Would you ask me for directions?The time of day?To take a long walk off a short pier?

rebeccasrevenge 2012/08/12 00:59:40
Yes!How else can you make friends? After all a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet.
No! I'm so closed mouth my wife (husband) doesn't even know where I work or live.
None of your damn business
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Do you ask strangers for directions?The operator for a number?The woman standing in line with you at the grocery store where she found that miniature bite sized coconut? Of course you do however do you take it another step further ,by saying how much you despise your job,your spouse is a no good low down cheat,you have hemorrhoids the size of Rhode Island? In other words do you reveal a little too much information to total strangers?
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2016/02/11 02:31:35

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