Would you eat at a place called: Heart Attack Grill?

Thomas Rea: Gay Christian Advocate 2011/12/21 02:19:34
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Yes I will eat there.
No I will not.
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I was told, we was go to it as a church outing. Well I did the research on it. After watching videos on it (one is below). I was afraid to eat there.

We found out that they take cash not plastic. So we went somewhere else.

More videos on there site www.heartattackgrill.com/
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  • Pam 2012/01/08 15:43:36
    No I will not.
    Heard about this place, don't think so.
  • Mr.Steve 2011/12/21 11:48:57
  • Thomas ... Mr.Steve 2011/12/21 16:33:18
    Thomas Rea: Gay Christian Advocate
    You can email the when they be there.
  • Mr.Steve Thomas ... 2011/12/21 18:04:05
  • pewpew zappy gun 2011/12/21 02:59:10 (edited)
    No I will not.
    pewpew zappy gun
    I know what to recommend to my family now
  • TasselLady 2011/12/21 02:56:58
    No I will not.
    Just looking at that food would be enough to make me not eat for a year!!!!
  • Yoru 2011/12/21 02:41:08
    Yes I will eat there.
    because one meal wont kill you, but if you make an entire unhealthy lifestyle out of it there will be health consequences.
  • Thomas ... Yoru 2011/12/21 02:43:06
    Thomas Rea: Gay Christian Advocate
    I love hamburger too much. I will eat other thing too.

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