Would you rather have the truth tickled out of you or beaten out of you?

Alex 2009/05/01 02:56:21
go ahead gimme ur best shot
tickle tickle :) hehehe....
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  • TickleTorture 2010/07/09 19:21:49
    tickle tickle :) hehehe....
    Well, depends....where do they tickle??
  • Heather Wooding 2009/11/26 18:43:09
    tickle tickle :) hehehe....
    Heather Wooding
    tickle but omg i am very ticklish
  • matt 2009/11/21 23:35:01
    tickle tickle :) hehehe....
    I would rather be tickled because it doesn't leave any bruses and it is fun
  • Fluttershy 2009/06/04 16:34:37
    tickle tickle :) hehehe....
    I don't want to be beaten to death just to get the truth out. Even though in my opinion tickling hurts more. tickle tickle hehehe beaten death truth opinion tickling hurts
  • Deleted 2009/05/01 11:49:53
    go ahead gimme ur best shot
    I could use a good beating!
  • Maddie Deleted 2009/05/01 11:53:19
  • flojoe 2009/05/01 04:48:09
    tickle tickle :) hehehe....
    well I'm not a fan of pain so tickle but I guess that it would also depend on whose tickling me
  • natrocks 2009/05/01 04:35:48
    tickle tickle :) hehehe....
    i dont want to be beat, but i wouldn't last to long under tickle interrogation, id pee myself, but give me some of theses and ill be ok tickle tickle hehehe beat tickle interrogation pee theses ill
  • Ghostlyhaunt 2009/05/01 03:55:06
    go ahead gimme ur best shot
    go ahead and kick the snot out of me, I like pain.. have very high tolerance for pain.. come one.. you know you wanna..
  • Eddie 2009/05/01 03:46:02
    go ahead gimme ur best shot
    I can't stand to be tickled.
  • tierney 2009/05/01 03:20:13
    go ahead gimme ur best shot
    Nooooo tickling! Or I'll get laughingly violent on your ass. And it won't be a mutual laugh-fest either...
  • Lavendergrl 2009/05/01 03:15:18
    go ahead gimme ur best shot
    Can't I just give it up voluntarily?
  • driley 2009/05/01 03:01:18
    go ahead gimme ur best shot
    I could hold out longer with the beating. Tickle meand I will tell you anything you want to know.

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