You Can Now Secure Your Ice Cream With This Lock: Brilliant or Bummer?

Fun 2012/05/22 00:00:37
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Ben & Jerry's is brilliant. That is, if you're the one buying the ice cream. The new Ben & Jerry's Euphori-lock is intended to keep ice cream lovers in your house away from your personal stash. With a simple three-digit code system, the pint lock is pretty easy to use. That -- and it only costs $5.50.

The idea was actually initially suggested by a fan -- but the ice cream company totally went for it. And we can see why. No one likes ice cream thieves. And now you can do something about it! Do you think the Ben & Jerry's ice cream pint lock is brilliant... or is it kind of a bummer because you're the one trying to sneak some bites?

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  • Kathy Kluever-Beloungy 2012/05/22 17:02:26
    Kathy Kluever-Beloungy
    Rediculous! What a easte!
  • REFUSENICK1967 2012/05/22 16:43:40
    ice cream lock That is very cool get it.......lol
  • Kigan 2012/05/22 16:36:36
    It's somewhere in between, actually. A lock on a cardboard container. Not going to do much good.

    Though admittedly food theft pisses me off. That's why I keep the key to my chest freezer hidden. Good luck getting my ice cream out of there.
  • Twilightgeek 2012/05/22 16:16:40
    This is awesome!
  • Picasso's Cat 2012/05/22 15:59:28 (edited)
    Picasso's Cat
    Sorry, but i just cut out the bottom with a sharp knife and enjoy, lol

    lock unlocked

    If you want total security you have to think outside the box!!!!

  • Escaped... Picasso... 2012/05/22 17:31:12
  • Picasso... Escaped... 2012/05/23 04:28:08
    Picasso's Cat
    Not so fast mam, that's made out of polycarbonate plastic, you can't break that stuff.
    So you better use a torch, and then the ice cream will be melted, so your efforts are for nill.
    You think I don't know to what lengths people like you ice cream thieves will go to in order to get your fix??????
    As it takes an ice cream theif to know one, lol!
    Nice try though, but you foiled again!!!!!

    foiled again
  • Escaped... Picasso... 2012/05/23 19:55:14
    lol lock smith
  • Picasso... Escaped... 2012/05/24 14:01:55
    Picasso's Cat
    Hmmmmm, I believe that is a combination lock on that ice cream lock, which can't be lock-picked like a key lock can be.
    And a lock-pick man can charge from $35 to $75 to pick a lock, which you could buy 10 pints of that ice cream or more with that money, so why spend it to open "ONE" half eaten pint???????
    Maybe what you need is a "psychic".
    (but they also charge $25 and more).

    I see the combination now........no, wait, that's your weight???
    WOW,, you should not be eating any more ice cream lady, lol!
  • Escaped... Picasso... 2012/05/25 00:13:50
  • Escaped... Picasso... 2012/05/25 00:15:01
    hey that was no lock smith though he was super locksmith and he does it all for free so hahahahha
  • Escaped... Picasso... 2012/05/25 00:15:54
    yea thats right owned
  • Moh Al-a 2012/05/22 15:56:07
    Moh Al-a
  • helli.candy 2012/05/22 15:32:47
    and what when you forget the code and can`t eat your ice cream but its a good idea now i can put the lock on the fridge of ;)
  • 10sgirl 2012/05/22 15:31:02
    Haha this is hilarious! I should put this out and watch my dad try to get in!
  • Bubba 2012/05/22 14:57:23
    Bahahahaha, do they really think that will stop me?
  • ronbo 2012/05/22 14:54:41
    Things must be getting pretty bad if now we have a market for a security device for locking up ice cream.
  • Nomad58 2012/05/22 14:44:04
    You put a lock on a thin waxed cardboard container.
    How long do you think a desperate ice cream lover is going to be deterred?

    lock waxed cardboard container desperate ice cream lover deterred
  • Krystal 2012/05/22 14:43:07
  • Rin 2012/05/22 14:42:20
    I guess it's an OK invention, but it's not something I will need.
    I don't care for ice cream unless it's a new crazy flavor or if the season is winter.
    When I purchase ice cream I get the smallest pint, enough for myself or enough to share if I plan on sharing the ice cream.
  • brichards719 2012/05/22 14:18:16
    and people wonder why everyone thinks all americans are obese
  • Anna 2012/05/22 14:02:51
    chiz :3
  • intolerantrwj 2012/05/22 13:45:39
    .... this is just tooooo frikken funny !

