Words, Words, & More Words & Definitions Game!

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This is my own idea so let's have fun...."Let the Games Begin!"

Rules: I will start with a word & I will give the first comment
so you can see how it is done. I give the definition to the
word give and give a new word for the next person. One
turn at a time, please. & wait until someone else gives a
new word.

Any word can be used, just play nice & remember we have
teenagers that play. Please..no politics here! I blog on the
political questions & blogs but come to the games for fun.

If you care to chit-chat with players & post pictures, feel
free to do so. I am a very outgoing person & like to
interact with other players ....I know some of you do too.

I will not block anyone unless it is absolutely necessary!
If I have a problem with anything, I'll send you a private
email on SH.

We will start with easy words, then as the game goes along,
we will have harder words....I am sure. So if you need a
dictionary...that is alright.

First Word: Happy

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  • Jenni 2010/08/05 05:54:35
    Ambivalent: simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings (as attraction and repulsion) toward an object, person, or action.

    New Word: Prosy.

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  • K-ZOOMI-----0 1 day ago
    Peplum: A short section attached to the waistline of a blouse, jacket, or dress.

    New Word: Peperek.
  • Marianne 5 days ago (edited)
    pabulum: food for anything, a suspension or solution of nutrients easy to absorb, intellectual sustenance, something written or spoken which is insipid, simplistic, bland
    from Latin pabulum (fodder, food, nourishment)

    New Word: peplum
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 7 days ago
    Pachysandra: Any of a genus (Pachysandra) of perennial evergreen plants of the box family often used as a ground cover.

    New Word: Pabulum.
  • Marianne 7 days ago
    a legislative meeting (especially of the Communist Party) in which all members are present;
    an enclosed space having greater than atmospheric pressure;
    the space above a false ceiling used for cables, ducts etc.;
    (figuratively) a state of fullness, a great quantity (of something);
    (physics) a space that is completely filled with matter;
    (computing) a type of network cabling which satisfies plenum-ratings issued by the National Electrical Code. These cables are safer in case of a fire, producing less smoke and fumes;
    from Latin plēnum, noun use of neuter of plēnus (full)

    New Word: pachysandra
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2015/02/24 00:38:47
    Pendulum: A stick with a weight at the bottom that swings back and forth inside a clock.

    New Word: Plenum.
  • Sukiesnow 2015/02/20 00:16:18 (edited)
    Accrue: to build up...as in: She accrued enough money in her savings account to buy a car.

    New Word: Pendulum
  • Marianne 2015/02/18 22:33:53
    amalgam: an alloy containing mercury (metallurgy); a combination of different things
    from Medieval Latin amalgama (mercury alloy), from Ancient Greek μάλαγμα (málagma = gold), from μαλάσσω (malássō = to soften), from μαλακός (malakós = soft)

    New Word: accrue
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2015/02/17 03:53:19
    Salmagundi: A salad plate of chopped meats, anchovies, eggs, and vegetables arranged in rows for contrast and dressed with a salad dressing.

    New Word: Amalgam.
  • Marianne 2015/02/15 16:06:15
    Sabermetrics: empirical analysis of baseball data, especially statistics that measure in-game activity
    derived from the acronym SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) and metrics (measuring basing on the meter), from French métrique (mètre from mèter), from Ancient Greek μέτρον (métron = measure)

    New Word: salmagundi
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2015/02/12 03:49:16
    Padauk: Any of several African or Asian trees of the genus Pterocarpus of the pea family, having hard red or red-purple wood.

    New Word: Sabermetrics.
  • Marianne K-ZOOMI... 2015/02/15 16:07:58
    Thank you for your patience, K-Zoomi!

  • Marianne K-ZOOMI... 2015/02/15 16:28:53
    Exceptionally, I'll add a picture of the Pashu or Malayan Padauk:

    Pterocarpus indicus
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2015/01/31 23:13:08 (edited)
    Deasil: Clockwise.

    New Word: Padauk.
  • Marianne 2015/01/29 16:56:16
    decaudate: remove, cut off, deprive of the tail, the end (of an animal, a plant, fruit, a word, an item, etc.)
    from Latin prefix de- (off, away, down, for taking off) + cauda (tail)

    New Word: deasil
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2015/01/29 00:00:15
    Foist: To force someone to accept (something that is not good or not wanted).

    New Word: Decaudate.
  • Marianne 2015/01/27 21:42:49
    fob: a small pocket (in trousers, a waistcoat or vest) for a pocketwatch; a short chain or ribbon connecting such a pocket to the watch; a small ornament attached to such a chain; a hand-held remote control device used to lock/unlock doors, cars, etc.
    probably from High German "fuppe" (pocket)

    further a verb
    (to) fob or fob off: to cheat or deceive, from the obsolete noun "fobbe" (cheat, trickster), which, eventually, may be related to the German verb "foppen" (to jeer at, make a fool of)

    and not to forget FOB: free on board

    New Word: foist
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2015/01/25 23:50:47
    Gob: A large amount —usually used in plural.

    New Word: Fob.
  • Marianne 2015/01/22 14:17:42
    guyot: flat-topped submarine mountain, (named after Swiss geographer andgeologist Arnold Guyot, 1807-1884)

    New Word: gob
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2015/01/20 03:22:33
    Serow: Any of several goatlike artiodactyl mammals (genus Capricornis) of eastern Asia that are usually rather dark and heavily built and some of which have distinct manes.

    New Word: Guyot.
  • Marianne 2015/01/16 16:01:43
    sarlak: yak (Bos grunniens or Poephagus grunniens)
    from Russian sarlyk, sarluk, from Mongolian sarlug
    There's also a village in Iran, named Sarlak

    New Word: serow
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