You know you are a cheapskate when?____

Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy) 2011/08/11 00:18:13
Hello Sodahead people & friends. I'm making a funny and jokes page for my website and I could use some ideas related to this question

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  • Fef 2011/08/11 00:20:59
    You pay for one movie then sneak into a second movie that you don't even want to watch.

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  • Charles 2011/08/20 20:30:15
    When your radiator has a leak, you keep adding fluid rather than fix or repair it, and engine burns up!
  • mimi 2011/08/15 21:52:44
    When u split toilet tissue in 2., when you steal toilet tissue from public places, when u try to pass for
    a kid to pay kids price at movies (cause you're small). when u refill water bottles at home. when you
    refill mayo & ketchup at home with mcdonalds mayo & ketchup.
  • Juanb 2011/08/13 03:00:54
    Never Tip
  • Captain... Juanb 2011/08/14 00:03:02
    Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy)
    lol You know you are a cheapskate when you only tip a waiter/waitress a condom for safe sex or leave a note of safety tips..lol

    i had a friend who was so cheap that he tip'd the waitress a condom ..what an assshole move he did i felt so bad that i went back and gave that waitress a 100% tip
  • JackCloutier 2011/08/11 23:47:06
    Your idea of dining out is going to the Jack in the Box two blocks away.
  • Dum Luk 2011/08/11 15:42:44
    Dum Luk
    You dart out between cars on a busy road to pick up a penny.
  • LittleMistersMom 2011/08/11 14:13:47
    When you make a roll of two-ply toilet paper into two rolls of one-ply.
  • jimbo999 2011/08/11 11:52:13
    Save drier lint to make underwear.
  • Captain... jimbo999 2011/08/12 01:11:48
    Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy)
    haha thats funny
  • abbody11 2011/08/11 08:54:07 (edited)
    when one of my family or my friends or my girl freind or my cheldrin and my wife in the future reequest something neccessary of me and i did not accept because i am afraid on my money..... and when my prophet have been mintioned and i did not say peace be upon him......
  • JosephCooke7265 2011/08/11 04:35:56
    ou hear married with children theme in head
  • kelsie 2011/08/11 04:07:55
    When some one gives u something really expensive n u give them something from like the dollar store......thats horrible
  • 24FilmProStudio 2011/08/11 03:14:51 (edited)
    you save ketchup packs from restaurants
  • PanDuh 24FilmP... 2011/08/11 03:26:11
    Omg my grandma use to steal those things by the handful. Not just ketchup packs either; slat, pepper, sugar, sweetener, and anything she can smugly easily out the store
  • Captain... PanDuh 2011/08/11 03:33:48
    Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy)
    lol that sounds familiar dont forget napkins too..
  • PanDuh Captain... 2011/08/11 03:53:11
    She once stole a plate too......
  • Magyarita PanDuh 2011/08/12 00:24:48
    I remember someone saying their grandma did that, then sold them at garage sales...have I met you IRL?
  • PanDuh Magyarita 2011/08/12 20:23:16
    Was that grandma by any chance selling pepper and slat shakers from restaurants as well?
  • Magyarita PanDuh 2011/08/12 23:54:16
    Yeah! She also sold ketchup and mustard!
  • PanDuh Magyarita 2011/08/13 02:59:47
  • Magyarita PanDuh 2011/08/15 23:39:34
    Lol, I can't believe people would actually buy used ketchup/salt/etc.
  • Chukroast 2011/08/11 02:22:38
    Upon first use of a product, you find you really don't like, but you go ahead and use it all up. Then you go back to the store with the empty container, complain about it, and get your money back.
  • Captain... Chukroast 2011/08/11 02:27:46
    Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy)
    lol nice one sounds like a thing my aunt does
  • PanDuh Chukroast 2011/08/11 03:26:39
    You can do that??
  • Barbara Hasler 2011/08/11 01:53:06
    Barbara Hasler
    I know I am cheap when invite someone to lunch and take them to Costco for the $1.50 hot dog deal!
  • Saucy 2011/08/11 01:47:40
    Over here we have a saying :- "cutting currents in half".
  • υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    You won't take your child to the emergency room even though she clearly needs stitches after almost chopping her finger off

    Thanks a lot, Mom!!!!
  • PanDuh 2011/08/11 00:53:15 (edited)
    -Black Friday is still too expensive for you to spend money.

    -All your plates are the reusable tupperware from ordering Chinese food.

    -You rather walk 20 or more blocks then pay for a train.

    -You see someone throwing out furniture and think "Looks sturdy enough for my place"

    -You ask a stranger if they're finishing reading the newspaper so you don't have to pay for one.

    -You wash plastic spoons, forks, knives, and cups so you don't have to buy another pack.
  • Captain... PanDuh 2011/08/11 01:30:04
    Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy)
    haha thanks these are great!
  • PanDuh Captain... 2011/08/11 03:22:41
    No problem! :'D I must admit I am guilty of a few of these things...
  • Captain... PanDuh 2011/08/11 03:34:22
    Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy)
    I'm sure alot of us are too..lol
  • PanDuh Captain... 2011/08/11 03:53:34
  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/08/11 00:39:43
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    you're so cheap you buy food that comes in bags so you can use them instead of zip lock bags
  • Empress 2011/08/11 00:33:54
    You're too cheap to buy things that are on sale.
  • LOCO HOT COCO 2011/08/11 00:30:30
    when you buy something from a garage sale/yard sale for a birthhday present
  • YounesvandenBerg 2011/08/11 00:27:02
    When you do own a smartphone but not a computer, you don't want to get a bundle for 3G/4G and go to an internet cafe and pay 1 euro's for 2 hours internet because you know the owner..(not me i just know someone who did) XD
  • Viper Two Six 2011/08/11 00:25:55
    Viper Two Six
    When you go to McDonalds drive thru and say hey can you super size that order for me? It's me and the wife's anniversary.
  • Younesv... Viper T... 2011/08/11 00:28:11
  • Captain... Viper T... 2011/08/11 01:31:27
    Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy)
    lol thanks thats a really good one
  • killernick~PWCM~JLA 2011/08/11 00:25:53
    You re-use plastic (paper plates) plates ... ie put them in the dishwasher - top rack .... also the plastic tumblers (keg) cups ... you know the red ones ... lol .... know people who do !!! lol

    rack plastic tumblers keg cups red lol people lol plastic cups

    rack plastic tumblers keg cups red lol people lol plastic plates

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