Would a republican Jesus be the universes ultimate Star-Wars Sith Lord?

bob 2012/09/07 19:30:02
A republican Jesus would be the universes ultimate Star-Wars Jedi master
A republican Jesus would be the universes ultimate Star-Wars Sith Lord
A republican Jesus is the ultimate oxymoron
Star Wars and the bible are fairy tales separated by time.
Star warsStar wars had better author and is more consistent than the bible
The bible had better author(s) and is more consistent than Star Wars
All of the above
None of the above
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  • Bob P. Clarkson 2012/09/11 16:52:53
    None of the above
    Bob P. Clarkson
    bob, your polls provide at least one laugh of the day. You should have included at least one more choice: "Would an Allah be the ultimate Sith Lord?"

    The answer to that would be a resounding "YES".

    Come on bob - share with us. Do you really do anything other than come out with these moronic polls?

    I'm betting you are an atheist who was traumatized by something in your youth, and you couldn't relate it to God. You forget that God turns every tragedy made by Satan into an opportunity for growth and strengthening.

    Either get a real day job or come up with another topic - other than Christian baiting.
  • Constitution Believer 2012/09/09 15:51:59
  • bob Constit... 2012/09/11 15:06:20
    nice try member of the Religous Reich. Republicans are going to get more and more out there until the citizens no longer believe a word they say
  • Bob P. ... bob 2012/09/11 16:59:22
    Bob P. Clarkson
    Wake up and smell the bitter almonds. According to the polls, there are more people registering Republican than Democrat, and the Republican party is moving back to its conservative roots by adding more conservative Congress people and kicking RINO's out. The "Old Guard" Republicans, whose goal is the same as the deeply rooted Democrat (get as much money and power as you can), are slowly being hung out to dry.
  • Constit... bob 2012/09/11 17:08:13
  • Bill 2012/09/09 12:20:12
    None of the above
    Would a republican bob be the universal backstab to his Saul Alinsky instructors?
  • Einstein's Firecracker 2012/09/08 16:01:31
    None of the above
    Einstein's Firecracker
    Haven't you seen any of the Star Wars movies? The Jedis always defeat the Sith. A democrat Jesus with a flashlight would still be on the dark side.
  • scurvison 2012/09/08 04:11:22
  • bob scurvison 2012/09/11 15:06:51
  • Bob P. ... bob 2012/09/11 17:02:44
    Bob P. Clarkson
    His only interest in the Democratic party is that it is the tool of the devil - which is continuously striving for a place to put unnatural and immoral thoughts into the minds of Americans. thoughts that are recognized the world over as being immoral, illegal or worse.
  • Mark Twain 2012/09/08 03:25:40
    None of the above
    Mark Twain
    Boob, its easy and popular in some quarters for bully types to attack christianity and Judism. But if you were a real brave man just show us one picture of Mohammhad. But you won't, because you are a gutless coward.
  • bob Mark Twain 2012/09/11 15:07:25
    Mohammhad is just as fake
  • Bob P. ... bob 2012/09/11 17:03:15
    Bob P. Clarkson
    As fake as you.
  • Mark Twain bob 2012/09/22 12:20:34
    Mark Twain
    wheres the picture,,bully
  • Flamingolady 2012/09/08 03:06:09
    None of the above
    bob, please stop drinking and posting. Or better yet, put down your crack pipe.
  • Cat 2012/09/08 02:08:55
    None of the above
    Jesus taught us to love one another, to love our neighbors, to pray for our enemies.
    Definitely not sith lord nor jedi master material.
  • Psicolabis Cat 2012/09/09 06:58:39
    Jesus was the heir of david, and the bible is very explicit on this, because it's important that he IS heir of david. Why? because David was a badass warlord-king. So no lovemaking hippie stuff for Jesus
  • Cat Psicolabis 2012/09/10 04:45:27
    David was David, Jesus is God. Read the Gospels.
    Solomon too was heir and son of David and a wise constructive king.
  • Psicolabis Cat 2012/09/10 17:48:03
    Actually, that is the nicean version. Arrian and many other versions say that Jesus is not god, cause he has a human part
  • Bob P. ... Psicolabis 2012/09/11 17:11:04
    Bob P. Clarkson
    Ignorance again. The Holy Trinity is made up of God, His son sent to earth to make it possible for us to be forgiven, and the Holy Spirit. God has three parts, and those parts all join together to make God.
  • Psicolabis Bob P. ... 2012/09/23 19:25:59
    Thet's just one version. Really, you must read midle ages history, and the fight between rome and bizance.
  • Cat Psicolabis 2012/09/12 06:56:45
    That's not what most Christians believe today,. What a third century Egyptian theologian said is virtually irrelevant.
    I see what you're trying to say. I disagree and will not be renouncing the divinity of my Lord Jesus. So you can stop arguing that point now.
  • Psicolabis Cat 2012/09/23 19:27:09
    You are forgetting russia, greece, the balcans, armenia, and all that zone.
  • Cat Psicolabis 2012/09/23 22:54:29
    Go get help.
  • Bob P. ... Psicolabis 2012/09/11 17:08:02
    Bob P. Clarkson
    "because it's important that he IS heir of david. Why? because David was a badass warlord-king", (sic) is typical liberal attack. Meaningless. JFK is the direct descendant of Joe Kennedy, Sr. The liberals are always pointing out what strides he made in the Liberal cause. Joe was a law-breaking scoff-law. Ergo, JFK was a law-breaking scoff-law.

