Would you ever let your man get a lapdance from another women??

britt 2009/04/14 02:32:37
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  • no
    Dark Demonic™ ★ The Original SodaHead Guru ★
    May I offer a solution from a male perspective? ;o)

    If you don't want a man even thinking about getting a lap dance from someone else, consider doing it yourself.....

    If a woman keeps herself appealing to her man, what need would he have for someone else?

    And that goes for men, too. Just because a woman finds you attractive, doesn't mean you don't have to continue keeping her interested.

    Too many relationships fail today, because people think once they get their partner or get married, they can sit down and relax and not ever have to earn their partners attraction. That would be a FAIL!! lol

    Relationships work when both people want it to. It's a lot simpler than people actually realise. Keep putting in the effort and you'll see that I'm right. :o)

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  • Roz 2012/04/21 08:01:42
    People on here keep saying "If your relationship is good enough you won't mind" (or things to that effect), I see it differently. I think that if your relationship is that great then you partner won't want to, and will have some respect for women including you and wouldn't just see them as pieces of meat. You say you don't mind because he's not having sex but what do you think he thinks about the whole time, and the comparisons in his head between you and her. It may not be physically cheating but you're half way there. I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years and when I ask him about things like lapdances, he says it would be a waste of money for a start as there's nothing a dancer could do that I can't, and we don't need one to keep our relationship 'strong' or 'hot'.
    But that's just our opinion :)
  • BrandyePhillips 2010/06/21 16:18:19
    My man and I go to the strip club all the time and I love to watch him get lap dances. I think it' s hot but I get them too and he really loves that. Like he says it's no different than watching porn. There is no touching involved and I see no problem with it. We have a great time together and I reap the rewards from getting him so totally turned on later on. If you have a problem with it or consider it cheating then you are just insecure and have no trust in your relationship.
  • Wrendalin 2010/02/07 06:08:06
    I myself am a dancer and realize that a lap dance really isn't any more than just a lap dance, it is definitely not cheating. I don't think of the men I've given lap dances to as potential mates. I am even in a relationship and my partner is fine with me giving lap dances. I've given plenty of lap dances to couples and feel that if anything it even helps heat up their sex life. If anything I think it is a sign of insecurity if a woman can't accept that "her" man might be attracted to other women. I don't think there is a man in this world that has been attracted to only one woman in his lifetime. It's only natural and there is nothing wrong with that. Also I feel that he is more likely to be honest with you if you can let him be his own person without trying to control him. I don't like any man telling me who I can and cannot be attracted to. I feel like if you are more limiting of a person they are more likely to eventually leave you. I've been in relationships where my boyfriend would get angry at me if he thought I was even looking at another guy, I couldn't stand his jealousy and possessiveness and eventually became resentful. The relationship didn't last that's for sure. If you're in a good relationship and truly love each other a lap dance with another woman shouldn't even matter because you just know in your heart that you want to be together and would not feel that you need to worry about a lap dance, 'cause it's just a lap dance.
  • sarah Wrendalin 2014/07/16 20:40:25
  • sarah Wrendalin 2014/07/16 20:45:12
    there are plenty of attractive women and men for us all to admire during our daily lives. it doesn't mean we have to push it further than that. the whole thing has gone mad and whilst i accept its how you earn your living and your boyfriend is happy with it it doesn't mean that its ok for the majority of couples who hardly see each other anyway. i think you miss the point when you say that women should accept that their man will fancy other women. we are pretty cognisant of that fact. but another girl's pussy (probably 10 -15 yrs younger) in our partners face is 'gross'. there are enough pressures without inane crap like that to contend with. where's the beauty, sophistication and intelligence in that?
  • marianne 2009/12/04 17:26:27
    bump that girl...........................
  • me 2009/11/20 04:51:34
    No, if some one is going to give my husand anything it's going to be ME! i have a hot body and some great skills to go with it and there nothing that i am not willing to try with him thats why im the wife.
  • marianne me 2009/12/04 17:25:21
    let him get some pleasure.................he can show you what she did.
  • have to have trust 2009/11/19 17:39:26
    have to have trust
    why not.. as long as there is trust.. it's exciting to watch so both of you can get in on it..
  • marianne have to... 2009/12/04 17:27:14
    bump it baby..................ooohhhh!!!
  • Silverstar008 2009/08/04 09:09:51
    i guess so, although im not happy about it, id let him cause all ov his friends would be and its just a bit ov fun, i mean i trust him and i know he loves me, so yea i guess................
  • Enid 2009/07/24 16:08:51
    hell no!
    I was a dancer, and if my man ever, ever gets a lapdance from an other woman, it its over.
    Man do think about having sex with the woman who gives him a lapdance.
    It's like cheating only in a 'innocent' form..
  • sarah Enid 2014/07/16 20:50:42
    Halleluja! Thankyou for your post…..i've recently started a relationship with a 50 yr old and brought the subject up quickly as like you it's a no no for me….we're clear on that one, not sure about porn yet which i feel is a relative. So good to see an ex dancer voicing a positive opinion on this topic. so many relationships suffer because of it (the women particularly).
  • S.A.R.A.H. 2009/04/16 19:38:21
    No,the only women that can give him a lapdance is me lol
  • Glit 2009/04/16 07:13:10
    It seems so degrading, and in direct conflict with a healthy, happy family life. My husband and I are completely devoted to each other and to our children. We would never jeopardize our happiness with fleeting whims. What kind of Father would do that to the Mother of his children? Not a good one. What kind of Mother would find that kind behavior acceptable? Not a good one. That's not how we roll.
  • Hayley 2009/04/16 03:52:40
    Under the right circumstances. I trust him. I don't think he would, though.
  • himenokuri 2009/04/16 01:32:02
    as long as they didn't mind being neutered with a chainsaw yeah! LOL
  • marianne himenokuri 2009/12/04 17:27:56
    bump it baby.....................try it its fun and you can kiss them too.
  • ~Bri Bri~ 2009/04/16 01:30:39
    ~Bri Bri~
  • mxdad 2009/04/15 23:51:48
    My wife said it was ok....now who do i see about that lap dance?
  • marianne mxdad 2009/12/04 17:28:24
    go out tonight and try it. <333
  • rhee 2009/04/15 22:37:53
    Im sorry but there wouldnt be room there for both she and I . Sorry sweetie this one in mine! ...GOD BLESS ( pss hey...yes its ok for a christian to say that ...the Bible says there is nothing defiled about the marriage bed HeHeHe)
  • nellie 2009/04/15 20:34:50
    i don't think many girls would want another girl getting that close to her boyfriend...no way!
  • britt nellie 2009/04/16 03:10:54
    i dont care.. and i have been with my husband for 3 years
  • nellie britt 2009/04/16 21:31:41
    that's good that you guys have that kind of trust. i'm in high school though where guys are irresponsible and i probably wouldn't be able to trust him...
  • britt nellie 2009/04/16 23:23:11
    your probably right.. DONT TRUST BOYS IN HIGH SCHOOL
  • Strawberry 2009/04/15 20:03:39
    no b/c tht is like cheating on me b/c he would want to have sex with her
  • BozzBoorer 2009/04/15 17:09:50
    I'm a man & i would not allow this for my self! it would disgrace my family, my marriage, my kids.. my wife!.. (If I had one)...
  • Strawberry BozzBoorer 2009/04/15 20:05:54
    tht is right no matter how bad that person wants it they shouldn't be put their bodies in that kind of sitsuations