    The Anti-American, Second Amendment hatin' Ice Cream Commies from New England who regularly reject your right to security of Life + Limb, think their second-rate product needs protection from thieves.

    ...................... I couldn't fabricate such a BS Story if I'd a lifetime to dream it up !
  • Firefly intoler... 2012/05/22 15:58:43
    hehehe ~ And Well Said !

    I like Dreyers much better anyway...

    You deserve a tasty treat for speakin'up like that ;0 )

    blackberry milkshake
  • intoler... Firefly 2012/05/22 16:22:30
    ..... I wouldn't buy B + J's stuff it was the last on the planet
  • Firefly intoler... 2012/05/22 16:27:57
    For political reason ?!?
  • intoler... Firefly 2012/05/22 16:47:03 (edited)
    .... I have a fairly simple litmus test for a candidate and even a product.

    Just inquire as to their thinking on the 2 A. Rest assured that their 2 A sentiments carry through into their feeling on other Rights / Liberty(s) / Laws.

    B J contribute heavily to Anti 2 A causes funds and they've been on my little boycott list for years.

    Here's a list that may astound some ..... NRA-ILA List: National Anti-Gun Organizations, Celebrities, Businesses, and Journalists

  • Firefly intoler... 2012/05/22 17:31:51
    Right ON !

    I like your way of thinking...

    Integrity is key, and seems to be sooo lacking,

    especially in the economy today, where, in the name of 'low prices',

    consumers throw it out the window, which causes more harm in the longun ~

    And, while I appreciate the personal decision to own a gun, or NOT,

    anybody who is Anti-NRA should take a second to remember


    are being protected BY the guns they are

    attempting to eliminate, and that thier

    'success' in doing so, will ALSO

    be THIER demise, and, by

    THIER hand as well...
  • Firefly intoler... 2012/05/22 17:54:44
    Thanks for the link to the list ~

    An eye opener, to say the least...
  • Emilie1979 intoler... 2012/05/22 20:23:37
    You own a bunch of guns and think the East Coast is Communist... You must be from the South.
  • intoler... Emilie1979 2012/05/22 20:32:35
    ..... you've just made a couple assumptions and you know what they say about that.

    And while we're at it ... East Coast ain't commie .... just the folks trying to take it over are commie, however, with the heavy influx of Commies it is getting to be a good place to be ' From '.
  • Emilie1979 intoler... 2012/06/27 16:47:12
    Oh, those weren't assumptions. I currently live in the Bible Belt and believe me, that is pretty much the majority of what people think her. That and they have no concept of culture or religion outside of Christianity. I only make comments about things I know;)
  • smitty 2012/05/22 13:44:22
    I guess it would be okay if you only ate Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I personally like making my own or a different brand.
  • AnonRanGER 2012/05/22 13:38:22 (edited)
    But I won't need one. When I open a pint of Ben&Jerry;'s, it will not be closed again.
  • maroesj 2012/05/22 13:32:54
  • Yoru Azenia 2012/05/22 13:21:26
    Yoru Azenia
    Now how can I steals the Ice Cream
  • ColourfulxRain 2012/05/22 12:30:57
    In my house, i NEED this. Cuz usually i get no ice cream. This'll keep greedy paws from it :P
  • ExaltedGod 2012/05/22 12:19:35
    All of the bummer responses below are people that would take a bite of your ice cream or have never had someone tip toe to your fridge and eat half of it.
  • Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll 2012/05/22 12:12:13
    Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll
    If you own this you're a greedy selfish fat ass. Nuff said....
  • Fenabarb 2012/05/22 12:09:29
    but my boys would pick that in a sec.

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