Would you rather save five family members or save 1 million strangers?

TaylorLewisッ 2010/06/26 03:30:44
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idk. I love my family but picking just 5 would be EXTREMELY hard...
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  • La 2010/06/26 14:10:02
    5 Family members
    there are too many people in the world tbh....
  • Jerry 2010/06/26 03:45:26
    5 Family members
    that's more realistic to be done
  • ♥╝big_time_crush_╝♥ 2010/06/26 03:45:17
    5 Family members
    WELL.. it really wuld depend on who the strangers were..cuz i wouldnt know until then.so family mebmers....
  • WhoaIt'sSarah. 2010/06/26 03:40:37
    1 million Strangers
    1 million Strangers. Of course.
  • ✖Thorn✖ 2010/06/26 03:40:09 (edited)
    1 million Strangers
    You're really good at making things hard..the world's kinda crowded and everything, but they're still humans, daughters, sons, mothers and families. I love my family very dearly and 5 compared to 1 million...wow. I know what my family would want me to do but I couldn't live with myself for doing it, or killing 1,000,000 people. I'd have to go with the million, then die trying to save them
  • TaylorL... ✖Thorn✖ 2010/06/26 03:42:10
    Thanks haha. But also it would be hard picking just five family member.s :\
  • ✖Thorn✖ TaylorL... 2010/06/26 03:51:09
    Yeah, exactly! xD
  • jess.awewsome 2010/06/26 03:37:07
    1 million Strangers
    i would make the 1 million strangers my new family, plus i could always be like ....hey dude i saved your f* live
  • TaylorL... jess.aw... 2010/06/26 03:37:51
    haha good answer.

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