Would You Want Flight Attendants to Dance Safety Instructions To You? [VIDEO]

KayDee 2010/10/01 20:18:10
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My friend was just recently on a Cebu Pacific flight and she told me about this so I had to look it up. I guess hearing about safety procedures to the tune of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry is better than being bored to death, right?

But, at the same time, is it safe? The song would just make me not take the presentation seriously.

What do you all think? Does this new form of performance art -- flight attendant style -- get a thumbs up or down?

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  • Rampant Andie 2010/10/02 01:52:44
    Hell Yes! That seems like so much fun!
    Rampant Andie
    1. That would make flying so much less boring.
    2. I think we can all agree that we envisioned this happening to the song "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats.

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  • Poppa Blues 2010/10/01 20:42:08
    Hell Yes! That seems like so much fun!
    Poppa Blues
    I'm all for it as long as the flight attendent is hot like in the pic you posted and not like that guy that cursed, grabbed the beer and slid down the emergency ramp! No one listens to those safety instructions anyway!
  • lbc206 2010/10/01 20:37:34
    No, safety procedures are serious. We shouldn't make light of it.
    Okay, Now there will be a extra question on the application for this job, as if there aren't enuf on job apps. as it is. Must be able to dance and have a sense of rhythm. Leave entertainment to the entertainment world.

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