    u might kno where i am coming from!
  • Angelina 2009/04/15 16:48:39
    Why the hell would I do that when I can give him a better one free?

    Well not completely free I want something good in return ;)

    free completely free return
  • britt Angelina 2009/04/16 03:12:26
  • 1319nash 2009/04/15 14:40:42
    I think I would have to slap him up side the head and question his judgment. Go to the stripe club see them dance whatever but when you touch THATS when I have an issue.
  • Deziray 2009/04/15 13:19:39
    Doesn't that defeat the purpose of me being his woman?
  • britt Deziray 2009/04/16 03:13:13
    no.. it wouldnt be like he is claiming her.. its just a dance.. whats the big deal??
  • Torchy 2009/04/15 11:35:09
    If he's out with a bunch of his buddies at a strip joint and it's being paid for, then yes. Those girls have to make money, too. It's their job and at that point I guess I would even encourage it if he wants it. However, if it's some random bimbo at a party randomly getting on my guy, depending on his reaction, I might slap the shit out of them both. I can give a way better lapdance than some drunken whore any day.
  • britt Torchy 2009/04/16 03:14:26
    thats a different story.. if some random chick got up and started dancing on my man, i would have to beat some a**
  • The heartless 2009/04/15 09:59:13 (edited)
    The heartless
    No i wouldn't let my husband or boyfriend get a lapdance from another women...i think it is a bit sleazy and cheap. husband boyfriend lapdance women sleazy cheap

    slutty much?
  • luvche 2009/04/15 07:22:56 (edited)
    and i would pay for it. Hey, he is coming home with me. It's fun, entertaining, and I know he isn't going to leave me or cheat on me just because he got a lap dance all in fun. One, life's too short to be jealous and, two, if you have reason to be jealous of your partner...then maybe you shouldn't be with him (I mean, if you have a good relationship, and you know he isn't cheating on you or giving you reason to doubt, then you would have no reason to get mad or jealous, right?)
  • britt luvche 2009/04/16 03:15:13
  • Mr. Ben... luvche 2009/04/21 23:36:55 (edited)
    Mr. Beniteau
    Great answer. Reasonable almost to a fault.

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