Words, Words, & More Words & Definitions Game!

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This is my own idea so let's have fun...."Let the Games Begin!"

Rules: I will start with a word & I will give the first comment
so you can see how it is done. I give the definition to the
word give and give a new word for the next person. One
turn at a time, please. & wait until someone else gives a
new word.

Any word can be used, just play nice & remember we have
teenagers that play. Please..no politics here! I blog on the
political questions & blogs but come to the games for fun.

If you care to chit-chat with players & post pictures, feel
free to do so. I am a very outgoing person & like to
interact with other players ....I know some of you do too.

I will not block anyone unless it is absolutely necessary!
If I have a problem with anything, I'll send you a private
email on SH.

We will start with easy words, then as the game goes along,
we will have harder words....I am sure. So if you need a
dictionary...that is alright.

First Word: Happy

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Top Opinion

  • Jenni 2010/08/05 05:54:35
    Ambivalent: simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings (as attraction and repulsion) toward an object, person, or action.

    New Word: Prosy.

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  • Andy 2012/03/07 05:46:39
    Deign... to stoop to the the superiority or the authority of another.

    New word: Smirch
  • H H 2012/03/07 02:54:08
    H H
    Exegesis: n.--an explanation or critical interpretation of a text, esp. of biblical and other religious texts

    New word: Deign
  • Andy 2012/03/06 01:03:18
    Enantiomer... from chemistry, two mirror images that are not identical. Similar to one's right and left hand.

  • H H 2012/03/05 22:07:31
    H H
    Broadloom: adj.--woven on a wide loom; n.--carpets or pertaining to carpeting woven on a wide loom to minimize the need for seams

    New word: Enantiomer
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2012/03/05 19:14:42
    Simoom: A hot dry violent dust-laden wind from Asian and African deserts.

    New Word: Broadloom.
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2012/02/28 21:06:53
    Subsume: To include or place within something larger or more comprehensive : encompass as a subordinate or component element .

    New Word: Simoom.
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2012/02/25 15:21:19
    Entail: To restrict (property) by limiting the inheritance to the owner's lineal descendants or to a particular class thereof.

    New Word: Subsume.
  • Little ... K-ZOOMI... 2012/02/25 15:42:41
  • K-ZOOMI... Little ... 2012/02/28 21:13:41
    Good Evening.
    I am sorry for the lateness but I lost the motherboard on my laptop again. :(
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2012/02/20 21:12:49
    Foist: To introduce or insert surreptitiously or without warrant.

    New Word: Entail.
  • Little Angel 2012/02/20 16:20:55
    Little Angel
    Insouciance: Calm, untroubled & carefree

    New Word: Foist
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2012/02/20 16:03:51
    Slaphappy: Buoyantly or recklessly carefree or foolish.

    New Word: Insouciance.
  • Little ... K-ZOOMI... 2012/02/20 16:22:04
    Little Angel
    good morning
    Hope all is well...still looking for your message...Jo Ann
  • K-ZOOMI... Little ... 2012/02/20 21:11:05
    I'm still trying to work things out up here. I have to get crackin'. >_,

    I hope your Monday is going well. :):):)
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2012/02/18 15:14:36
    Addlepated: Being mixed up.

    New Word: Slaphappy.
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2012/02/16 00:05:09
    Zerosum: Of, relating to, or being a situation (as a game or relationship) in which a gain for one side entails a corresponding loss for the other side.

    New Word: Addlepated.
  • Little Angel 2012/02/15 22:02:12
    Little Angel
    Henpeck: nag and domineer over one's husband

    New Word: Zerosum
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2012/02/15 21:34:54
    Xebec: A usually 3-masted Mediterranean sailing ship with long overhanging bow and stern.

    New Word: Henpeck.
  • Little ... K-ZOOMI... 2012/02/15 22:06:44 (edited)
    Little Angel
    Good Afternoon Keith!
    What have you been up to? Are you & Angela doing good? Didn't sound like it from some of your comments on FB. Email me there or here on SH.
  • K-ZOOMI... Little ... 2012/02/16 00:00:25
    I will. Trying to piece things together. :(
    Hope your evening is going well. :)

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