Would you buy your cat one of these? (see below)

Duke----The Non Racist, Funny Duke ! 2012/05/27 00:46:41
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Furball International Automatic Kitty

Give your cat’s tongue a much-needed rest
with Furball International Automatic Kitty Licker.

Specially created for the
elderly or just plain lazy felines who have given up on personal grooming!

amazing device actually licks your cat clean so it has more time for eating,
sleeping and clawing your upholstery to shreds.

The Kitty Licker’s computerized
auto-licking tongue is realistically textured to simulate the sandpapery feel
of a cat’s tongue while using three layers of micro-bristles to wash it free of
dirt, dander and excess hair.

It also reduces hairballs and provides a more
hygienic cleaning than the usual feline “spit bath”

The only way to get your
cat cleaner is to lick it yourself !

JIP008 -----$225.00

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