Words, Words, & More Words & Definitions Game!

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This is my own idea so let's have fun...."Let the Games Begin!"

Rules: I will start with a word & I will give the first comment
so you can see how it is done. I give the definition to the
word give and give a new word for the next person. One
turn at a time, please. & wait until someone else gives a
new word.

Any word can be used, just play nice & remember we have
teenagers that play. Please..no politics here! I blog on the
political questions & blogs but come to the games for fun.

If you care to chit-chat with players & post pictures, feel
free to do so. I am a very outgoing person & like to
interact with other players ....I know some of you do too.

I will not block anyone unless it is absolutely necessary!
If I have a problem with anything, I'll send you a private
email on SH.

We will start with easy words, then as the game goes along,
we will have harder words....I am sure. So if you need a
dictionary...that is alright.

First Word: Happy

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  • Jenni 2010/08/05 05:54:35
    Ambivalent: simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings (as attraction and repulsion) toward an object, person, or action.

    New Word: Prosy.

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  • K-ZOOMI-----0 6 hours ago
    Incubus: An evil spirit that lies on persons in their sleep; especially : one that has sexual intercourse with women while they are sleeping.

    New Word: Nightmare.
  • Marianne 7 hours ago (edited)
    legal dissolution of a marriage, divorcement, split up; separation of connected things, partition, separation, severance
    from Old French divorce, from Latin dīvortium, from dīvertere (to turn aside), i.e. dī- (apart) vertere (to turn)

    New Word: Incubus (noun)
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 9 hours ago
    Wife: A demon assuming female form to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep.

    New Word: Divorce.
  • Hopscotch K-ZOOMI... 8 hours ago
    Who's sleep? sleep
  • K-ZOOMI... Hopscotch 8 hours ago
  • Marianne K-ZOOMI... 7 hours ago
    Lol - but no need to imply "succubus" - the roots are relevant enough:

  • K-ZOOMI... Marianne 6 hours ago
    I actually was shocked at the definition. I always thought it was a demon female who destroyed and sucked the soul out of men.
  • Marianne K-ZOOMI... 5 hours ago
    That is the problem with demons - the religious rulers had to admit that there were not only female (succubus), but also male demons (incubus) - lol.

    How about angels?

    I think that we should rather switch to the animal kingdom to find our lost innocence:

    Autumn kittens
  • Hopscotch 9 hours ago
    nag: verb (used with object), nagged, nagging.

    1. to annoy by persistent faultfinding, complaints, or demands.
    2. to keep in a state of troubled awareness or anxiety, as a recurrent pain or problem.

    verb (used without object), nagged, nagging.

    3. to find fault or complain in an irritating, wearisome, or relentless manner
    4. to cause pain, discomfort, distress, depression, etc.

    New word: Wife ;)
  • Marianne Hopscotch 7 hours ago
    Ouch - my fault, I forgot to specify "noun" - lol.
  • Marianne 11 hours ago
    nadir: lowest point, the direction opposite of the zenith, the nadir is one of two vertical directions at a specified location, orthogonal to a horizontal flat surface there, i.e. at a given point, the nadir is the local vertical direction pointing in the direction of the force of gravity at that location
    from Medieval Latin nadir, from Arabic نظير‎ (naẓīr) = opposite to

    New Word: nag
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 13 hours ago
    Perigee: The point in outer space where an object traveling around the Earth (such as a satellite or the moon) is closest to the Earth.

    New Word: Nadir.
  • Joe61 14 hours ago
    Skedaddle: Means, to run off hastily, a hasty retreat

    One assumes the origin of the word is perhaps slang as, the word is of unknown origin....

    New Word: Perigee
  • Dani 17 hours ago
    Hegemony:| noun -
    Leadership or dominance, especially by one country or social group over others.

    New Word: Skedaddle
  • Hopscotch 17 hours ago
    cacaesthesia, cacesthesia, kakesthesia Abnormal dysfunctional sensations on the skin; such as, a feeling of numbness, tingling, prickling, or a burning or cutting pain; heightened sensitivity.

    New Word: hegemony
  • Dani 20 hours ago
    Reticulum: is a small, faint constellation in the southern sky. The constellation is best viewed between October and December, but cannot be seen from middle to northern latitudes.


    Latin for a small net, or reticle—a net of crosshairs at the focus of a telescope eyepiece that is used to measure star positions.

    New Word: Cacaesthesia
  • Marianne 1 day ago
    restive: feeling bored, uneasily impatient under restriction, opposition, criticism, or delay; stubbornly resisting control, difficult to control, balky; refusing to move (by horses and other animals)
    from Middle English / Anglo-French restyf / restif (stationary), from Old French rester (to remain, stop), from Latin restāre (to keep back): re- + stāre (to stand)

    New Word: reticulum
  • mikeyavelli 1 day ago
    Asinine: Extremely stupid or foolish.
    New Word: Restive
  • Marianne 1 day ago
    caballine: of or pertaining to a horse
    from Latin "caballus" (or "caballinus") = horse

    New Word: asinine
  • Dani 1 day ago
    Gadabout - noun
    a habitual pleasure-seeker.

    New Word: Caballine
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