You might be a cat lover if…

Dar 2011/09/23 20:02:40
LOL! True!
LOL! Here's another one!
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  • your cat has a Twitter account.
  • …and tweets more often than you.
  • …and you @mention your cat in your own tweets.
  • you cut your after-work activities short just so you can get home to see your cat.
  • you dare not move a muscle when kitty falls asleep at your feet, even if you need to get up and pee.
  • you sleep in the oddest positions, just so you can accommodate your cat, even if he/she chooses to plonk itself in the middle of your bed.
  • sleeping with your cat and getting stray particles of kitty litter from your cat’s claws in your bed doesn’t bother you.
  • you take your cat’s name as your online name.
  • you have your cigarettes outside regardless of snow or rain because your cats disdainfully wrinkle their adorable little noses when they smell smoke.
  • when you’re telling a friend about having to take the cat to the V-E-T, you whisper and your eyes dart furtively around the room to make sure your kitty isn’t within earshot.
  • you cried more than the cat did the day you dropped him at the vet’s to be neutered.
  • you feel naked if your clothes aren’t covered in cat hair.
  • if you own more than one cat and can tell which cat threw up just by looking at the pile.
  • people say “what a lovely Angora sweater!” and you say “What Sweater?”
  • the grocery consists of cat food, cat treats, cat toys, and mice.
  • you know all the ingredients in meow mix by heart.
  • you plan your schedule around your cat.
  • you don’t care which part of her body Kitty may have licked before kissing you on the lips!
  • you nuzzle your sweetheart by rubbing your forehead on her.
  • you still kiss your boyfriend after he lets kitty drink the milk while he eats the cereal.
  • you feed them Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner on the good china.
  • your dog coughs up cat hairballs.
  • you take your cat everywhere with you and leave the car on so fluffy can get some a/c and so she can listen to the radio.
  • you take your cat everywhere because you, I mean she have separation anxiety.
  • you yell at Snookums for talking too much.
  • you apologize for yellin’ at your darlin’ and tell her you didn’t mean it and tell her she can scream if she wants.
  • when you are done crying you go get a towel to dry the tears off of her fur to make her happy.
  • when someone else yells at your cat for being bad, you say, “Be nice… she’s only human.”
  • your way of punishing you cat for bad behavior is a “Time Out” in the bathroom after explaining that she has been a very bad kitty for tearing up your stuff.
  • when your cat scratches the heck out of you and your family, you say, “It’s just a phase she’s going through.”
  • when your cat rips off the wallpaper, you take her to a cat pscyhotherapist to discover what is upsetting her and causing her disruptive behavior.
  • you have full conversations with your cats and you think it’s normal.
  • you think that they understand you and communicate back.
  • you have more cat toys than clothes.
  • when you wear black people think that you’re shedding.
  • you get a fish tank and fish as pets for your cat.
  • you take more pictures of your cat then you do of your children.
  • you call home during your honeymoon and ask if the children have fed the cat and where is he sleeping and don’t ask if the children are okay.
  • your cat eats the most expensive cat food available, but you subsist on macaroni and cheese and ramen noodles
  • you refer to your parents as “Grandma” and “Grandpa”, but you have no children.
  • you force everyone who phones your house to listen to Snookums meow into the receiver.
  • your cat has more names than you do.
  • you spend a date telling your date all about your cats and not one thing about yourself.
  • each one of your cats gets spoken to in their own individual “special voice”.
  • you call your own answering machine just so that the cats can hear your voice.
  • you post pictures of your cat on your web page and your spouse has no picture posted!
  • you cough up hairballs daily too.
  • your cat has more say than your spouse.
  • you write poems about your cat.
  • your cat sleeps in your bed more often than your spouse.
  • you don’t need an alarm clock, because your cat wakes you up before the alarm clock goes off.
  • you can eat after your cat. (For all non-cat lovers, it does happen.)
  • you’ve stopped wondering where all the cat hairs that appear on your clothes could possibly come from.
  • you’ve stopped caring about the amount of fur on your clothing on the rare occasions when you actually go out in public.
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  • All American 2011/09/24 12:26:08
    LOL! True!
    All American
    I have 2 and foster a 3rd. They're are loyal and loving and eagerly await my arrival at the end of the day.
  • jabroniman 2011/09/23 20:21:42
    LOL! Here's another one!
    I have a cat but he has not affected my actions in any of the ways you've listed. I like my cat, but I'm not in loe with it.
  • pinksgirlygirl 2011/09/23 20:05:58
    LOL! True!
    LOL this is sooooo me.....hahahaha lol sooooo hahahaha happy lol cat
  • Dar pinksgi... 2011/09/24 08:56:35
    I actually thought of you...LoL! Me too...I love my kitties!
  • pinksgi... Dar 2011/09/25 18:34:47
    the 2 army kitties i have are supposed to go home on october 15th. i havent heard from the family and im a little upset. they promised to bring by some $$ for litter and food - as part of the deal of caring for them - but nothing so far. i love the kits but i cant afford to care for 4 kits. my 2 are enough for me. sorry...just venting. :((

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