Your thoughts on Rebecca Black's Friday?

stoplookinatmeSWAN 2011/03/16 13:31:28
Do you think this song is FUN FUN FUN? Or do you want to sic Chuck Norris on her ass for creating the most juvenile, yet catchy song with overused auto-tuning, horrible lyrics, and kids who dance awkwardly in the back of the car

Read More: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0

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  • stoplookinatmeSWAN 2012/03/21 02:14:51
    Lol, sorry to Miley fans, I lost respoect for her after that horrendous performance of hers on The Last Song
  • Lexi 2011/09/15 04:36:34
  • Lexi 2011/05/20 01:25:20
    it sucks
  • Lexi 2011/04/02 00:57:37 (edited)
    Miley Cyrus is 10 times way Better
    she is the most poppular and the most funnyest the most Talented
    and the most amazing and the most Beautiful
    and the most amazing actress and the most amazing Singer
    miley is a Rock princes and she Rules
  • Georgia50 2011/03/27 17:23:51
    I don't fault anyone for chasing their dreams. Damn the torpedoes, Rebecca, full speed ahead! Surround yourself with people who believe in you. If lame-ass lyrics like "Let's go all the way tonight" (Katy Perry) or "I was born this way-hey" (Lady Gaga) can make it, there's no one to say you can't.
  • stoploo... Georgia50 2011/04/07 12:12:32
    Haha I suppose yyou're right, but at this point, she'll forever be branded as Black Friday. At lease those lyrics a LITTLE bit better than 'we excited, we we we excited, we're gonna have a ball!'
    But about Katy Perry, I like her song Teenage Dream, but further delving into, I realised her teenage dream was to have sex with a hot dude, some dream.
    Have you head Jenna Roses 'My Jeans'? it's almost as bad as Friday, and she's younger than Rebecca Black. Here's a line from the song 'ABC, 123, that girl wore her jeans like me, I bet she's mad, cos I look fab, HAHAHAHA, jack my swag'
    I wish I was joking. What has music come to these days? :(
  • Georgia50 stoploo... 2011/04/07 12:19:39
    I think Katy Perry peaked in terms of originality with Waking Up In Vegas. You're right, though...seems we're back to the Jackson Five and The Partridge Family sometimes, huh?

    I'll take Dan Black (ft. Kid Cudi) over Rebeca Black any day. Although the lyrics in Symphonies are abstract, that's kinda sorta the point:
  • AdriHead 2011/03/16 23:55:23
    definitely the latter.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2011/03/16 16:16:20
    The Winter Sodahead
    I find it so bad it's hilarious

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