    You must have been a Liberal Arts major and taken no classes in logic.
  • Psicolabis Bob P. ... 2012/09/23 19:28:38
    It's important because is the base christians use to prove he is the messiah. He has to be hes heir, and have his spirit to be the chosen one.
  • brsullivan2 2012/09/08 01:54:54
  • 3359557 2012/09/08 01:21:23
    None of the above
    I believe the REAL JESUS died for ALL of us, and to get into the Kingdom of Heaven, JESUS is the TRUTH, LIGHT, and the WAY.
  • Psicolabis 3359557 2012/09/09 06:59:08
    Jesus is the force???
  • Bob P. ... Psicolabis 2012/09/11 17:12:30
    Bob P. Clarkson
    God is the force for Good, not the made up farce in Star Wars.
  • Psicolabis Bob P. ... 2012/09/23 19:29:53
    Oh, star wars is made up, the bible is all real. It start's whith a talking snake and ends with a four headed monster, but SW is made up.
  • Kiosk Kid 2012/09/07 23:41:07 (edited)
    None of the above
    Kiosk Kid
    Ask Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Obama.

    According to the DNC Obama supports Jesus so if you support Obama you support Jesus. He put God in the Democrat Party Platform.

    Apparently, Democrats support Jesus.

    Do you see how easy it is to slam you with facts?
  • SteveB 2012/09/07 22:26:43
    None of the above
    Hey Bob, are you an arab?
    You really are showing how utterly ridiculous you are.
  • us 2012/09/07 22:05:14
    None of the above
    Jesus christ is king of the jews, he is king of kings, lord of lords, You need to know jesus christ as your personal savior.
  • Stix 2012/09/07 20:49:46
    None of the above
    bob...go back to sleep.
  • Alexander T Steward 2012/09/07 20:27:24
  • bob Alexand... 2012/09/11 15:07:59
  • Bob P. ... bob 2012/09/11 17:15:17
    Bob P. Clarkson
    Wow - now if that isn't a flip-flop, no one has seen a bigger one. Go back and re-watch the series again. The Reliance were fighting the Democrats (Sith).
  • pdt_ski 2012/09/07 20:26:01
    A republican Jesus would be the universes ultimate Star-Wars Jedi master
    If we accept the fantastic proposition that Star Wars and Jesus were in the same story, and that Jesus were in a Yoda-ish position, I'm pretty sure he would work to defend the Republic instead of putting up an Emperor. (I don't think that's blasphemous.)
  • JET 2012/09/07 20:22:07
    None of the above
    Poor Bob apparently has a star war fetish. Stuck in the 80's

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