Wrestlemania 30: Undertaker Vs. ? or is he done?

Jedi Master Ashakta Li 2014/02/22 11:31:46
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  • Dale 2014/02/23 13:38:07
    Undertaker isn't done yet. He is set to return tomorrow night on Raw, along with Hulk Hogan and supposedly Jimmy Hart. Rumors are that Taker wants to face Daniel Bryan at WM30 but we might get Taker vs Brock Lesnar instead.
  • terrabytes 2014/02/22 14:43:47
    Have not heard anything from the Undertaker in a long time, I think he is done.
  • LdyLeo terrabytes 2014/02/22 18:25:17
    He's rumored to come back on Monday. He is set for Wrestlemania, but we don't know who.
  • terrabytes LdyLeo 2014/02/23 03:44:04
    I would not mind seeing him again
  • Dale LdyLeo 2014/02/23 13:39:04
    He will be back on Raw. Maybe facing Bryan or Lesnar at WM30.
  • LdyLeo Dale 2014/02/23 18:26:51
    There's rumors that Bryan may face Triple H at WM 30.
  • Jedi Master Ashakta Li 2014/02/22 11:33:25
    Jedi Master  Ashakta Li
    He should go out on top, if he returns this time. A legend like that doesn't leave defeated, hopefully. 22-0

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