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Should certain things be censored on the internet?
Australia is shifting its plan to censor the internet. HAHAJK.COM reports: In an official release yesterday, th...
1,001 votes
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Uh, Oh. Terry Bradshaw may have just pulled a Howard Cosell wh...
Was Terry Bradshaw's NFL remarks racist? HAHAJK.COM reports: Oh, Terry. We love you, but man are you dumb. While ...
27 votes
How will you be throwing away your presidential votes tomorrow?
Who are you more likely to throw your vote away on? HAHAJK.COM reports: It’s finally here, Election Day 2012. Aft...
7 votes
Do you think Holly Madison's line of designer Thong Diaper...
Holly Madison is shaking up the world of diapers with her new designer thong diaper line. HAHAJK.COM reports: It’...
70 votes
How slutty will your Halloween costume be this year?
Another Halloween, another round of sexy costumes HAHAJK.COM reports: Halloween is the day all us gals can slut i...
44 votes
Should women going through menopause just start sleeping with ...
Women going through menopause have an opportunity to go on a sexspree and have baby-free sex. HAHAJK.COM reports: ...
36 votes
Would you eat anything made by a 4-yr old?
A four year old gives his father the birthday surprise of his life. HAHAJK.COM reports: A child learned the har...
372 votes
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Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a good person?
Arnold has admitted his mistakes in a tell-all 60 Minutes interview. HAHAJK.COM reports: Arnold Schwarzenegger co...
42 votes
Do You Like Hugging?
The debate on hugging continues. Which side are you on? HAHAJK.COM reports: There are two types of people in this...
436 votes
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Should Celebrity Endorsements of Political Candidates Matter?
Snoop Lion and other "celebrities" are endorsing political candidates. Should they? HAHAJK.COM reports: As Nove...
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