Your boyfriend said he wanted kids, but now you are pregnant and he wants an abortion. What would you do?

jt 2010/01/23 16:34:10
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  • Adi 2010/01/23 20:56:14 (edited)
    I would have to say "GOODBYE" to the boyfriend!!! I consider abortion murder!

    You have other choices besides abortion......have the baby and raise him/her yourself....or give the baby to a couple who can not have children of their own.

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  • Live Fr... fairief... 2010/01/24 00:14:00
    Live Free Or Die
    Understood, but he's asking her to kill it. I'd be nervous about how he'd treat the baby. With child support comes shared custody and visitation.
    In a case like that, I'd make him do the dancing and prove that he really wants to be a part of the child's life before I'd involve the courts.

  • fairief... Live Fr... 2010/01/26 17:44:15
    fairiefang -annoying fashion snobs everywhere-
    If he wanted the baby killed, chances are he would would want nothing to do with it once it's born. Child support might be the only thing he has to do with his child's life.
  • Melody 2010/01/23 19:01:31
    Kick he's ass to the curb kick ass curb
  • maia 2010/01/23 18:59:50
    Tell him that he's a finicky bastard and that I'm the one who'll have the final decision in the matter.
  • Arky in Y'shua 2010/01/23 18:56:05
    Arky in Y'shua
    Sue for child support, claiming false advertising.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2010/01/23 18:49:50
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    1. call an attorney so I would have child support for my child, 2. Pack his duds, 3 wave good bye
  • zareal ♫♥☻☺♪the first and the last♪☺☻♥ ♫
    i would try to figure out why he dosen't want the baby anymore
  • Sarah Films the Clouds 2010/01/23 18:38:45
  • Ves~Sai... Sarah F... 2010/01/23 22:33:12
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    Same boat as you. :)
  • tammerz/zɹǝɯɯɐʇ 2010/01/23 18:14:14
    First of all, I wouldn't have gotten pregnant for my BOYFRIEND. How stupid. I'd be married first. But in the event that I did manage to get pregnant, unless I happened to be in a very bad situation, I wouldn't have an abortion because of the risk it could pose to my health. I have a lot of problems with that particular body system.
  • Loreli 2010/01/23 18:00:52
    A relationship with this guy is a waste of time, he hasn't grown up into adulthood yet. End the realtionship and have your baby.. there are decent men out there.
  • Anonymous 2010/01/23 18:00:24
    abortion is w-r-o-n-g.
  • Tara 2010/01/23 17:52:40
    I would tell him to take a hike (Ok I wouldn't say it like that. but I am trying to be polite here) and go on with my life and have the baby. I would never murder a child just because some guy wanted me to
  • ♫ idealshine ♫ 2010/01/23 17:52:31
    ♫ idealshine ♫
    I keep the baby and kick his out!!!
  • bye 2010/01/23 17:50:51
  • nnnn 2010/01/23 17:42:49 (edited)
    i would tell him to get the hell out of my life! if he was the one who got me pregnant he should live with that! i'm not going to be responsable for the death of a living human! i would tell him that he can leave me alone and put the child up for adoption because i can't raise it by myself. it would be sad but i could never kill a child because someone told me to, showing that he obviously doesnt love me as much as i though he did
  • ALPEAUX 2010/01/23 17:39:16 (edited)
    Think of what you would want to do if YOU were the baby.
    I just looked at some ultra-sounds (in 3-D) of BABIES. They are NOT TISSUE, they are human -beings.

  • Seeker-TERM LIMIT SUPPORTER 2010/01/23 17:34:20
    well JT your hypothetical question- was the bf also talking of marriage?
    get married first then have the children. But if the pregnancy happened - and he doesn't want the child- then time to say goodbye- and as NarcolepticGoat below said-
    have him sign away his parental rights- so he can't come back to you and the child- and you also can not go after him for child support.
  • amazinggrace 2010/01/23 17:29:54
    I see this going on all the time these days. To the credit of the young women who get pregnant out of wedlock most end up having the baby. First the boyfriend wants a baby and then he suggests abortion? Sounds like a real POS to me.
  • katiegirl! 2010/01/23 17:21:13
    kick his ass to the curb, have the baby & put it up for adoption
  • NarcolepticGoat 2010/01/23 17:21:01 (edited)
    While I am against illegalizing abortion, I would never get one. I would tell him to take a hike, get his signature on a form to terminate his parental rights and go my own way with Sprout.
  • hermione101 2010/01/23 17:19:56
    It's not up to him. You are the one who's going to have the baby. So he practically has no say.
  • Seeker-... hermion... 2010/01/23 17:26:32
    I have to question that- what if she was the one that didn't want it and he did- its his child TOO.
  • hermion... Seeker-... 2010/01/23 17:30:55
    Yeah..... I didnt think of that. The father's rights are just as important as the mother's.. so I guess he has a say in it too. :)
  • Punk 2010/01/23 17:17:47
    ya if he wants kids then he wants you to have an abortion then give him the finger & leave
  • Unnamed 2010/01/23 17:11:00
    Well he needs to make that choice, it sounds like you made yours and you need to stand by it. He helped you make this baby, and if he is thinking about it enough to not want another man around it but doesn't mind if it dies then that makes no sense. I think you should tell him you respect his feelings but it is your body and you will not sacrifice another child for him, if he loves you enough he will understand.good luck love.
  • LOTR_HP~RWAC~CFM 2010/01/23 17:07:52
  • Punk LOTR_HP... 2010/01/23 17:18:34
    hell ya
  • Moderated 2010/01/23 17:06:05
    It's not up to him. I'm the one having to cook the brat and ruin MY looks....he needs to just sit back, shut up, and follow my lead.
  • XxCupcakesRAWRxX 2010/01/23 17:04:15
    I'd tell him no... abortion is murder... ur killing something inside of you... it's horrible...
  • freedom 2010/01/23 17:00:57
    abort him
  • Friday 2010/01/23 17:00:32
    Damn, Tell your parents and if you are not in a position to raise the baby look for a proper adoption agency. DON"T GO TO "PLANNED PARENTHOOD"!

    Lose the boy friend but not his address! File the Child Support papers ASAP! parenthood lose boy friend address file child support papers asap
  • RamblingVoices. 2010/01/23 16:59:58
    probably this then when i felt better tell him to do one
  • moomoof 2010/01/23 16:50:01
    Well first i would not have gotten pregnant i am not sure if you meant he wanted to and so did i or he just wanted to...and if i did get pregnant and he wants me to have an abortion all i would say is cut off your balls with scissors and then ask me again
  • Cass 2010/01/23 16:49:22
    Get rid of the bastard, and pin his ass to support the child!
  • Weirdal... Cass 2010/02/05 01:26:40
    Good answer.
  • Cass Weirdal... 2010/02/05 20:02:44
    Thanks Baby=D

    So does this mean that you Love # 4 now??? hehe
  • Weirdal... Cass 2010/02/05 22:00:00
    I there was a #4, but I don't know if there will be.
  • DeborahLakeHelen 2010/01/23 16:45:00
    LEAVE his SORRY azz! Have that precious baby, savor EVERY second of the wonderfulness of Motherhood, and sue the deadbeat, lowlife, backpedaling, no-good, worthless PUNK for child support! Abortion is MURDER! deadbeat lowlife backpedaling no-good worthless punk child support abortion murder deadbeat lowlife backpedaling no-good worthless punk child support abortion murder
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2010/01/23 16:42:25
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    Actually, he wants you to have the abortion. He cannot have one, unless he is really a she. Why are you having kids without getting married?

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