Y do men brake womens heart?

SadieBoo 2010/12/29 21:52:12
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  • La 2010/12/29 22:45:39
    You mean...*why* do men *break womens' hearts*?

    Both genders are capable of being heartbreakers. Why do you think only men do it? :/
  • SadieBoo La 2010/12/30 15:03:29
    ok srry for the miss sp but i just say men cuz i go out with men and they always break my heart and i know that both men and women can
  • La SadieBoo 2010/12/30 16:37:14
    They always break your heart? How many times has this happened?

    Either you're dating the wrong type of guy, or you're doing something consistently wrong in your relationships....
  • SadieBoo La 2010/12/31 16:15:45
    the recent ex was a very good guy and i know i didnt do anything wrong if i did then idk y he didnt tell me...and i have dated over maybe 3 to 4 times...not that much of a fan of dating lol
  • La SadieBoo 2011/01/01 17:11:04
    How did he break your heart?
  • SadieBoo La 2011/01/02 16:35:44
    well he broke up with me in txt and told me that he didnt feel the spark after 1 week and 6 days sence somthing happend lol
  • UuNiiQue 2010/12/29 22:14:56
    It's not just men that are doing that. I've had my heart broken by both. For either sex, I think that it sucks.

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