/11/23 15:20:22 (edited)
    It doesn't matter I believe GOD is in control and there is a reason for everything and a purpose.I'm a conservative Christian and I pray for all of our Government people we had a election Obama was chosen now it is time to move on the issues of our country an we will fight the good fight when we disagree with a policy issue but we have to stop with hatred I'm not left I'm not right I'm an American that only wants the best for our One Nation Under GOD.and his people we are all his children weather you believe in GOD or not you have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine I'm an easy going person but when you try to shut me up about mine well we christians aren't door mats I will do what I can to make sure you are tolerant of me.So GOD BLESS and have a Blessed and Thankful THANKSGIVING.Please remember our Troops and their families in your prayers.
  • annie44_98 2008/11/22 21:04:24
    She would make a great Secretary of State
  • TL 2008/11/22 14:44:27
    Obamas "CHANGE" is appointment of Clinton Administration. Yah, change we can believe in.
  • ANNETTE 2008/11/20 14:16:11
    Anybody that would endorse a kook like Al Franken is not a patriot no matter which party they belong to. It is okay to be partisan to a point, but when it means supporting someone of Al's ilk, it is time to put it aside.
  • Mary Anne ONeil 2008/11/14 18:12:05
    Mary Anne ONeil
    If Hillary can replace Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader, she should stay in the Senate. If not, she would be the country's salvation as secretary of state.
  • Pauline 2008/09/17 22:52:42
    Would v'e gone to the ends of the earth for her. Now my money and support will go to S. Pallin, as Hillary should have backed her instead of Obama.
  • Dirkje 2008/09/17 00:59:09
    Both parties are a disgrace, because both canidates are unwilling to stay on the issues. This negitive stuff they are saying of each other is driving most Americans crazy, while our jobs and education health insurence are not being adressed. Neither are leadership material at this point.
  • domnmo 2008/09/16 07:31:33
    I have nothing but love and respect for Hillary and i wish she was running not that hate monger Obama but if she asked me to vote for him i would tell her no but i will be there for you in 2012
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