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Nekos and Inus secretly live amongst humans, in hopes one day they find their master. The only way to know who their master is, is by their master saying their name, and their tails and ears pop ou...

Hey gals!!!! :D So for the past couple of months now I've been trying to lose weight and change my eating habits. Down a few pounds ;) Share anything that has worked for you!!!!! :D

Green Energy Koyal Group is leading the way for Green Energy with its production of boilers and other equipment in use at Ethanol plants across the world. Green Energy Koyal Group utilizes a 'State...

This group is intended for fans. If you are not, then this is not for you. But everyone is welcome!

The year is 2078 and the world is overpopulated, life is hard and society has gone backwards. If you are rich you have everything good, but if you are poor you are doomed, disease, poverty and crim...

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