Would You Let Your Child Get Plastic Surgery If She Were Being Bullied About Her Appearance?

ABCnews.com 2011/10/11 23:19:56
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  • Able 2014/05/13 04:23:39 (edited)
    Yes, if it would stop the taunting.
    If she had a gigantic honking nose that resembled a bulb-handled squeeze horn used by a circus clown riding a unicycle, I would consider letting her get a nose job if she promised not to ever, never, ever vote for a democrat.
  • mm61675 2012/07/30 21:46:59
    Yes, if it would stop the taunting.
    depending on what exactly it is that he/she is being teased about
  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/10/12 09:46:02
    No, she should learn how to cope with bullies.
    Lady Whitewolf
    The bullies would find something else to bitch about.

  • Jenna ☮♡ッ 2011/10/12 02:18:16 (edited)
    No, she should learn how to cope with bullies.
    Jenna ☮♡ッ
    No, that would just teach her that "running away from the problem," so to speak, is an effective way to fix it and it's not. She should learn to love herself for who she is, stand up to the stupid, insecure b*tch, and not be bullied into doing that.
  • Vision of Verve 2011/10/12 01:48:40
  • Pat 2011/10/12 00:43:13 (edited)
    No, she should learn how to cope with bullies.
    I voted NO because a bully is a bully and they'll never stop once the find someone to pick on. Fixing a physical problem or any other problem does not mean a bully will stop bullying. If possible the person being bullied should act as if it doesn't bother them in the least. Most of the time the bully will get tired of getting no reaction. Of course if it continues the one being bullied should seek help from and adult. The only time I would agree to surgical intervention for my child would be if the child really wanted it for his/her own reasons, if the child is old enough to make this kind of decision regarding their appearance and if it seemed to be a reasonable request.
  • sky blue pink - American 2011/10/11 23:43:18
    No, she should learn how to cope with bullies.
    sky blue pink - American
    because the bully or bullies won't stop there. Let the school know what is going on plus the Resource Officers. Children, should never be afraid of standing up for themselves, especially in school where they are being bullied.
    Have a good one !

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