You Win an All-Expense Paid Vacation For Two: Who Do You Take and Where Do You Go?

Phil 2011/11/18 15:07:29
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Hawaii   Maui
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  • katt 2011/12/01 06:19:54
    my guy to london london
  • Happy 2011/11/19 16:41:03
    My older sister to japan
    japan mount fuji
  • Emma 2011/11/19 16:38:19
    my best friend. if her parents would let her. a tour of europe like my brothers did last summer. running with the bulls would be fun
  • ljhfldsj 2011/11/19 16:26:38
    My best friend, to Australia!
    great barrier reef
  • gunner ljhfldsj 2011/11/19 16:53:17
    That would be great ! I was in Sidney and Melbourne,in the late 60`s. I would like to see the interior,the 'out back'
  • ljhfldsj gunner 2011/11/19 23:09:53
    That would be awesome to see! I hope I get the opportunity to do it someday.
  • gunner ljhfldsj 2011/11/20 04:28:12
    I hope you do too !
  • ljhfldsj gunner 2011/11/20 04:37:47
    Well thank you! =)
  • Jessica Phillips 2011/11/19 16:24:41
    Jessica Phillips
    I would take my mom. We would either go to Florida to see my oldest brother or France... Just because we can.
  • Doug King 2011/11/19 14:04:28
    Doug King
    My wife and we go to Hawaii.
  • FIDAN Ylee 2011/11/19 08:07:18
    FIDAN Ylee
    my sis to AMERICA or LONDON
  • Wizard 2011/11/19 07:44:45
    1st, if I have all my options open, I'd like to visit Honolulu for about 2 weeks. But my options in life are not 100% open. I have an autistic sister who is under my custody 24/7...so if ONLY 2 can go, the 2nd ticket belongs to her...plus I have to convince her it is safe to fly. (She's never been in an airplane...and will panic, which could cancel the trip, at the airport.) If I could find somebody willing to look after my sister for 2 long weeks...I'd invite a nice lady to be my companion. An old boss of mine did that...and they got married on their return. He knew some ladies in a bowling alley lounge, and asked, "Who wants to go on vacation with me to Hawaii?" He had his pick of 3 attractive single ladies, and married one a few months later. (Apparently it was a great opening line.)
  • coach k 2011/11/19 07:33:38
    coach k
    my wife maui
  • Wizard coach k 2011/11/19 07:51:06 (edited)
    I have a cousin in Honolulu, maybe he would let me setup camp out there. But, first I have to get my sister to give up a lot of stuff she likes to take everywhere, plus convince her it is OK to fly. Oh well, we'll probably end up on a cruise ship to Hawaii...if I had that kind of money.

    My 2nd choice is Manila, Philippines.
    Same climate as Hawaii, but the money (Filipino Pesos) trades at 45:1 !!!!!

    Manila, Philippines

    Manila  Philippines
  • Ego Death 2011/11/19 07:30:15
    Ego Death
    I take my sister to The United Kingdom / Ireland for stand up comedy, art galleries, museums and the general sights.
  • cupcakes 2011/11/19 07:21:04
    III wwwoouullldd tttaaakkkeee mmmyy iiimmmmaagggiiiinnnaaarrrryyy ffffiiirrennnnddddsss aaannnddd iiii wwouuuullldd gggooo ttooo JJAAPPAANN
  • Kiki,Pixie,Worm 2011/11/19 06:52:30
    I would take my family and my friend and I would either wanna go to.....ughh this is hard...Umm XD St. Petersburg Russia or...Seoul Korea! Don't ask me why though xD
  • The River Rat 2011/11/19 06:41:20
    The River Rat
    I would give it to a friend because I have no one to take and nowhere I really want to go.
  • david shiel 2011/11/19 06:13:48
    david shiel
    Sex slave or three.
  • Centurion~PWCM~JLA 2011/11/19 05:41:54
    My wife,

    Europe, mostly in Germany:

  • Tina Centuri... 2011/11/19 13:19:16
    That is a very beautiful photo! Is that taken in Germany?
  • Centuri... Tina 2011/11/19 16:07:41

    It is a village I used to spend a lot of time in called Weidenthal. If you google Weidenthal images outside of SH there are many more.

    It is located about 45 minutes or so East of Kaiserslautern which was home to a few U.S. Air Bases and several U.S. Army Kasserns when I was stationed there about 20 years ago.

    I used to saddle up on that hill to the right and ride all over that area.
  • FJ 2011/11/19 05:25:45
    I would take

    To Hawaii :)
  • lady blue FJ 2011/11/19 05:31:35
    lady blue
    Oh yes...I am your slave. I am forever indebted to you, That is real happiness .
    Maui is the most beautiful island. Very romantic there.
    thanks for choosing me. XDD
  • FJ lady blue 2011/11/19 05:41:26
    ahahah you're welcome XD
  • lady blue FJ 2011/11/19 05:47:20
    lady blue
    I'm only welcome when I arrive there. That's what I'm talking about. XDD
  • FJ lady blue 2011/11/19 05:49:32
    Yeah, we both will someday XD
  • lady blue FJ 2011/11/19 06:07:45
    lady blue
    You are sure of that , are you ? Hawaii is much more beautiful than California, but you have to go there with your lover to make it complete.
  • FJ lady blue 2011/11/19 06:12:07
    Where do I have to go with you to make it complete? LOL California or Hawaii? XD
  • lady blue FJ 2011/11/19 06:17:48
    lady blue
    Forget California for now. Hawaii is a land of enchantment and rare beauty that is second to heaven. My heart is in Hawaii.
  • FJ lady blue 2011/11/19 06:19:46
    For me it's fine but you have to promise that we will at least spend like I don't know 15 days collecting my heart (which is in California) XD
  • lady blue FJ 2011/11/19 06:28:40 (edited)
    lady blue
    Ok it's a deal . San Francisco and Santa Monica and the whole coast line is breathtaking. You will never be the same after you see the coast. Carmel by the sea is extraordinary too. San Diego is awesome too. There are no words to describe these areas. It's parallel to an orgasm of the body. This is an orgasm of the mind.
  • FJ lady blue 2011/11/19 06:30:00
    Cool reply XD But I would like to go to Hollywood and LA
  • lady blue FJ 2011/11/19 06:50:45
    lady blue
    So you can visit there also. LA is very pretty but not in the city.
    The canyon areas like Laurel Canyon and Coldwater canyon are beautiful. Very exclusive looking with beautiful vines and trees that I have not seen anywhere else. When you stop at a light in Laurel Canyon you cannot even see the homes or anything in front of you but the street itself and street signs because they are cascaded wih gorgeous exotic trees and flowers. Very exclusive affluent areas. Brentwood is where many of the stars live. This area is for the wealthy, beautiful streets and houses . Jim Carrey lives there. I have his address... my sister gave it to me. Just one of his homes I'm sure. This comment is way too long. We should get back to email.
  • FJ lady blue 2011/11/19 06:53:41
    Yeah I am waiting for an email from you lol. But Cool Jim Carey's house XD
  • lady blue FJ 2011/11/19 07:10:39
    lady blue
    Yeah we should go there and wait for him on his front steps ...LoL ...
  • FJ lady blue 2011/11/19 07:22:59
    Yeah, I know what his reaction would be XD
  • wandadear 2011/11/19 04:29:25
    My husband galipago island galapigo island
  • blackrings70 2011/11/19 04:18:05
    Me and my husband to Paris, he loves Paris.
    husband paris loves paris
  • SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPengu... 2011/11/19 04:05:16 (edited)
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    that i dont know...but hmm either Uruguay or Tokyo

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